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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its message across. Those speakers needed to be informed. The following is a translation of instructions to speakers for speeches on 20 April 1943, Hitler’s birthday. Despite the still recent disaster at Stalingrad, Hitler is presented as an almost superhuman leader who guarantees German victory. Since at the time there was a major anti-Bolshevist propaganda campaign, the instructions explain how to tie it in to the adulation of Adolf Hitler.

The source: Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 55, 12 April 1943.

Instructions for Speeches on 20 April 1943

[Hitler’s Birthday]

Our propaganda work must always be consistent with the current propaganda campaign. Our present task is:

the anti-Bolshevist campaign.

Speeches on 20 April must follow this line. The Führer’s life task is the battle against Bolshevism as a Jewish system of power and as the form of life and government most dangerous to all peoples. From the beginning of his political career, Adolf Hitler combatted Jewish seduction of the working class and its terrible results with all his strength. He revealed the lies and treason in the doctrines of the Jewish rabbi Mardochai (Karl Marx). He proved the criminal goals and deeds of Jewish economic enslavement of the world through Marxist and democratic phrases and slogans. He showed the terrible horrors and murders of Bolshevism in the USSR and in all parts of the world, though which they promoted their world revolutionary thinking. He proved incontrovertibly that this entire political agitation is the work of the Jews, and its methods and goals serve the Jews alone.

These observations must be the theme of our speeches on 20 April. This should also include a discussion of the Führer’s great achievements in governmental, economic, social, and racial policy. His tireless work and efforts for all our benefit, his serious concern and responsibility for the fate of our German people both today and in the future should be part of each speech.

It is of decisive importance to build our people’s blind confidence in Adolf Hitler’s brilliant leadership, in his great and unique statesmanship, and in his superior military genius, and to build on this confidence a firm belief in German victory.

One should also remind people of the Führer’s far-sighted decisions to assure irresistible German military superiority, his timely preparations to build supplies of food and military supply reserves, and the building of independent German special industries (synthetic gasoline, rubber, raw materials).

It is also important to stress the certainty of victory we all have in the current decisive battle of fate, which we exclusively owe to the fact that we have a man at the head of governmental, racial, military and working life whose mission is clearly shown in his almost miraculous successes.

20 April this year is under the fighting motto: Victory or Bolshevist Chaos!, to which we add this theme:

Only Adolf Hitler and his incomparable Wehrmacht can defeat Bolshevism!

After such a review, each speech must end with an oath of unbreakable loyalty and obedience, of total devotion to the tasks of the day, and of willing work and contributions for battle and for victory.

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