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Background: This is a full translation of a particularly nasty Nazi anti-Semitic book published late in the war. The author is Robert Ley, head of the German Labor Front, an anti-Semite almost as crude as Julius Streicher.

The second chapter devotes pages to alleged citations from Jewish writing that have been mainstays of anti-Semitic argumentation for years. Most are based on dubious translations, are taken out of context, or are simply invented. That does not stop them from being incessantly repeated.

The source: Robert Ley, Pesthauch der Welt (Dresden: Franz Müller Verlag, 1944).

The Pestilential Miasma of the World

by Robert Ley

The Eternal Jew

This war is a battle between worldviews, and the side that has the strongest faith will be victorious.
Only he who is convinced of the justice of his cause, and who in fact has justice on his side, who acts reasonably and correctly, who recognizes and follows the laws of nature, can have the strongest faith.

All natural life is eternal battle, and battle is the father of all things. Battle, however, is possible only between two opposing poles and powers. Mankind has named these battling worlds “good” and “evil,” “God” and “Satan,” “noble” and “crude,” “construction and destruction,” “life” or “death.” These are all ways of saying that nature is a constant process of coming and going, a constant transformation of forces and materials. Science has a chemical and physical law that says: Nothing perishes; everything is constantly changing. Whatever we call it, whether we use the words of science or say it in a more primitive way, the eternal, inescapable law is that life means battle, that battle comes from competing energies, and that something new comes from their meeting.

caricatureThis knowledge is one of the fundamental principles of National Socialism, a principle on which it acts. We maintain that human society, government, economics, and culture come from the harmony of common blood and a common race, and that the antipole of humanity is the Jew, who embodies the competing race. National Socialist thinking is therefore anti-Semitic, since it fights the Jew not from religious reasons, but rather only from its racial knowledge, from the depths of its worldview, for it knows that the peoples cannot live as racial communities if they do not defend themselves against the Jew. The Jew is the enemy not only in his personal form, but rather even more in the Jewish mentality and in the Jewish approach to the world. The National Socialist worldview should better be called the National Socialist understanding of the world! It is not a philosophical construction to help the individual understand the world, to give him a place to stand, but rather it is the knowledge, it is the facts, of how the world really is, independent of the standpoint of an observer. What we see as race and blood, and what we battle as the great enemy of this blood, is based not merely on our opinion, but rather on scientifically proven knowledge.

Everything in nature obeys ancient and unchangeable laws. Nothing happens apart from these natural laws. The laws strive toward harmony and construction. Every natural creature must obey some of these countless laws. It has a mission, thereby obeying its drives, its instincts, and its understanding, if nature has given it that. The opposite of harmony is chaos and disharmony. If racial community displays harmony in blood and nature, the Jew is the chaotic, disharmonic factor in such human harmony. National Socialism wants to release energy by promoting communities of race and blood so that humanity can develop its abilities and virtues to the highest level. National Socialism thus strives for the highest level of culture. It respects beauty and joy, health and human satisfaction, strength, development, and progress. Each of these is insufficient by itself without the will to defend this ideal from the danger of chaos and destruction. Thus, the first question we must ask to fulfill our National Socialist ideal is this: Who is the Jew? He who does not understand the Jewish Question, who does not study and fully understand it, will not understand the world, its development, and its battles.

Who is the Jew? The Jew is also a product of his drives, and obeys his natural law. The Führer calls this “Lucifer’s tragedy”! That is so! We call destructive elements in nature parasites. They are creatures who can no longer survive on their own, due to the atrophy of their vital organs, such as their lungs, digestive system, reproductive organs, or that cannot move. They are no longer able to secure their own food and digest it, and are therefore dependent on other living plants or animals. They devour their hosts. They fall like locusts on them, suck their life away, destroy them. Their tragedy is that, in doing so, they destroy themselves in the end. Nature always helps. When parasites gain the upper hand, they devour each other.

The Jew is such a parasite!Caricature

The Jew developed like any other parasite. Parasites develop through unnatural inbreeding and by the inheritance of the worst traits. Parasites develop under some sort of natural pressure, through unnatural, perverse inheritance, through forced atrophy — in other words, as the result of disease, bad environment, and inheritance. The Jew is such a creature, given his origins, development, and biological nature.

The Jew was earlier concentrated in the Middle East. Since there were still no railroads, steamships, or airplanes, it was the natural center of world commerce, situated between Europe, Asia, and Africa. It was the place where the white man from the cites of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea went to trade with Negroes from Africa and the inhabitants of Asia. Inevitably, a racial swamp developed, formed from the three major and entirely different parts of humanity.

The laws of genetics teach us that nature does not want those of mixed race, tolerating them only if some parts atrophy or become strained. Mestizoes and Mulattos are infertile, and only under exceptional circumstances can cretins bear offspring. The racial swamp that Palestine became had a central position in world finance and commerce. It was the place where Asia, Africa, and Europe met. As a result, the worst type of mixed race developed. Over the course of millennia, Caucasian mountain tribes drove the racial trash into the desert, as Jewish history records, and there sealed them off hermetically. Through biological processes, the mixed race from three continents developed, through incest, into parasites of the first order. There is no doubt that, according to botanic and zoological laws, the Jew is a true and genuine parasite.

The racially healthy person has one blood in his veins, while he of mixed race has several blood types. Over the millennia, the Jew’s blood became distorted and ruined. What does that mean? Science teaches that the properties of various materials, such as glass, wood, iron, etc., differ only in that they are made of different molecules, or different building blocks. Both the outward form and the inner structure can be different. A molecule is made of many atoms, the smallest possible entity. These atoms spin around a molecular core. The molecules differ according to the number of atoms, and through the nature of the spin and the speed of the constituent atoms. To understand genetics, we must understand two principles:

1. A bastard with two different types of blood does not have a new type of blood, rather both different blood types remain within the bastard. They move together in his veins, which explains the bastard’s limitations.

2. Mendel’s laws state that bastards move back to their original nature or race. According to Mendel’s laws, bastards of the same type change from a ratio of 1:1 to 2. that is: The offspring of two similar bastards comes 1/4 from the one, 1/4 from the other, but 2/4 is bastard.

