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Background: This is a newsletter for party leaders and propagandists in Gau Sachsen. It provides material on the V-2 and other matters that was to be used in face-to-face propaganda.

The source: Politischer Informationsdienst der NSDAP. Gaupropagandaleitung Sachsen, Folge 4, 7 December 1944.

Political Information Service of the NSDAP

Gaupropagandaleitung Sachsen

Folge 4: 7 December 1944

Medals for Volunteers in a Special Unit

A naval officer and an SS Untersturmführer in special unit were recently awarded the Knight’s Cross. Both officers were sent to England and radioed important information to the German leadership about the accuracy of the V-2. They further reported on the bomb depot at Burton-on-Trent in central England, which was blown up by a direct hit by a V-2. After completing their mission, both officers left the British Isles in a small rubber raft and were taken on by a German U-boat.

The Effect of the V-2

Although Churchill has imposed strict censorship, we do have several eyewitness reports:

“A red bullet about the size of a football appeared in the air. It seemed to be about 1000 meters high. A minute later came the sound of a terrible explosion.” — “I saw something like a very bright star moving rapidly. Later there was an orange and a red explosion that seemed to come from two different detonations.” — At first I thought it was a shooting star, but it got bigger and bigger until it was a bright ball of flame. A few seconds later the V-2 fell behind some buildings and a bright red glow lit up the night sky.”

A Swedish newspaper describes in two sentences the fear our V-weapons cause in London:

“Since the beginning of the V-2 bombardment, Londoners have no hopes for their city’s future. They are preparing for the worst.”

We can add that the V-2 has the strongest warhead that there has ever been. According to previous reports, the V-2 drives deep into the earth and causes a huge crater over 100 meters in diameter. It has an extraordinarily strong striking force and a powerful explosive effect.

That is proven by a test of the V-2, which landed 500 meters from an evacuated village. After the explosion the greater part of the village was destroyed.

Its effects on a dense residential area can easily be imagined.

The Situation behind the Soviet Front

Nationalist Ukrainian partisan groups have been fighting for months against the Bolshevists in the Ukraine. They have heavy weapons and are continually supplied by us. At the end of September, the Bolshevists had to send three divisions to Kiev to prevent the capture of that city. Today we learn that there was an uprising in Kiev at the end of October. Troops from this area — according to statements by prisoners in Hungary — refused to return to the front. The Kiev garrison rose against the NKVD (formerly the GPU) and arrested local Soviet functionaries. The uprising involved the 7th Guard Artillery Division, the Reserve Battalion of the Rifle Guard Division 14, Mine Throwing Brigade 29, and the Reserve Tank Brigade Kiev.

The Soviets were forced to use the NKVD and many other divisions to suppress the uprising. Large groups of the rebels escaped and continue to fight against the Soviets in partisan formations in the Ukraine.

An interesting incident on the Hungarian front on 22.11.44: At Dunahrasz many Soviet tanks surrendered under white flags to the Hungarians. The crews explained that they came from Kiev and wanted to fight against the Soviets.

News on the Forces in the Atlantic Fortresses

Greater German Radio broadcasts to our forces in the surrounded fortresses on the Atlantic coast. This broadcast includes countless greetings and news items from family members of the soldiers as well as the same from the soldiers to their family members.


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