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Background: The annual Nuremberg rallies were the highpoint of the Nazi year. Every effort was made to produce a spectacular show not only for those attending, but for the rest of the country, and the world, as well. These pictures come from a commemorative volume issued after the 1937 rally.

Source: Hanns Kerrl, Reichstagung in Nürnberg 1937. Der Parteitag der Arbeit (Berlin: Vaterländischer Verlag C. A. Weller, 1937).

Pictures of the 1937 Nuremberg Party Rally

The Blutfahne

The Blood Flag (Blutfahne) was the most “sacred” Nazi relic. It was the flag that was carried during Hitler's abortive 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, and was stained with the blood of those who had fallen. In this picture, the flag is borne into Nuremberg by a ceremonial guard

Hitler and the Blood Flag

Here, Hitler holds the Blood Flag in one hand and consecrates new party standards with his other hand.

Nazis marching in Nuremberg

A march through Nuremberg.

Hitler by a building model

The Nazis planned enormous construction projects for the Nuremberg party rally grounds. Here, Hitler is standing alongside a model of the “German Stadium.”

TCathedral of Light

Albert Speer developed the “Cathedral of Light” for the annual evening rally of party leaders. A multitude of searchlights, point straight up, created a vivid spectacle.

Cathedral of Light

Another picture of the evening rally.

Cathedral of Light

The effect showed up for miles around Nuremberg. This shot was taken from outside the party rally grounds.

Commemoration of the Dead

Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Viktor Lutze salute the Nazi dead.

Hiter Youth Drummers

Eager Hitler Youth drummers.

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