By the third or fourth generation at the latest, the offspring have returned to their racial origins. This law, however, applies only to related entities. The offspring of widely different races, such as black-white, red-white, red-black, etc., do not return to their original racial makeup, rather become Mestizoes or Mulattos that are either infertile or, due to isolation and incest, develop into parasitic creatures. In parasites, the constituent elements, the molecules and building blocks, are torn apart and destroyed, and only fragments of what was originally there remain. This explains why the parasite is driven to the host from which he descended, and why he must suck the life from it. Thus, the Jew, who has become a human parasite, must return to the peoples from whom he descended, and this produce of the racial swamp of the Middle East must live off of them.

It is clear that the amount of destruction in a Jew varies. There are Jews with less damaged blood, and others whose blood is entirely fragmented. Thus there are some Jews who only value profit, and live from exploiting their host peoples. Other Jews are in a more degenerate biological state, and seek to mate with the women and men of their host people. Finally there is a third sort of Jew that is entirely decayed; it values ritual murder, which means that its drives lead it to drink the blood of its host peoples.

The biologic laws that govern the Jewish parasite make it the counter-race of humanity, its antipole and his drives form the common bond of criminality and sickness that connects all Jews of the world together more firmly than is possible through mere human laws, words, or rules. Thus: All Jews work together, and all Jews are depraved and criminal.Caricature

When talking with Dietrich Eckart, the Führer once said: “What you once wrote is probably true. One can only understand the Jew when one knows what his final goal is: To control the world in order to destroy the world. He believes he must dominate all of humanity to, as he claims, establish paradise on earth. Only he can do that, he imagines. But even in the means he chooses, one can see that it will lead him to a different end. Although claiming to lead humanity to the heights, he torments it into a state of desperation, into insanity, into collapse. If he is not stopped, he destroys them. He is driven to that, although he dimly realizes it will mean his own destruction. He can do nothing else; he is forced into it. The chief cause of his hatred, I think, is his realization that he depends on the existence of his victim. He has to destroy someone, while realizing that that inevitably means his own destruction. You might call it: The tragedy of Lucifer.”

Judaism is Ruin, Destruction, Downfall, and Murder!

Jewry, flowing from biological laws, is best expressed in its religion and its conception of god. God represents the highest ideal for peoples and for humanity, so how people conceive of god reveals how they think, their spiritual nature. Jahwe, the Jewish god, is a god of revenge, of cursing, of destruction, one who rains sulfur and brimstone down on humanity, who thunders at them, whose lightning sets fields and meadows ablaze. Jahwe is the grim Jewish god who is there only to give Jews profits, much gold and money, and lordship over Gentiles. There is nothing cruder than the Jewish religious books: the Talmud, the Chulchan-aruch, the books of Moses and the prophets. Since he does not even trust his god, the Jew sets the “rabbi” above Jahwe and declares the Jewish god Jehovah must study the laws written down by the rabbis in the Torah in order to rule the world. The whole is a collection of ghost hunting and mysticism, blind cursing and the crassest egotism, an unimaginable superiority complex, sick perversity, the overturning of all natural laws, lust for murder, terror, and horror.

But let us listen to the Jew himself. We see how dangerous the Jew thinks his doctrines are, and how eager he is to see that they remain unknown to Gentiles. In the Jalkut ahadasch, Nr. 72, we read: “It is forbidden for a Gentile to discover the secrets of our doctrines; should a Gentile discover them, it is as if he laid waste to the entire world and denied the holy name (Jahwe).”

Capitalism was born from fatalism. Calvin, one of the most important Jewish hirelings, says: “He who is poor must remain poor, and he who is rich must make more money. It is a sin to teach otherwise.” The Jew says: “All is determined in advance” (Pinke abot 111).Caricature

There is no end to the Jew’s superiority complex. It can only be seen as insane. Let us listen to these crazy words: “Each Jew must tell himself that the world was created for me” (Sanhedrin 37a). “The land of Israel was created first, then the rest of the world...

The land of Israel was watered by the rains, the rest of the world with what was left” (Taanit 109).

“For each who saves the life of a Jewish soul, it is as if he had saved the entire world” (Baba batra 11a, Sochedrin 37a).

“Everywhere the Jews come, they will become the lords of their masters” (Sanhedrin 104a).

Reading that, who does not think of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.

The proud Jew further says: “All Jews are the children of nobility” (Schabbat 67a, 11a, 128; Kaba mezia 113b).

Who should be surprised at such arrogance when one recalls that even Gentiles are always talking about the “Chosen People.” And it is true: they are chosen for lies, vulgarity, fraud, murder, and sloth.

Let us listen once more to the Jewish law books: Jewish perjury: “If a Jew wishes to annul all his oaths of the previous year, he must say at the beginning of the new year: ‘All the oaths that I swore are invalid’” (Nedarim 23b). Or: “For the sake of peace, one may change his words a bit” (Jebamot 65b).

Jewish cunning: “May the righteous (the Jews) be cunning? Yes! With the pure (the Jews) you are pure, with others (Gentiles) the opposite.”

Jewish vulgarity: “Gentiles are to be seen as unclean from birth” (Schabat 16b, 17a; Abada zara 36b, Nidda 31b).

“All Gentiles are whores” (Schulchan aruch, Ebn ha-ezar 6, 8).

“He who has slept with a Gentile has slept with a whore” (San-hedrin 82a; Aboda zara 36b).

“The marriage of Gentiles is the same as sleeping with animals” (Sanhedrin 74b Tosahot).

These are a few choice passages of Jewish lust and vulgarity. One could continue such filthy citations indefinitely, each one worse than the one before, a mixture of perversity, a sick superiority complex, and the basest sentiments.

Let us continue with other amoral characteristics of the Jew, as revealed in his law books:

Jewish insolence: “The home of a Gentile is like a barn” (Erubin 62a, 72b).

“Gentiles are not human beings” (Jebonat 61a Tosahot).

