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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its message across. Those speakers needed to be informed. This is a collection of items from May of 1942 issued by the speaker section of the Reichspropagandaleitung. It includes foreign press reports that can be made to serve German ends, warnings against rumors, and advice on protecting the reputation of the word “propaganda.”

The source: Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 34, 15 May 1942.

Speaker Express Information

Lieferung 34

A series of reports in the enemy press are worth mentioning and commenting on in the proper way by our speakers in meetings.


Roosevelt the “Hero”

According to a report by the New York correspondent of the Evening Standard of 5 May:

“Roosevelt will not make a trip to England until the war has ended victoriously for the Allies. He then wants to make a ‘triumphal procession’ through all of Britain to celebrate the end of the war.

Officials in the White House have stated that at present Roosevelt’s life is too valuable to risk sacrificing it by a trip that will have no particular results. There are also constitutional difficulties that accompany a trip by the President abroad.

Furthermore, Roosevelt feels far more secure in Washington than in London, which he thinks too open to German attacks. And Roosevelt’s presence in England would put a great burden on the British police.”

The same man who was only able to win reelection by the North American people by promising to keep the USA out of the war, but then with every possible trick and with Jewish sophistry rushed into the war in order to satisfy his lust for world power and to earn millions for the armaments manufacturers reveals himself as a pitiable, cowardly creature. He does not dare to show up where war is actually being waged. With brutal unscrupulousness, Roosevelt plunges the peoples into the misery and horrors of war. With cynical big-mouthed words he demands the sacrifice of millions of lives for his ‘exciting’ war. He himself, however, has no desire to be where the bombs are falling and the guns are firing.

What a difference between thew warmonger Roosevelt, who with the typical Jewish attitude sees war only from its pleasant side, political power, and capitalist profits, and our Führer who as military commander bears all the burdens and strains of the war on his own shoulders, and who says of himself:

“I see it as my honorable duty to bind my name to the fate of the army. As a soldier, I see myself as too responsible for the leadership of this war to refuse to accept personally everything that Providence sends us.”

The comparison by itself is for us a guarantee of victory, for Providence has never stood at the side of the coward.


The following military report about Malta makes clear to speakers how the English government provides information to its people in a way that would be simply impossible in Germany.

“Cairo, 11 May (Globereuter)

The RAF has stationed increased fighter protection in Malta. The result was the most bitter aerial battles ever fought over the island on Saturday and Sunday. They ended with the Luftwaffe suffering a defeat that was probably worse than that of the battle over England when one considers the relative numbers of aircraft involved. When German and Italian bombers appeared along with their usual fighter escort over Malta on Saturday, they for the first time met an equal number of British fighters in the airspace above Malta. Spitfires and Hurricanes drove off enemy fighters and attacked the bombers. At the end of the day, 30 Axis aircraft were seriously damaged. Seven were completely shot up and seven more had little or no change of being repaired. On Sunday the destructive work was even more successful. In the afternoon those German Stukas that had gotten through the almost unbelievable antiaircraft fire were attacked by waiting fighters. After the attack, nearly all enemy aircraft had been damaged, some destroyed, others probably destroyed or damaged. 10 bombers were destroyed and seven others ‘probably’ destroyed. The Royal Naval Corps shot down an additional Stuka. Further attacks on the harbor continued Sunday afternoon. By evening, the RAF had destroyed a total of 12 bombers and four fighters. 11 bombers were probably destroyed, along with nine fighters. 11 bombers and ten fighters were probably damaged. It was the biggest day in Malta’s history. In the 36 hours up to Sunday afternoon, only three RAF fighters were lost.”

It hardly needs to be said that the figures are completely inaccurate and that the numbers given in our Wehrmacht report are absolutely correct. [I quickly checked accounts of the battle, and in this case British reports look to be fairly accurate. The Germans did suffer heavy losses.]


The American magazine Time reports in its 13 April issue on the first meeting of the Pacific Council in Washington, which Roosevelt chaired. After the meeting, all of the members of the council looked to be rather bored. That was apparently because Roosevelt gave “a long review” of military action in the Pacific since 7 December. American press correspondents asked council members for their impressions after the first meeting. Their answers, according to Time, suggested that Roosevelt’s remarks had not “fired them up for immediate and determined warfare in the Pacific.” Lord Halifax drawled: “Most helpful, most useful.” The Australian Foreign Minister rather unenthusiastically commented: “A very satisfactory beginning!” The whole affair, the magazine continued, reflected a “strange calm” that had no connection to the real military situation, particularly the unprecedented successes of the Germans on the European Eastern Front and the unbelievable advance of the Japanese in the Pacific. [The Time article has nothing from which this last sentence could reasonably be drawn.]

