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Background: The Nazi Party’s Central Propaganda Office published a weekly poster designed for public display. A smaller version, about the size of a playing card, was also published. Here are eight of the smaller versions, which included some, but not all, of the content of the poster-sized versions. Many had anti-Semtic content. They were often pasted on the back of correspondence. Over one hundred other examples are available (untranslated) here. According to a summary of Nazi propaganda in the first year of the war, 1,500,000 of these were produced weekly.

Examples of the larger version are avaible elsewhere on the GPA. For more examples, see Parole der Woche. Eine Wandzeitung im Dritten Reich 1936-1943(Munich: dtv, 1983). The British also printed forgeries of these for use in their propaganda.

Small Propaganda Flyers

Parole der Woche example

Caption:Churchill’s false figures...

He recently gave the following ‘report’ on his war, claiming that total British losses through October 1940 were 21,867 men, and 1170 in German POW camps. The truth, however is that at that point German POW camps held 1,550 British officers, and 35,500 NCOs and soldiers, or a total of 37,050 English prisoners. That shows the nature of Churchill’s ‘truths’.” (#44/1940)

Parole der Woche example

Caption: We, the “have-nots...”

46 million Britains control over 40 million square kilometers of land — stolen by brute force in every part of the world! That is more than a quarter of all the inhabitable space on earth!

86 million Germans on the other hand must earn their daily bread from 600,000 square kilometers, and should even have to ask the London plutocratic clique for permission to do that!

We, the German “have-nots” fight for our food — and what about the British exploiter caste? — They fight for dividends at the cost of the blood of the peoples — but for the last time !!! (#3/1941)

Parole der Woche example

Caption:Always the same goal: ‘Germany must be destroyed!’”

“The London newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ recently wrote: ‘We are at war with Germany, and not only with the National Socialists. The war with the German people will continue without regard to its leadership. Germany’s military strength must be broken, regardless of whether Germany is National Socialist, conservative, democratic, or socialist.’ And the Jew Kaufmann, one of Roosevelt’s closest advisers, wrote: ‘The present war is not a war against Adolf Hitler. It is also not a war against the Nazis. Germany must forever perish!’ Germany knows how to give the plutocratic-Jewish warmongers and their Bolshevist friends the appropriate answer. Their hateful cries will not determine who will perish, but rather the hard language of German weapons.” (#40/1941)

Parole der Woche example “Translation into German Forbidden!”

That’s what the Pesident of the American Peace League, the Jew Th. Nathan Kaufman, wrote in his hate-filled pamphlet, in which among other things he wrote:

“After the complete sterilization of the German people, population growth through births in Germany will cease. Through the normal annual mortality rate of 20% [an obvious error], German life will decline by 1,500,000 souls each year. Thus within two generations, what otherwise would have cost millions of human lives and centuries of effort will be realized, namely the complete extermination of Germandom and its bearers.”

Roosevelt. too, is part of the Jew Kaufman’s murderous program. The German people will note that! (#44/1941)

Parole der Woche example

A classic preacher of hatred!:

Stafford Cripps, Churchill’s former ambassador to Moscow, recently said in a speech:

“The Bolshevists have the moral right to conquer Germany in order to give the German people the punishment they deserve!”

That is further proof that the Jewish-Plutocratic war criminals in England and America have promised the Bolshevists Germany, and therefore all of Europe — should they win the war! The hour of reckoning will come for the Crippses and his like!! (#8/1942)

Parole der Woche

Caption: Always the same! The English House of Commons recently held an emergency meeting on the subject: Jews, black market, and illicit trading.

The uproar was caused by the former editor of the “Daily Mail,” Beverly Baxter. He had asked the leader of the Jewish community to watch his fellows more carefully, since court decisions in black market cases had led the British public to believe that the Jewish element dominated the “black market,” particularly Jewish emigrants from the continent who were trying to make up their losses on the other side of the English Channel. He expressly noted that the House of Commons had an historic friendship and esteem for the Jews.

Corruption, black marketeering and crimes of every sort are always the milestones of the Jewish path through nations and history.

That is why the German leadership has required Jews to identify themselves with the Star of David. They are now unable to carry out their familiar crimes while concealed, stabbing us in the back a second time.

The German people are fighting today to put a permanent end to Jewry’s criminal handiwork! (#14/1942)

Parole der Woche example

The large print translates as “The Führer is victory!” The quotation by Hermann Göring is:

Shoulder to shoulder in eternal comradeship with our brave allies, we are victorious on every front. The front lines are secure.The enemy’s treasures are in our hands. All that remains is to capture his last fortress. Let us therefore close our ranks and form a steel chain for our Führer and our beloved fatherland. (#18/1942)

Parole der Woche

This was issued after regulations were introduced requiring all Jews still in Germany to wear a visible yellow star. The caption says: “He who wears this symbol is an enemy of our people.”


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