“May Gentiles be called human beings?” No! For it is written (Ezekiel 34:31): ‘You jews are human beings, you are called humans, but Gentiles are not called human beings, but animals” (Kaba mezia 114b).

“On the Jews are important in the world. They are the wheat, the Gentiles the chaff” (Isaak Abrabanul, Commentary on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the 12 minor prophets....).

This insolence reaches its epitome in the following citation. One can hardly believe it: “God created the Gentiles in human form, although they are animals . . . . But he created them to serve the Jews day and night, never to cease. It is not right for Jews to be served by animals in the form of animals, but rather by animals in the form of human beings” (Midrasch Talpot, p. 255, Warsaw edition, 1875).

This is arrogance so impudent, so outrageous, that it is insane. That is why the Jew alone is the father of class struggle.Caricature

But let us listen some more:

Jewish fraud: “One may lend money to Gentiles at usurious rates.” (Kaba mezia Tob.).

“The Jew should always speak in a way that makes him look innocent” (Pesachim 3a).

“The Jew should always fit in with the people around him” (Katubot 17a).

“What is the role of the Jew on the earth? To appear stupid” (Chullie 89a).

“As soon as the Jews learn wisdom, they also become sly” (Sota 21b).

Jewish theft and Jewish exploitation: Jahwe will not forgive a Jew who returns a lost item to a Gentile” (Sanhedrin 76b).

If a house has been rented to a Gentile, anything found in it belongs to the Jew who finds it, even if it is in the middle of the house” (Kaba mezia 26).

“If a Jew finds money in a place frequented by many people, it belongs to him because its owner has lost it; the Jew, after all, does not know that someone has lost it” (Kaba mezia 21b).

Theft, robbery, the kidnapping of a beautiful women, etc., is forbidden if it is done by a Gentile to another Gentile, or by a Gentile to a Jew, but may be done by a Jew to a Gentile” (Sanhedrin 57a).

The Jewish soul lusts after robbery and sexual crimes” (Chygiga 11b).

Workers, listen to this:

“If a Jew hires a worker, he should pay the lowest possible wage” (Kaba mezia 87a). Or: “Robbing a Gentile is permitted. If robbery is permitted, how much more is it permitted to rob a wage-earner” (Kaba mezia 87b).

“Bribe Gentile judges before they sign the judgment” (Gittin 28b).

The Jew both bribes and allows himself to be bribed. Listen to what the Jew saw about justice: “When a Jew and a Gentile appear before the court, rule in favor of the Jew if you can, using Jewish law. Say to the Gentile: ‘That is what our law says.’ When you can rule in favor of the Jew on the basis of Gentile law, tell the Gentile: ‘That is what your own law says.’ When neither is possible, defeat the Gentile by trickery” (Kaba quamma 113a).

The Jew is the laziest creature. Listen to what the Jew himself says: “Work is torture” (Taanit 12b).

“You Jews to not need to get up early, to go to bed late, and to eat bread won by your sweat, for Jahwe gives to his Jews even while they sleep” (Joma 77a).

This highly immoral attitude toward labor is entirely consistent with the capitalistic opinions, and the lust for profit and exploitation, of the Jew.

In conclusion, listen to the Jew as murderer and war criminal: ““Gentiles should be ruined, but the Jews should rejoice” (Baba mezia 33b).

“Shedding blood is punishable when committed by a Gentile against another Gentile, or for a Gentile against a Jew, but there is no penalty if it is done by a Jew to a Gentile” (Sanhedrin 57a).

“Kill the best of the Gentiles” (Aboda zara 26b Tosafot).

“Each who sheds the blood of the Gentiles brings a sacrifice to Jahwe” (Simon Darschan, Jalgut Schimoni).

This murderous and criminal standpoint leads to the Jewish attitude toward war:

“It is permitted to incite the world’s Gentiles into war” (Berakot 7b, Megilla 6b).

“When you march to war, do not be the first, but rather the last, so that you may also be the first to return home” (Pesachim 113a).

I believe that this is enough to show the amoral nature of the Jew. The Jew knows no morality, no decency, and he has no conscience. He is the parasitic antipole of humanity.

If anyone wishes further proof for the genuinely parasitic nature of Jewry, he should ask whether or not the Jews have ever created a culture, an economy, or a state of their own. Can anyone find a single Jew anywhere who, in any field whatever, has shown creative, original abilities? I know that Jewish propaganda has been trying for millennia to find this proof. Whenever a Jew somewhere or another shows some superficial talent, the whole Jewish mess tries to make such superficial talent into real talent in order to prove that the Jews, too, can be creative. However, when anyone looks behind such Jewish machinations, he will easily be able to prove that the ostensible Jewish creations are actually stolen, plagiarized, or borrowed from somewhere else. Even the claim that in ancient times the Jews had their own state, which the Zionists today use to support their claim for a new state, is false. There was a Middle Eastern ghetto in Jerusalem and its surroundings, but it hardly united all the Jews in the Middle East. We know that there were many more Jews living in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and on the Greek islands, than there were in Jerusalem. And when we investigate this presumed Jewish state more closely, we learn from history that there were constant rebellions and counter-rebellions. One priest fought another priest. There was eternal unrest and rebellion throughout the ancient era, and into the Roman Empire. The myth of a Jewish state is as much a lie as all the other Jewish claims of their accomplishments.

However, in one area one must grant that the Jews have the greatest gifts. No other people on earth is more gifted in criminality, in lies, in theft, in exploitation, and in corruption than the Jew.

The Jew can behave no differently, because he is by nature born to crime. It is his fateful drive: “The tragedy of Lucifer!” All Jews are so inclined, one a little more, another a little less. Crime binds them together. That does not build a Jewish community, for that would be a positive trait. Quite the opposite. One must see how the Jew cheats, exploits and tortures his blood comrades when he is placed in power over them. There is no worse traitor to his own blood than the Jew. I myself have seen how Jewish overlords misuse their Jewish comrades and exploit them to death.

No Trace of a Sense of Community

Anyone who watches Jews trade between themselves can observe that. There is no trace of loyalty or trust to be found. They cheat each other just as they cheat Gentiles.

