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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its message across. Those speakers needed to be informed. The following is a translation of instructions to speakers in February 1942, shortly after the U.S. entered the war. What should be said about the U.S., and what arguments should be avoided? The material was labeled “Very Confidential!,” although there was not all that much secret in it.

The source: “Unsere Polemik gegen USA,” Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 26, 21 February 1942.

Our Polemics against the USA

Recently, inappropriate arguments have often been used against the USA. The primary argument we want to make is that it displays a complete lack of culture. Many examples of life in the States provide clear proof of this.

For example, the ridiculous glorification of film stars shows a general lack of truly inspiring ideas. Further proof of the cultural deficiencies of this nation is provided by the wild sensationalism evident in such disgusting things as women boxers, mud wrestling matches, freak shows, coverage of particularly terrible criminals, and so on. In view of these facts, we are unwilling to give its president the right to point a finger at Germany, the country with a highly developed culture that is a thousand years old. This is the main argument to use in dealing with that hypocrite Roosevelt. On the other hand, it is entirely false to ridicule the civilizing development of technology in the United States. It is not appropriate to argue against the USA because of the fact that North Americans lust after fast cars and trains, after the best luxury railway cars with bars, film viewing cars, or automobiles with sleeping and cooking facilities. Using all technological methods is an understandable part of development.

National Socialism, after all, used technology as much as possible during its fight for power.

The shortage of space along the rocky coast of New York and elsewhere has led to tall buildings and skyscrapers. This is not to be evaluated as a perversion of American architecture. All new and advanced technology leads to new architectural styles. There is nothing wrong with that. It would be wrong to block progress only because of respect for tradition.

The decisive point is that these advances find their best examples and greatest success by us in Germany, not in the USA. Germany has the best highways in the world. We build the fastest automobiles. That was proven at the major international auto races before the war. At a race in New York, our vehicles did so well during trial runs that the USA withdrew its own cars from the race. Much of our success in the current war is due to major German developments in using motors on land, water, and in the air.

Germany has the best and most architecturally striking bridges. The buildings erected by the Organisation Todt and the masterpieces of Professor Speer are unique in all the world, including the USA.

German scientists and inventors have developed new materials that were the cause of many jokes and contemptuous commentaries in the USA. Today, the United States has lost its possessions in the Far East, and thereby its economic base. We have good materials that we produce ourselves, while the USA is shocked by the deficiencies of its former economic order.

For these reasons, we have every right energetically to insist that the United States shut its mouth about us and about Europe. The USA has not proven that it has anything to give to the world, neither in scientific developments nor with respect to the intellectual leadership of the American people. The best proof of that is the lack of political instinct that the parties display in abusing the broad masses of the United States. Those masses are further betrayed and lied to by Roosevelt and his Jewish Brain Trust.

We thus reject stupid phrases that reach us and the European public about a coming American Century. The Europeans alone will determine what happens in Europe, and Germany, with its inexhaustible culture, civilization, and achievement, will have the major role.

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