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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its message across. Those speakers needed to be informed. This newsletter for speakers is from April 1944 and deals briefly with a variety of topics.

This is the only issue I have of the Redner-Schnellbrief, apparently the successor to the Redner-Schnellinformation. It provides much less information than its predecessor. I presume that with fewer people working in the party’s propaganda department (as many as possible had been released for military service) there simply wasn’t the staff to do what formerly had been done.

The source: Redner-Schnellbrief, Nr. 13, End of April1 1944. The original is held by the Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen in Dortmund.

Advice to Speakers




Strongest propaganda action against Bolshevism and Jewry

In the immediate future speakers are to focus on the battle against Bolshevism and Jewry. Make reference to current reports in the press and radio. Additional information will be supplied by the Reichspropagandaleitung of the NSDAP.

In particular, show that Bolshevism has taken away the rights of millions of workers and farmers, exploiting and murdering them.


The invasion: We are ready — They can come.

Lies in evening broadcasts, setting fire to our homes — by night and fog if possible. Invasions with the help of traitors. Those are the war methods of Pan-Jewry and its English-American slaves and lackeys. We know that despite their massing of troops and matériel, they are nervous about setting a date for an invasion and are happy when they can find some kind of excuse to explain to Stalin why the date must be postponed again.

England is seized with invasion fever again that we do not need to go into. They may come. We are ready.


Quote Stalin?

The German people’s leadership is the same in peace as in war. All the leadership’s actions serve the people.

The German people’s leadership is thus of an entirely different nature than the commissar and functionary system of Bolshevism. It is false to discuss National Socialist and Bolshevist methods in the same breath! It is just as false to say: “If we had a Stalin....” We are absolutely opposed both to the Bolshevist system and its methods. Bolshevism threatens us and our allied peoples with its external power, but all other lands in the world with typically Bolshevist subversive methods. It depends on whether we mobilise the strongest forces in the coming decisive moments, or whether Bolshevism does.


Fascists as anti-communists

Loyal Italians have united against communism in the Fascist movement. Any criticism of the Fascist party is almost an anti-Fascist act and strengthens the communist movement in Italy. Speakers are to avoid any criticism of the achievements of the Fascist party, its organizations, and its standing with the Italian people.


Condemn chain letters!

The enemy intelligence service is currently attempting to circulate chain letters again.

In meetings and discussion evenings, tell people’s comrades to turn in any chain letters they receive to the relevant police office or in the countryside to the constabulary so that the senders can be determined and arrested.


Results of terror attacks

According to a DNB dispatch of 26 April 1944 from Lisbon, the Portuguese newspaper Esfera wrote: “Common danger and common experience have undoubtedly deepened the unity of the German people. Common suffering has given the German people a moral strength that is without doubt its strongest weapon. If Germany’s enemies believed that they could wear down the unity of the German people through their terror attacks and by the destruction of cultural monuments and many of the noblest creations of the human spirit, it must be said that they have not been successful, but rather this tactic has worked against those who use it. The internal unity of the German people is stronger today than at the outbreak of the war. Never has Germany had as many fighters, for all its sons understand what is at stake.”


  • Gauleiter: 1
  • Stellv-Gauleiter: 1
  • Gaupropagandaleiter: 2
  • Reichsredner: 1
  • Redner der Sonderliste: 1
  • Reichseinsatzredner: 1
  • Gauredner i. A. der RPL: 1

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