This becomes evident only when others have power over the Jew and he can no longer escape his fate. As long as he thinks he can conceal things with some success behind the Jewish mask, he will do so. There is no stronger bond than that which joins criminals. One Jew protects the other, at least to the outside world, regardless of the distance between them, or whatever social differences may exist between them. The Jew in America protects the Jew in Poland, Moscow, or Berlin, the rich Jew protects the poor Jew, and the poor Jew protects the rich Jew. The outward differences in religion, whether one is strongly religious or half religious, Zionist or non-Zionist, all these make no difference at all. When it comes to concealing a Jewish crime from the Gentiles, thereby concealing the true nature of Jewry from the Gentiles, Jews throughout the whole world join together and use every method to protect and defend their Jewish racial comrades. Here one can really say: All Jews stand by each other, and are ready to swear to any perjury, to bribe with as much money as is needed, to use all methods at their disposal, to stand by each other. This fact proves the Jewish drive for self-preservation: the Jew knows that when one of his racial comrades is revealed, Jewry as a whole is revealed.

That was true in ancient days as much as today. The Jewish grain speculator Joseph in Egypt brought his whole rotten family there so that they could share his power and exploit the Egyptians. Young Moses gathered all the strength he could to protect every last Jew from the just persecution of the Egyptians.Caricature

The Jewish habit of protecting each other became most clear whenever some Jew or another committed ritual murder. Just one of many examples: The rich Jew Cremieux from Paris used his large fortune to conceal the ritual murder of a Catholic priest in Damascus. He bribed the caliph of Egypt. Although the appellate court had confirmed all the details, just as had the original court, files were destroyed to remove any trace of this Jewish crime.

In the modern era, the Jews have established major world organizations to conceal their criminal deeds, which are joined together under Freemasonry. World Freemasonry, which has gradually recruited many important Gentiles, is nothing other than a clever way of concealing Jewish crimes. Thus the Jew attempts to secure key positions among the peoples so that he can support his racial comrades, enabling them to continue unhindered their exploitation, their crimes, their murder of Gentiles.

We see this in the Congress of Vienna, in the Treaty of Versailles, in the Geneva League of Nations, as well as in international labor unions or the Bolshevist central in Moscow. It is always the same. Together with capitalism money and usury, these organizations serve the purpose of uniting Judah across all peoples and national boundaries, and concealing their misdeeds.

If the Jew is at the end of his resources and, despite all his care and concealment, is in danger of being discovered, he unleashes wars and revolutions. The Jews began the First World War to destroy the anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic tsarist regime. They gave Russia over to Jewish Bolshevism, and at the same time hit the inherently anti-Semitic Prussian Germany so hard that any sign of nationalist spirit was killed and destroyed.

It is entirely clear that his war, too, is the work of Judah. The Jew Rothschild said as early as 1934 that he would do everything he could to drive the world into war against National Socialist Germany.

Since, however, the Jew is numerically a tiny percentage of humanity, he must find allies and subject peoples to carry out his inhuman aims. Since from the human standpoint the Jew is and must be the greatest of all criminals, he must seek such help where it is to be found, namely among the trash and scum of humanity. Each people has a certain percentage of rabble and criminality. As any organism rejects filth, so a people eliminates such elements. The Jew gathers such ethnic filth and makes of it his assault force.Caricature

The Jew is also master of lies and hypocrisy, of superstition and secret mystic rites. His crazy theories and superstitions draw in healthy people who are susceptible to such things. Any doctrine, no matter how crazy, finds its disciples and supporters, and the weak and cowardly look for ways to escape their inescapable fate through sprits and superstition. It is harder to appeal to decency, truthfulness, courage, and character than it is to appeal to cowardliness, depravity, and weakness. The Jew, as a master of hypocrisy, used that to his advantage. He invented sectarianism, Freemasonry, bourgeois mysticism, and other superstitions, to lure people after him like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Finally, the Jew knows that he can rule and destroy only when he succeeds in building walls between humanity. The phrase “divide and conquer” comes from the Jew. He is thus the enemy of any unity, of any organized progress, of any community. Because of his Jewish blood, he must declare war on any form of order in order to be able to assert himself.

He needs chaos to conceal himself. He must destroy beauty so that his ugly Jewish face does not stand out. We find the crassest embodiment of Jewish depravity in the Soviet Union.

Altogether, I Call it Bolshevism

By that, I mean and prove that Judaism and Bolshevism were and are everywhere and at all times the same. Moses, the founder of the Jewish rabbi state, was the first proponent of the doctrine we today call Bolshevism. From him to Stalin, there is a single red thread that runs through all of history, and is visible everywhere Judah was at work destroying human culture, human beauty, and ethnic unity.

1. Bolshevism from Moses to Stalin has murdered, destroyed and ruined humanity and its culture.

The Jewish grain speculator Joseph reduced the Egyptian people to starvation and misery through his speculation. When they realized that, they saw the Jewish depravity and freed themselves from Jewish rule by putting the Jews in concentration camps and forcing them to work. The Jew swore revenge, incited the lowest elements, and according to the Old Testament killed thousands and thousands of Egyptian children in one night by killing the “first born.”Caricature

Exodus 12: 7-13 and 29-30, state that there was a bloody mark on all the buildings, and that the crazy masses, led by the Jews, killed all the “first born” of Egypt.

In the Book of Esther, we read that in one bloody night the Jews slaughtered and destroyed 75,000 Persians. Even today, the Jew celebrates Purim to commemorate his great triumph.

During the reign of the Emperor Trajan, we hear of terrible mass murders in Babylon, Cyrenia, Egypt, Cyprus, in all of the Near East and around the Aegean, where the chronicles report that many, many hundreds of thousands of people, men, women, and children, were butchered in the most gruesome ways. The children of Bethlehem may have been murdered during this period, a fate to which Christ nearly fell victim. Here, too, we hear of a disgusting Jewish deed of the worst, most base type. The whole Old Testament is a chronicle of Jewish robberies, mass murder, tortures, thievery, and misdeeds.

