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Background: This pamphlet, issued in March 1944, was published by Robert Ley’s German Labor Front for the use of its speakers. It is a remarkably bad piece of Nazi propaganda advice. Compared with what Goebbels, for example, was writing at the same time, it is hard to imagine much useful that speakers could gain from it.

The author was active in Nazi propaganda since at least 1934. Robert Ley, the head of the German Labor Front (the DAF), wrote in 1935: “Party comrade Otto Geiger, the head of the Propaganda Department, is responsible for all DAF propaganda.” He was awarded the Golden Party Badge in 1939 for his services.

The source: Otto Geiger, Der zeitlose Kampf um die Wahrheit (Berlin: Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront, 1944). The German original, provided to me by a friend of the site, is available here.

The Eternal Battle for Truth

by Otto Geiger

The battle has become harder and harder. It has already lasted for a long time. Still, German history teaches us that Germany must always fight for its life and its national existence. Our present generation’s battle has already spanned thirty years, since our people has been at war practically since 1914. The form of battle during this second Thirty Years War has varied considerably, yet since 1914 Germany has had to defend itself against foreign enemies with the greatest sacrifice of blood and wealth. Even the domestic battle between 1919 and 1932 was in reality a civil war incited from abroad. It was clearly the Coverresult of the German people’s foreign archenemy, the Jew, and his paid lackeys. The foreign enemy imposed the dictate of Versailles on us, intending our lasting enslavement. As Germans, we may never forget that the enemy let the women and children of our people starve after the peace treaty, plunging us into deepest misery. During the few years of construction after 1933, the battle was to overcome the effects of dreadful poverty, depending only on our own resources, and more than that fight with tough determination for the first successes of a generous social policy, despite all the shortages we faced.

The German people remained true to itself through all the battles!

After the greatest sacrifices Germany’s people bravely overcame this Thirty Years War after 1914, and were crowned with unique successes and splendid victories. During this period the German people achieved, sacrificed, suffered, and did without more than all other peoples on earth. If humanity today has not lost all higher virtues, and if despite all the differences between peoples there remain a few individuals who share the same view of truth and falsehood, our people must admire the deeds of our people’s few heroes of the truth over these last thirty years. We Germans know that these people who affirm the truth are a minority.

The Jew as the Father of Lies

The world ruled by the Jew, the father of lies, has no interest in learning the truth and defending it. The present spirit that governs unfree peoples is the result of the triumph of the lie. “The world wants to be deceived.” All modern technical means such as the press, pictures, film, and radio have been put in the service of the lie. With the speed of electricity the lie spreads around the world, is received by Jewish centers of opinion formation, adjusted to local conditions and views, and passed on in the cleverest way and with the greatest speed to unsuspecting but sensation-hungry people. The growing differences between humans and peoples proves to the Jew the correctness of his methods.

The Jew wins through the lie. At first people discuss the lie, then they believe the lie, and finally they hate or love whomever the Jew commands.

There were probably courageous affirmers of truth at all times and in all peoples, but they all too often were out-shouted and overcome by hate-deranged people. A large part of humanity hates to have its comfortable lies disturbed by the truth. Sated by personal comfort they have become lazy and indolent, not interested in learning the truth. They are indifferent to the misery of their own people. Why would they be interested in the battle of the German people against its oppressors? Life for them was in order. They often owed their wealth or economic security to Jewish methods, and as egotists could not think or act differently. They saw the divisions between rich and poor as absolutely just, and even saw their Phariseeism as pleasing to God.

The Jew cleverly allowed them to enjoy their sins and all who accepted these dubious values obeyed him. These Jewish lackeys eagerly accepted their often appealing and appetizing nourishment with easy pleasure and in their confused thinking and feelings did not realize that they were being torn apart by the vices thrown to them. Ties of blood and friendship were torn apart, the most brutal egotism arrived. In laying a foundation of greed and lust for pleasure the Jew sowed the seed of discord and quickly reaped a harvest of hatred between people to use for his purposes. Whole peoples willingly accepted this rape of human feelings. Millions of people even today from sheer self-interest demand the Jewish misuse of the causal principle. The hatred, envy, and lust that are the causes of all evil are rapidly increasing as the Jews spread these vices, which results in a corresponding increase in all other evils in human society. The lie was victorious nearly everywhere, and the battle for Jewish money revealed itself everywhere in the most crude and brutal form. Those people who grew rich using Jewish methods also had to personally affirm the Jew and his view of life.