[The original Time story: “The newly formed Pacific Council of the United Nations met for the first time around the long table of the U.S. Cabinet in the White House. President Roosevelt treated the members to a long review of Pacific fighting since Dec. 7. What some of the gentlemen said when they came out did not suggest that they had been fired by a vision of immediate and total concentration on Pacific warfare. ‘Most helpful,’ drawled Lord Halifax, ‘most useful.’ ‘A very satisfactory beginning,’ said Dr. Herbert V. Evatt, Australian Minister for External Affairs”.]


The following is a dispatch from EFE-reporter Penelle Silva from Guatemala, who was a correspondent in Berlin a few months ago.

“Madrid, 13 May. He who moves from Europe to America today surely has greater surprises than the conquerors of this hemisphere ever had before. The world is literally upside down in this hemisphere, and the new visitor must reassure himself that in the midst of the reversal of all his previous ideas, it is not he, but everyone else, who is crazy. A few choice examples make the situation clear. Chiang Kai-Shek, Budjenny, and Timoschenko according to local opinion are the most brilliant military geniuses, since they let themselves be defeated by ‘inferior’ German generals. Retreat is the only way to final victory. The measure of success is not sinking enemy ships, but rather in building one’s own new ones. Assassinations and atrocities deserve to be celebrated, and criminals are the fatherland’s’s liberators. Instead of speaking of a communist threat, one speaks of its benefits and regrets those Jewish-Freemasonic circles who are being persecuted for their perversity by the evil ‘Aryan Nazis.’ One does not find such nonsense only occasionally in the newspapers, but rather it forms the framework for thinking in the Western Hemisphere. This will surely interest future psychologists and historians, or better our writers of fairy tales. In the New World, the EFE-reporter concludes with resignation, ‘nothing apparently is impossible.””

This report shows once again in the truest sense of the world the land of unlimited opportunities!


Still more “Rumors”

There are repeated reports from various parts of the Reich that British bombers have dropped leaflets announcing that a certain city will be heavily attacked within a few days.

No leaflets have been dropped over Germany with such content. All such statements are either evil-minded or the result of stupid but dangerous sensationalism.

To avoid making enemy agitation aware of such chattering rumors through news reports, nothing can be said about this nonsense in the press or radio. It is therefore even more the task of speakers and propagandists to use every opportunity to take a stance against this criminal and unconscionable rumor-mongering.


Language Directives

a) The German people must concentrate its whole will, thinking, and action on victory. To support this effort, in the future phrases like “after the war,” “after peace,” etc., should never be used, but rather only “after victory.” This phrase must be used by everyone. It will strengthen confidence in victory and also contribute to our people’s will for victory. Speakers should strictly follow this guideline in their meetings and mass meetings.

b) To guard the reputation of our propaganda, speakers should always say “enemy agitation” when speaking of enemy attempts to undermine German public morale, not of enemy propaganda. National Socialism has made German propaganda into an instrument whose truthfulness and reliability are respected far beyond the borders of our Reich. Our enemies, on the other hand, use the most despicable methods. Everything said by British plutocracy, Rooseveltian striving for world domination, and Stalinistic lust for world revolution displays Jewish dialectic through lying, twisted facts and the wildest forms of agitation. For example, it is hardly propaganda when enemy leaflets on the Eastern Front assert that the Germans have lost over six million men during the winter battles. That is simply a big lie. Other leaflets state that: “since Corporal Hitler has failed, his generals have to go,” or “the Führer is living a high life and party leaders terrorize the homeland while the people fights at the front.” That can no longer be called propaganda. Such crazy statements are an expression of the wildest, most unrestrained hatred, and betray their Jewish origins. They are not propaganda, but merely spiritual terror and miserable filth. Therefore, the concept of propaganda must always be seen in this way:

“Only Germany and its allies make propaganda. The enemy lies and agitates with crude Jewish methods.”


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