However, it is not only in the Near East or the Roman Empire that we hear of Jewish murder and Jewish bloodthirstiness. It happens wherever the Jew goes. St. Bartholomew’s Night and its horrors, and the French Revolution with its guillotine, were the work of Jewish bloodthirstiness. Today, we know that the death of 4,000 people in Lower Saxony was the result of advice given by a Jew to Charlemagne. The butchering of 1 1/2 million Northern Albigensians by Asiatic hordes is also the fault of the Jews, who even then had influence on the Roman curia.

The Crusades, with their enormous sacrifices in the blood of northern peoples, were the result of Jewish insanity. This reached its crazed height in the Children’s Crusade, which sent tens of thousands of German children against well-armed and well-trained Turkish soldiers.

Cromwell and the Puritans committed regicide and mass murder under the banner of the Lion of Judah, and took the Old Testament with them in their saddlebags so that they would always have the murderous commands of the Jewish tribal god Jehovah close at hand.Caricature

The Inquisition and the bestial witch hunts, in which streams of Nordic blood were shed, and which had the devilish goal of destroying the Nordic race, were the work of the Jew Lainetz, who became the superior general of the Jesuit order.

The Thirty Years War, born from the religious insanity of Jewish thinking, killed 13 million of the 17 million German people. Only four million escaped Jewish bloodthirstiness. The Thirty Years War was the prelude to the final destruction of European humanity. All the following conflicts, civil wars, and wars between peoples are the result of this Jewish mass murder, even aside from the fact that one finds the Jew everywhere in modern wars as a Freemason, an armaments manufacturer, or as international arsonist.

Our current age is the epitome of the Jewish desire for destruction. Never has Jewish Bolshevism presented itself to freely and openly to humanity as it does today. Now the Jew believes he can drop his hypocritical mask, thinking that the world is ready for Jewish world dominance — which is nothing other than Jewish destruction.

The Bolshevist revolutions in Russia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and everywhere else have destroyed and butchered more human beings than were killed in the many thousands of years before.

2. Bolshevism from Moses to Stalin is the rule of the criminal, the mob, and the underworld.

In the books of Moses, we read that a large “rabble” accompanied the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The Old Testament itself reports that “much stolen property” went with them, and that the Egyptians were happy to be rid of the Jews and their rabble.

We hear of the same connection of the Jew with the rabble and the trash of the peoples from antiquity, the Roman Empire, and the history of every nation up to the present day.

The word “proletarian” meant slave in ancient Rome, and we hear that the slaves met with the Jews in the secret darkness of the catacombs and caves to conspire against the Roman state. Jewish historical writing, or better historical falsification, presents the Roman emperors Nero and Caligula as beasts who slaughtered and persecuted Christians. Actually, they were anti-Semites who persecuted the Jews, not the Christians, because they saw them as a danger to the existence of the Roman Empire. Nero did not burn Rome down, as history records, but rather he let the Jewish ghetto burn down.

The Jewish affinity and attitude toward the rabble, the criminal class, and the underworld explains why the Jew Karl Marx called the proletarian and Bolshevist movement to life. The goal was to subject national states and communities to the underworld.

In this world conflict, we see both to the east and west the connection of the Jews to gangsters, the criminal world, and exploitation through stock exchanges and banks in England and the USA. It is the mobilization of the steppes and the Mongolian hordes to the east. Once again, the Jew is leading the mob and the criminals against European culture and the achievements of humanity.

3. Bolshevism from Moses to Stalin means the destruction of peoples, civil war, and brotherly hatred.

Isaiah 19:2-3 reads: “I will stir up the Egyptian against Egyptian — brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. The Egyptians will lose heart, and I will bring their plans to nothing.”

That is how it always was: wherever the Jew enjoyed the hospitality of other peoples, collapse began. He saw his purpose and goal in life as spreading strife, suspicion, envy, and hatred among people. In the Roman Empire, he set social groups and classes against each other. In the Thirty Years War, he set religious confessions and tribes against each other. The peoples of Europe fought each other. In the modern age, just as in the thousands of years before it, the Jew saw his goal as setting social groups and classes against each other, of inciting nations to class struggle and class hatred, thus destroying each other through civil war.

Whether in Egypt or Rome, the German tribes or today, it is always the same. “Divide and conquer, lie and agitate, to establish the conditions under which brothers will fight against and kill each other.”

That explains why all leading men and leaders have been sworn enemies of the Jews, and must always be such.

Christ, one of the great men of humanity, condemned Judah with the sharpest words. He cursed and damned their devilish goals. His whole life was an anti-Semitic struggle against Judah and its methods. The Jew Paul, born Saul, also called Schaul, transformed the honest, noble and elevated goals of the founder of the Christian religion into its very opposite, making them serve Jewish purposes. That may not dim the light of this great man of human history.

After him, all the great luminaries of the spirit, of poetry and the arts, the emperors and kings, counts and popes always strove with all their might to free themselves of the Jewish vampire. The Roman Emperor Hadrian even tore down the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, along with its treasure house, taking their golden idols from the Jews. He believed that by driving them out of their land to the four corners of the world, he would break their power. But their evil drives brought the Jewish desire for destruction everywhere they went.

During the Middle Ages, the church took up the struggle against the Jews. Popes and cardinals brought cases of Jewish ritual murder to trial without mercy, and made saints of the victims of such bloody Jewish murder.

The great German Martin Luther saw through the Jew, unfortunately too late, and called for burning his synagogues and Jewish schools and covering them with earth “so that no one will ever again be able to see so much as a stone or a cinder of what remains.” Speaking of what we formerly tolerated out of ignorance, Luther went on to say: “I did not know it myself, God forgive us, but now that we know, we may not protect these places any longer. In them, they defame Christ and us, insult us, curse us, spit on us, defile us. To ignore it would be to do these things to ourselves. We must also destroy their dwellings, since there they do the same things they do in their schools.” And Luther further wrote: “Some may think I say too much. I do not say too much, but rather too little, for I see what they write.”

