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Background: Joseph Goebbels founded Das Reich,a prestige weekly newspaper, in 1940. It had a circulation of over a million. Here we have editorial cartoons from 1944-1945. They attempt to make the best of a deteriorating military situation.

Cartoons from Das Reich:1944-1945


Title: “What is the American Soldier Fighting For?”

Caption: “March, boys, march! Later when we are veterans, we will be able to use our training in hunger marches on Washington!” (9 January 1944)

Caption: “How could you bomb neutral territory like that?!”

“Well, colonel, the two symbols are so much alike...”

Explanation: Allied planes had by error bombed Switzerland, which has a cross on its flag. The Nazis accused the Allies of intentionally bombing hospitals, hence the pilot’s response suggesting that he had confused the Red Cross with the Swiss Cross. (16 April 1944)

Cartoon Explanation: The Allies, having just invaded Europe, now face German V-1 rockets. (2 July 1944

Caption: “We’ve played our last trump.”

“Damn, he still has some!”

Explanation: Another cartoon on the V-1 theme. The Allies have done all they can, Europe [i.e., Germany] has more cards. The card showing is “V-3,” suggesting that the V-1 was the first of a series. (9 July 1944)


Title: The Archbishop in Action”

Caption: I’ve blessed the bombs for the Continent. Now I can go to the protest meeting against the V-1.” (6 August 1944)

Cartoon Caption: “No need to worry, Eleanor. Many of the voters that I promised that I would never lead to war can no longer vote against me...” (3 September 1944)

Title: “In Belgium”

Caption: “Give us this day our daily bread...”

“Shut up! Stop the agitation!”

Explanation: The suggestion is that Allied occupation is not such a good thing. (1944)


Title: “The Allies”

Explanation: England is pulling the plow, the United States is guiding it, and Russia is sowing the seed. (7 January 1945)


Title: “The Stones Speak in the Rocky Mountains”

Caption: “Lincoln: My dear colleague, I shed blood to end slavery.”

Washington: “...and I think that our colleague today is doing exactly the opposite!” (21 January 1945)

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