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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its message across. Those speakers needed to be informed. The following is a translation of instructions to speakers issued in early May 1943. It deals with the discovery several months early of the mass graves of murdered Polish officers at Katyn. It was a propaganda windfall. There was more then ample evidence that the Soviets had committed mass murder. Ignoring the fact that the Germans had committed atrocities on an even greater scale, German propaganda went to work. In this material, speakers are instructed to keep up the propaganda on the theme. Since the Nazis were now admitting the theoretical possibility that the war could be lost if everyone failed to do his part, Katyn became part of the larger argument that a Bolshevist victory would mean the death of Germany and the Germans.

The source: Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 56, 3 May 1943.


For weeks hardly a day has passed without reports in the press and radio about the gruesome discoveries of corpses at Katyn. In some places one hears complaints that German news is constantly dealing only with a single theme. That is proof that some of our people’s comrades still do not understand the extraordinary political significance of Katyn.

Our speakers are, therefore, instructed to review the events of Katyn in their meetings. The following points should be stressed

The last point is for the information of speakers. Political wisdom demands that we do not discuss in public these internal Allied quarrels. If the enemy feels threatened by our reports of these quarrels, he will immediately do everything possible to bridge them over. To intensify these quarrels, therefore, our goal must be to deepen and intensify the Katyn case with fresh methods, without commenting on its political effects within the enemy camp.

Thorough and detailed treatment of Katyn is a political necessity. This necessity must be made clear to all people’s comrades by our speakers.

Increased emphasis in this terrible crime is in our direct interest, since through it we deepen the knowledge that only battle and labor, sacrifice and achievement, in short absolute devotion to the war effort, will save us from the same terrible fate of the 12,000 dead Polish officers murdered by Bolshevist beasts in the Forest of Katyn. Given what happened at Katyn, the terrible threat of Stalin’s journalist in the Kremlin, the Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, is a frightening warning for Germany and all European peoples.

Ehrenburg wrote a few weeks ago that the extermination of about 370 million of the European intelligentsia would take a few years. The remainder would perish in labor camps in Siberia.

The Jew Ehrenburg’s statement gives us occasion to compellingly present Judah’s role in the Soviet lust for murder. Our task must always be to stress at every opportunity that the Jews are guilty for causing the war and its terrible consequences.

Katyn reveals the methods the Jew uses to terrorize the peoples. The following account of a visit to the graves at Katyn will give all speakers information to creatively portray Jewish Bolshevism in its naked horror.

If one leaves Smolensk and follows the Dnieper Valley for about 14 kilometers to the forest of Katyn, the first indication of the Soviet mass murder is the powerful odor of corpses. A few hundred meters later one sees both opened mass graves in the middle of a low clump of birch trees. Hundreds of exhumed corpses lie on the forest floor. The passage of years have naturally left signs of decomposition, but there are still many indications of the terrible crime of Jewish-Bolshevist terrorist murder evident in these victims. First, most have their hands tied behind their backs. Then one notices that any kind of jewelry is missing, while masses of Polish currency worthless to the murderers even in high denominations, remains with the corpses. Uniforms, belts, leather straps, boots and spurs, underclothing, money bags, handkerchiefs, envelopes and similar items are still with the victims, sticky and drenched with the filth of decomposition. Documents, letters, IDs, pay books, and identification tags have been saved that today provide irrefutable evidence of the bestial murders the Bolshevist regime committed in 1941.

The still well-preserved skulls of the dead show that they were killed by a cowardly shot in the back of the neck, a typical Jewish-Bolshevist method of murder. Some corpses give evidence of the murderers’ particular brutality. One finds a corpse torn by many bayonet wounds, for example, with cuts in the rump, pelvis, and back. The many wounds are from a square bayonet that only the Soviets use. In another case the victim’s uniform jacket was pulled up and tied around his head. Both cases show that not all Polish officers gave themselves up to their fate without a struggle, but were taken with brute force to the murder site. One can also see that some groups of the murdered men were taken direction to their fate. That is shown, for example, by the fact that some corpses still had their tableware with bits of fish on them, apparently from their last meal. Others of the dead still had bottles of schnapps.