Springing from the depths of human depravity, the Jewish poison permeated to the highest levels. Leading and ruling persons and classes freed themselves almost without thinking from the responsible and creative labors of their ancestors, captured by the Jewish system of exploitation. The misery of the masses grew visibly in all peoples and nations. Members of the impoverished masses outwardly cursed and fought those economically better off, but at the same time used the same methods to improve their situation and become rich. The lie crippled spirits and took the last strength from so-called revolutionaries. A person’s material wealth determined his social value, and even the thinking of well-to-do bourgeois citizens and industrious farmers and workers was decisively influenced by money. Where the wealth of the individual rose substantially, the value of his character often sank. With the decline in human virtue, manly courage, loyalty, and love of one’s people disappeared.

The confused masses danced in ecstasy around the Golden Calf and prayed to it in humble rapture. Money became an idol and the idol became their god.

In total blindness, many chose to follow the Jewish spirit of fallen people, seeing the eternal battle of the golden calf as a battle for freedom of their people or their nation. The best of the peoples often went to eagerly war with the highest human ideals, but in fact fought, won, or lost only at the command of World Jewry

The soldier won the battles, the Jew won the war!

The Jew grinned shamelessly, whether at the triumphs of one group or the most terrible defeats of another. The Jew makes no distinction in his law between friend and enemy. All other people are enemies of the Jew. The more Gentile peoples fought each other, the faster Jewish world domination came. Just as World Jewry is uninterested in the fate of industrious, fighting peoples, so is the individual Jew indifferent to his own reputation. The more he seems pitiable in his personal life, his appearance, and his apparently poor lifestyle, the more he rules other creatures. He does not care if he is esteemed as a “rich Jew” or pitied as a “poor Jew,” or if he is admired by irresponsible Gentile intellectuals as a great talent. He welcomes all human weaknesses. During his thousands of years of battle, lies, vice, greed, and betrayal have always been the best allies. But the Jew always values and cultivates human stupidity. He let Kaisers, kings, and popes rule and preach for him. He let plutocrats, democrats, and Bolshevists rule, burn, defile, and murder for Jewry.

The Jew’s orders were invisible but — as the misery of many peoples proves — his lackeys obeyed him before the eyes of the whole world.

Yet as old as Jewry is, the battle that the better part of humanity waged against these forces of darkness is just as old.

Those people who attempted to live according to nature’s laws have always been uncompromising enemies of Jewry.

Nature is truth, and he who recognizes her as his teacher must hate the lie. Truth-seeking people with great human understanding see in the secrets of sowing and harvest a duty for personal creative labor. They do not move like animals from one field to another, seeking only the harvest. Rather, they soon learn that they have a right to the harvest only when they have sown the seed. A person must himself win from the earth the soil that will accept his seed. He learns to love the soil through battle and labor. The earth becomes holy to him. Blood and soil meet in creative human labor. When seed becomes ripe fruit, people see a connection between their labor and the forces of nature’s eternal order. A person comes to understand his creator.

The soil created by human labor became his living space. The human spirit can unfold only through a personal connection to the earth and nature and the resulting possession of the soil. Manifold nature makes his spirit manifold. He delved ever deeper in the laws and secrets of life. He recognized not only the strengths of the earth and the nature that surrounded him, but also saw in his own labor one of the most important sources of life energy. Labor and battle filled his life, and the living space he gained through work and struggle became his homeland and fatherland.

These were new values that could not be measured in material terms. The living space that had become a homeland could only be defended with his own blood. Here he had to fight and die. As a student of nature, he knew no fear of death. He recognized the eternal forces of nature, of “dying and becoming,” leading him to understand the laws of human birth and death. There were no compromises here. The earth did not allow people a “perhaps,” but only a clear “yes” or “no.” From life’s “yes” or “no,” however, developed character, personality, and heroic figures. Nature’s hard laws provided order for their lives. According to their understanding of the holy order of creation, these people saw the relations between man and wife as holy, and what the mouth said was a revelation of spirit and soul. The absolute clarity of these concepts allowed for no “perhaps,” and, therefore, no lies.

Labor against Gold

We do not want to pursue this thinking further, since it would lead us into distant reaches having nothing to do with life today.

Not only life, but also attitudes changed as a result of the developments we have discussed. Just as the present is the result of positive and negative forces in the past, so the future we are striving for will be determined by the victorious power in the current duel. Truth is battling the lie — labor is battling Jewish gold. Only when we follow the causal principle of world history, the law of action, and follow it ruthlessly will we have the strength to destroy the power that has so painfully altered human life. And we know that the world of today is not God’s will, but rather was made by people. What people have made, people can destroy, and what people have destroyed, people can rebuilt.