Unfortunately, Luther came to this realization only in his old age, only after he had translated the Jewish testament, with its devilish doctrines of the Jewish tribal god Jehovah, into German, thereby causing the greatest possible spread of these satanic doctrines.

The same ideas are found in the writing and thinking of the great men of humanity: Schopenhauer and Goethe, Kant and Richard Wagner, up to our own day.

The Jew’s Weapon is Money, His Idol is Gold

The methods and means of the Jew are superstition, starvation, assassination, terror, and the rule of usury, his goal is world domination, and beyond world domination, as Adolf Hitler said, the destruction of the world. We Germans learned enough about starvation as a result of the blockade during the last war. Assassination caused the First World War, and terror is the method that is supposed to force Germany to the ground in this world war. History, above all English colonial history, provides hundreds and thousands of examples of this Jewish-Puritan mentality. It is enough simply to mention these methods to recall the whole reprehensible Jewish mentality. But I do wish to say more about the world domination of gold.

The whole liberal economic order is based on gold, and the Jew has masterfully understood how to give gold an almost mystic power. Gold has had absolute power over humanity and its peoples ever since the days of the “Golden Calf” and the golden treasures of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. The absolute dominance of gold was so strong that people no longer dared to resist it. People accepted as a god-given truth that gold was the measure of all values and of everything. But, one asks, where does this view of gold really come from? Gold has only a modest significance for human life. One could almost say that human life would continue with no difficulty even in the absence of gold.Caricature

As a metal, gold is much too soft to have any practical use. It is not hard like other metals. One cannot use it to build bridges, buildings, or machines, nor to build weapons. The fact that it does not oxidize says little in terms of value, for it is surpassed in this regard by platinum. The actual ability of gold to meet human needs is zero. Despite that fact, gold has been able to dominate the world over the centuries and millennia! The value of gold is completely artificial, a pseudo-value, that can only be understood as an enormous swindle and deceit on the part of the Jew. The dominance of gold is founded on the lies of the Jew. Gold is the Jew’s weapon.

The truth of this claim by us National Socialists is shown by the fact that several Jews in the Rothschild Bank set the price of gold each day. They are the proprietors of the following banking houses:

N.M. Rothschild and Sons,
Marcus Samuel & Co.,
Samuel Montagu and Co.,
Saemy Japhet and Co.,
Mocatta & Goldsmid (official agents of the Bank of England for gold and silver bars)

The insanity of this Jewish dealing is shown by the statement of a German economic leader to an American business friend. This American could not understand how National Socialist Germany had maintained not only a stable currency, but also built a flourishing economy out of economic chaos, all without any gold reserves. And now, it dared wage war on England and France, the guardians of gold, without any vast war chest of gold. The German industrialist, a well-known economic leader, answered the American in this way: “You Americans possess gold mines in South Africa, and employ many, many workers there, who each year mine an enormous amount of gold. After a difficult refining process, the gold is shipped to America, where it is buried once again in fireproof and theft proof vaults, making it sort of a new kind of gold mine. Perhaps it will be rediscovered in a hundred or a thousand years, and your successors will move the gold back to Africa. Do you not see how crazy that all is? The economy of the world is founded on such nonsense.

We Germans have put an end to it since Adolf Hitler took power. We use our time and our people to do useful things, and we have proven that labor, and the production of necessary things, are a secure foundation for our economy. It is much better than your gold rush!”

I have been told that the American left with a very thoughtful expression on his face.

Jewry has persuaded the peoples of the earth to accept this bluff, this swindle, and has built a whole system of lies and fraud. Their goal is to establish and defend the rule of the Jews over human beings and peoples. As long as the peoples of the earth believe in this swindle, the five Jewish bankers named above are the real lords of the earth. All the other so-called leaders of the peoples, all the kings and emperors, all the parliaments and democracies, all the economies and classes, are only pieces on the chessboard of these gold and money lords.

Since the churches and sciences have also bowed down to this rule of gold over the years, they also are not free of Jewry and its devilish system. They all dance around the Jewish golden calf. Gold is their idol, and the meaning of their earthly life.

We recently read the news that the House of Rothschild has organized a consortium of banks to finance the war supplies flowing from the United to States to England and France. This was a brief announcement, easy to overlook. However, it revealed the deepest and truest meaning of this struggle:

The battle of money against labor,

The hatred of the Jew for National Socialism,

The alliance between Jewry, England, the USA, and Soviet Russia to rule the peoples of the world.

This fact shows clearly how seriously Jewry takes the situation, and the prospects of this war.

Moses Rothschild versus the German Worker

Who is Rothschild!

The man Rothschild has almost become a mystic concept for the world. The founder of the “House” of Rothschild was a filthy ghetto Jew from Frankfurt. There was an unfortunate era in the history of the German states: one viewed Rothschild’s birthplace much as one viewed the birthplace of Goethe, the greatest German poet.

The single “service” of this “great man” of Jewry was that he, with his sons, spread a devilish financial system across Europe. It trapped the peoples and their emperors and kings in their web, where it sucked them dry like a spider.

The world’s leaders used the Jews over the centuries to exploit their people with usury and interest. For the counts and bishops, the Jews were the bloodsuckers that they constantly set loose on their subjects. After the Jew had sucked himself full, these leaders from time to time took it all back. Each count and lord had his court Jew, who in turn organized an army of Jewish parasites and bloodsuckers. This primitive, but very effective, system prevailed in Poland up to the beginning of the war. The German victory freed the Polish people from the satanic methods of its big businessmen and big landowners.

In Western Europe, however, the Jews were themselves in control, as a result of the ideology of the French Revolution. Soon, the counts, even the kings and emperors, even the churches, were slaves of the Jew, dependent on his money, subject to his usury. The Jew won ever new privileges. He created democracy, invented parliaments, founded parties, deposed monarchs, unleashed revolutions, started wars. In short, the Jew succeeded within a century in subjecting count and people, city and country, classes and the church. They all groaned and suffered as they paid the Jew’s tribute. Anyone who refused was destroyed. Even Napoleon was a victim of the Jew. Entire peoples were ruined by this Asiatic swarm of locusts, and, if necessary, devoured and destroyed. The dance around the Jewish golden calf steadily increased in tempo.