These are all impressions one gets from a quick look at the exhumed corpses laid out on the forest moss. The picture is even more gruesome if one looks into the mass graves. Their uniforms show that they were without question officers. The bodies begin at 2 1/2 to 3 meters in depth, with 9 to 12 layers of bodies on top of each other. The layers alternate, one layer with the heads to the right, the next to the left. Between each layer of corpses the murders put a thin layer of sand so that skulls, knees, parts of arms and legs, here a hand, there a piece of a foot, show through the apparently sandy ground and betray the presence of many victims beneath. Even the sides of the graves so far exhumed reveal new body parts, boots, clumps of hair, etc., showing that one has not begun to reveal the full extent of the murderous site.

The remarks and notes in the pocket calendars and diaries of these murdered Polish officers agree with the testimony of those leaving near the site of the murders. From these notes and from interviews, the murders occurred from spring to early summer of 1941. The victims were brought in groups from the nearby railroad station to the forest of murder called “Kosegory” in the area. The Soviets used their typical prisoner transport vehicles which are still called “black ravens” by the local inhabitants. Groups of about 300 arrived each day and were apparently murdered by a shot in the back of the neck soon after.

As one hears the hesitant, nervous statements of the witness today, still with a touch of horror, the impression grows that the Soviets used the murderous place for the arbitrary justice not only in 1941, but for a long time before. Several recent discoveries of graves in which older corpses lay suggest that. Here, too, one finds almost exclusively bound skeletons, which betray the terrible way that these people experienced the “freedom of the Bolshevist system.” It is clear that Polish officers of every rank were slaughtered according to the inhuman and incomprehensible Soviet law that destroys everything of spiritual value, the same law under which the almost exclusively Jewish Bolshevist commissars killed far more than 40 million people since 1917 within the Soviet Union.

A few hundred meters from the horrible mass graves, as sickening as one can conceive, is the pleasure palace of the Jewish GPU murderers of Katyn. The recreation building for the inhuman beasts is on the banks of the Dnieper, near the edge of the graves of the many hundreds of thousands of victims. The statements of those who live in the area testify as to what went on there, which they still recall with disgust. The monsters lured women from Smolensk with schnapps, liquors, wine and Champagne to this pleasure palace and had wild orgies. Apparently such “festivities” were interrupted only when a new transport of victims of the murderous Bolshevist system arrived. The dehumanized horde went a few hundred meters into the forest to carry out their terrifying murderous work, then returned to their wild depraved festivities. Only Jews can act in that way. Any human feeling is entirely foreign to them in the intoxication of their wild, unrestrained Old Testament hatred. In their ecstacy of destruction and decay that strives for the mastery that they achieved under Bolshevism, they could live exclusively according to their criminal instincts.

It is very clear that the Forest of Katyn is one of those bloody sites in which the Jewish-Bolshevist system expresses itself in a typically Jewish, cruel, and filthy way. The fact that the captured Polish officers had to go to Katyn even though they could have become allies of Bolshevist plans to attack Germany in a short while proves that Bolshevism will never turn from the policy it has followed since 1917 of destroying all leading elements of a people..

Katyn cries out a terrible warning for Europe and the world. What has been revealed here is the inhumanity of a system that knows no bounds, that follows the criminal instincts of its Jewish slave drivers alone, and that will never be able to act within the bounds of moral order and human culture. This system is the ally of the equally Jewish slave drivers of capitalist plutocratic England and North America. That is the alliance of democracies that London and New York think is called to be the future ruler of Germany and all of Europe.

British agitation claims that this filthy murderous system so recently revealed in terrible form is fighting to defend European culture, which we Germans would destroy.

Davies, the former USA ambassador to Moscow, recently said in the London Evening Standard that: “Of all the peoples, the Bolshevists and Americans are most similar.” That means than “Americanism” and “Jewish gangsterism” are identical.

The Archbishop of Canterbury provides the epitome of the repulsive, lying, and typical Anglo-American hypocritical praise for Bolshevist system of mass murder: “Bolshevism has fulfilled its Christian duty as we all must. The Soviet Union has realized the Christian ideal. We must, therefore, welcome it as our friend and ally.”

Such are the siren songs of the Anglo-Americans, which want to turn Europe over to Jewish Bolshevism, brutal mass murder, plundering and destruction.

Woe to those peoples that accept such British-American agitation and look calmly to the future of Europe instead of joining together with all their might to stem the threatening doom of Bolshevist rape and Jewish murder. A fate many-fold that of Katyn’s threatens our venerable continent. There is but one slogan:

Battle and sacrifice, work and achievement, devotion and loyalty until final victory!

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