The Jew Rothschild was the greatest among the Jews, almost the king of the Jews. One spoke of the “Rothschild dynasty.” Their representatives in Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, and London had long since become nobles, barons, and lords. And, of course, depending on where they were, they became good Germans, Austrians, Frenchmen, or Englishmen. Naturally these Jewish snobs were joined by, and begat, princes and princesses, counts and countesses, for Rothschild was a “dynasty.”

He who Sups with the Jew Dies of it!

What we have covered is enough to briefly show the essential characteristics of the Jew — his origins, his religion, his mentality, his methods and his world alliance. The Jew means death, and therefore the battle against the Jew is an unavoidable necessity for anyone who wants to live.

As far back in human history as we look, we can establish that all young, healthy, and strong peoples banned the Jews from their community, and kept away from them. The Egyptians drove the Jews through the Red Sea, the Persians persecuted them, Christ led a bitter struggle against them, the Greeks and the Romans firmly held to the purity of race, and kept the Jews from their territory as long as they were strong and powerful. Caricature

During the heights of the Medieval period, Jews were kept in ghettos, and the church was the most bitter opponent of the Jews. There is a proverb from those days that is more true today than ever: “He who sups with the Jew dies of it.” Whenever peoples have been alert, they were also conscious of their race, and did not tolerate the plague-carrying Jew among them. They always persecuted and exterminated (ausgerottet) them, or at least isolated them in a ghetto as evil carriers of disease.

The Jew and those dependent on him view such ages as “backward,” and call them “dark and sinister.” The Jew, and those in his pay, call them the dark, or even the darkest Middle Ages, and in the same breath term Jewish emancipation, and the resulting domination by the Jews, “modern.” The most advanced form of human life, to them, is where the Jews have absolute control, such as in Moscow and New York. It does not bother them at all that the era that they speak of as “dark” was in fact, for those peoples and humanity, actually a period of flowering, of high culture, and of great progress, whereas the century the Jew calls “modern” is characterized by the worst poverty, by terrible decay, and the greatest misery. As long as it goes well for the Jew, he does not worry about what happens to anyone else.

Let us not be deceived by the slogans that conceal the Jews. The Jewish problem is the same today as it always was, and in fighting the Judah, we find ourselves in the best company in history. Today, as in the past and the future, the proverb is still true: “He who sups with the Jew dies of it!” He who tolerates the Jew, who takes on his customs, who works with him, who adapts his mentality, who eats, drinks, and lives with him, who even thinks the Jew is chosen and believes he can learn something from the Jew, who expects the salvation of the world to come from the Jews, he will inevitably be ruined by Judah. He will die from it, just as the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans did after they grew old and could no longer defend themselves against the Jews. Judah is like the vulture that attacks its victims as they are dying. It sucks their last drop of blood, leaving them to die in misery, then seeks a new victim. The danger is greatest when he settles down and makes himself at home. When Jew moves in, it is a sign of age, weakness, and disease. The Jew means death!

On the other hand, fighting against the Jews is a sign of youth, strength, self confidence, a will to life, and of a confidence in life. He who gets rid of the Jews becomes healthy, and enters an age of unimaginable flowering, greatness, and splendor. Over the centuries and millennia, that is the clearest and strongest teaching of history. “He who sups with the Jew dies of it,” and he who fights the Jew, destroys him, and radically frees himself from him, lives, and will never die. We Germans must think about that, and act accordingly!

Have we really done all we can to drive the Jew and his world, his spirit and his deviltry, from our midst? Many people think that it is enough to physically remove the Jew, and that if we do not see him any longer, and if we see the yellow star less often, the Jewish problem in Germany will be solved. What more could be done about the Jews? To do more would be to take the Jew too seriously, to fight against windmills. Our hatred of the Jews would make us ridiculous Don Quixotes. Enough is enough.

These Germans are mistaken, for their opinion only proves that they understand the Jewish problem either superficially, or not at all. Is it enough to destroy the louse, but leave brood alive? Is it enough to free ourselves of the pest, yet deal with others who are still infested with the pest? The brood that we leave alive is the Jewish world, the Jewish mentality, the Jewish spirit, that still surrounds us, that follows us everywhere. And we still find infested neighbors in Europe, above all among our enemies, and in particular with Bolshevism.Caricature

The Jewish mentality and the Jewish spirit are the worldview of fatalism, of ghosts and spirits, of terror, of anxiety and fear, of the money bag and capitalism, of the denial of life and surrender, of begging and pity, of those who lack will, of the cowards — in a word, the bourgeois-Marxist world in which we who are older grew up. That is why it is so hard to free ourselves from it. The Jew Paul wanted to take everything from us, God and our German soul. The nation, according to his doctrines, means nothing, the human stew that includes everyone from the lowest Hottentot to the best German, is everything. The Jew is chosen to bring us Germans salvation. The Pauline doctrine promises heaven to those who subject themselves to it, but hell to those who reject Jewish dogma. What have we to do with Moses and the Jewish prophets? At a time when the German people is fighting for its life with Jewry, who dares to speak to us of the rabbis named Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the rest of them? The Pauline doctrines call upon Jehovah, the terrible Jewish god. The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and their kin plague our air, and daily remind us that we are a long way from overcoming the Jew. The physical Jew has been taken from our midst, but his Mosaic and Pauline spirit still lives among us. Anyone who has any ties at all to it can never fight completely and radically against the Jews. His strength is weakened, he cannot use his full energies. Remember, German: “He who sups with the Jew dies of it.” Decide! Be clear about it!Caricature

The same is true of the capitalist world. Here, too, many Germans are dependent on the Jew and his thinking. They have contempt for the Jew, but dance around his “golden calf.” These reactionaries cannot free themselves from the capitalist bonds of gold, anonymous shares of stock, interest, the lust for money, the magic of banks and stock exchanges. A man and his labor are to them, even today, merely something to be purchased, and they cannot set aside their capitalism attitude of being in charge. They got fat under liberalism, and are stuck in reactionary attitudes. These old men still captive to Jewish thinking are not all that great a threat, for they will die out. However, we must ensure that the young grow up under National Socialism, and are not corrupted by capitalism’s poison. Here, too, the proverb is true: “He who sups with the Jew dies of it.” He who accepts the Jew’s money and earns his money through those exploitative methods will be ruined. He who holds work in contempt, who sees his German racial comrade as those to be exploited, who sees labor as a product like herring and cotton, is an enemy of the people, a traitor, and deserves no pity.

The counterpart of this Jewish-capitalistic thinking is the twin of capitalism, the Jewish changeling and Jewish bastard, Bolshevism. Each resembles the other. I do not believe that they have many supporters in Germany.

Judah Must Die!

There is thus in this struggle against Judah only a clear either/or. Any half measure leads to one’s own destruction. Judah and its world must die if humanity wants to live; there is no other choice than to fight a pitiless battle against the Jews in every form, and not to give up until the last Jewish thinking has been destroyed everywhere.

At the conclusion of this chapter, I wish to let the Jew Kurt Münzer speak about his race. In his first novel “The Way to Zion,” published in 1910, the Jew Kurt Münzer, but rather like Walter Rathenau in his “Hear, O Israel,” holds up a Jewish mirror to the Jews and shows them completely without any masks. He writes: “Not only we Jews are a degenerate, dried out, used up culture. All of the races of Europe are as well. Perhaps we have infected them? Ruined their blood? Jewdified everything? Our thinking is in everything living, our spirit rules the world. We are the lords, for what has power today is our spiritual child. One may hate us, persecute us. Our enemies may triumph over our physical weakness. We can no longer be gotten rid of. We have conquered the races, defiled them, broken their power, made everything rotten, foul, and decayed with our stale culture. Our spirit is no longer to be exterminated.”Caricature

The Jew Münzer was wrong in his superiority complex, since only 30 years later the Jew has been exterminated in Germany and Europe.

We National Socialists have exterminated the Jewish spirit and the Jews themselves in Germany. We will not cease this struggle until the final judgment has been spoken against the Jews. Judah must die! Anti-Semitism will triumph throughout the world. The central Jewish newspaper, the “Jewish Chronicle,” writes: “Anti-Semitism is Germany’s secret weapon, for Germany has pursued it consistently, making it a universal problem that will occupy all peoples.”

That is correct. The Jew hit the target, the Jew knows the danger. This war was started by the Jews, and is a Jewish war in its deepest roots. It will be the same as the Jewish reaction to the National Socialist uprising in 1923. The Jews believed then that their hirelings could exterminate the National Socialist movement with blatant force, murder, and prisons. They achieved the opposite. Until then, National Socialism was limited to Munich, or at most Bavaria, but afterwards it spread almost explosively throughout the entire German Reich. It was as if one had opened a sack of pollen that spread its seed into the last German village.

So it is today. One believes it is possible to exterminate anti-Semitism with fire and sword, phosphorus, and bombs. But they find that anti-Semitism has become a world-wide problem that occupies all peoples. What was only a German problem has become a European, an English, even an American, problem. We hear that Jews in England and the USA are already suffering under it.

When the English and Americans finally realize that they are fighting in reality for the freedom of the Jews, they will become reluctant, and will be critical of the Jews; they will discover the Jews. That is enough to make an anti-Semite of any Aryan. That is what the “Jewish Chronicle” means when it complains: “Anti-Semitism has become a universal problem.” That is true! The Jew is being discovered in the entire world as a result of this war, he loses his concealment, and is thus already defeated. Anti-Semitism is “Hitler’s secret weapon,” which will lead us Germans to inevitable victory/

Europe Awakened

It is clear that it will take time for our part of the earth to grow together. A civil war that has lasted a thousand years cannot be overcome in a year. Nonetheless, the increase in cooperative work between the European peoples has greatly increased in recent years. The struggle against Bolshevism will drive them even closer together. Jewish Bolshevism is at the gates, and must be fought, whatever the cost. This common defensive battle teaches peoples to appreciate each other, and the Jew on the enemy side, with his Jewish stupidity and arrogance, does the rest of what has to be done. Here we can only say: We are happy that our enemies have their Jews. What all the eloquence on European cooperation has not achieved, the Jew in his blindness will quickly hammer into the European peoples the knowledge that they must stand together in their battle against Bolshevism and in their battle against the Anglo-barbarians, that they share a common struggle against Judah. Our allies and their brave soldiers, the European legions of the Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Flemish, Walloons, the many millions of Europeans hard at work in Germany, all these are proof that Europe has awakened, and is beginning to find a European community in the midst of hard sacrifices and suffering, in the midst of incendiary and explosive bombs.

I remember a French legend, from a French play, that shows how Europe is building a community: Rostant, a Frenchman, brilliantly illumines the French mentality. His comedy is set in a chicken yard, where many beautiful hens have gathered around to admire one of the finest roosters. The rooster, of course, constantly says that the sun rises only because he crows, and that the light of the world comes from his almighty crowing. One day, this proud rooster no longer crows, because he has gone the way of all flesh. He has grown old and weak, and is no longer able to crow. But the sun still rises. The vain rooster cannot survive the blow. He dies from injured vanity and wounded pride. Thus far Rosant.

Charlemagne, Price Eugen, Frederick the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Victor Hugo all wanted a united Europe, and fought for it. As Napoleon Bonaparte sat in St. Helena, miserable and demoralized, he wrote the following prophetic words: “I failed. I was not strong enough to unify Europe. But someone will come after me who will raise my banner once more, and finish my work, and then no one will speak of England any longer, but rather one will speak of a Napoleon.”

These prophetic words of Napoleon Bonaparte, England’s sworn enemy, are now being fulfilled. European unity is being forged now that the Jew has been driven from it. Under the leadership of its Führer Adolf Hitler, Germany will carry the banner of this ancient, yet ever young, part of the earth. At the end of this war, Germany will win and Europe will be united!

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