If we Germans today look at the wide reaches of the globe that are under the rule and exploitation of our enemies, we must be proud of our people that so often in its history has fought against the rape of human justice, often against the greatest enemy superiority. The fact that our people has repeatedly waged this battle alone, despite the greatest sacrifices, depending on its own strength of blood and as inhabitants of a relatively small living space, lets us without any hypocritical pride see our higher mission. As old as our German people is, so long has its racial consciousness fought the Jewish spirit and its consequences. Although German fighters often have been betrayed by people’s comrades subservient to the Jew, and although the Jewish spirit at times threatened to poison German life, the German has always consistently rejected the lie, as his historic struggle proves. Therefore, the German must be an uncompromising enemy of the Jew! Whenever the German has given up his battle against Jewry, whether from good nature or a falsely understood love of neighbor, he had to pay a high price, indeed with the lives of countless millions of people’s comrades. But as history proves over thousands of years, the German always woke up, following an inner drive to fight against the forces of the lie and, thereby, Jewry. He obeyed the law of his conscience, and if the law of conscience is the voice of God, he was an anti-Semite by divine order!

We Germans can prove to the world public that our people is battling Jewry not for our own benefit, but for the whole world. As plain as the signs of Jewish crimes can be followed through the millennia, so also can one see the evidence of the blessed effects of Nordic and German people.

In the present decisive phase of the Second World War, the world, and Europe above all, should see the German people’s battle as it must be seen by God and humanity. On Europe’s battlefields, on land, at sea, and in the air, German men are fighting for the victory of truth. In German cities and villages, the civilian population, women, children, and old people, resist the most terrible terror attacks. Behind the enemies of our people stands the Jew, whether America and England want to know it or not. At the end of this millennia-long battle, the Jew has organized Bolshevism as his last power.

Under the lying insignia of the hammer, the sickle, the star, and the red flag, the Jew has fanaticized the peoples into tools of his Jewish revenge. With the clear goal of world revolution, the Jew has robbed the peasant peoples of the vast Russian realm of their possessions and their rights, forcing them from the land that had become holy to them into the great cities, the munitions and armaments factories, and the forced labor camps of Siberia. The millions of people in the Soviet Union have been forcibly robbed of any personal freedom by the means and methods of the GPU, organized by the Jew.

The Jew understands human weaknesses and strengths. He knows that a person robbed of possessions and rights more easily falls prey to lying slogans about freedom than a person who stands to lose his personal possessions and comfortable life. For a starving man a piece of bread is the greatest pleasure, and to the thirsting man a sip of water is a treat. Understanding this, the Jew educates the Soviet-Russian peoples through a pitiless and logical process of communist education. He draws on the previous tried and tested methods that he used to agitate the peoples. Just as he divided ancient cultures and as the dictator of large industrial concerns locked out millions of workers and made them unemployed, he used his Jewish agitators against the middle class and capital, using the most brutal power to plunge the simple peoples of Russia to a level of absolute poverty. From their earliest years, these children born into poverty and constant personal oppression become the defenseless targets of Jewish-communist education. In the relatively short span of 25 years, the Jew took the people of the broad Russian plains and steppes to the point that they are like caged beasts waiting for their release into a prosperous and happier world. The Jew’s lying propaganda promised them rule over the supposedly capitalistic peoples and lands and possession of their material goods. Whipped up by passionate slogans that inflamed tortured hearts, these people longed for a fata morgana that would free them from their joyless lives. They worked and sacrificed, forced to do without even the most basic things, preparing for the coming of the great collapse of all human order.

Preparations for Jewish world revolution were conducted not only in the Jewish headquarters in Moscow, in the tank and munitions factories deep in Russia, and in the quiet, snow-covered forced labor camps in Siberia. The Jew was also systematically organizing all available military and economic forces for the same goal in Paris, London, and New York. The Jew came to true world domination over thousands of years of subversive activity and had long since established an invisible network of secret forces that could be activated throughout the whole world. In all countries, cities, and villages there were forces at work ready to betray their people for Jewish gold. Kings, presidents, ministers, general staff officers, officers, leading civil servants, scientists, and business leaders competed with irresponsible party and union leaders, Jewish agitators, terrorists, and murderers to fulfill the tasks they had been ordered to do by Judah.

The German against Judah!

With his thousands of years of experience, the Jew has long seen the German, the most active bearer of the Nordic element, as his true enemy and thus all important measures to carry out the Jewish world revolution were simultaneously directed against Germany and the German people.

Although the history of all peoples as well as discussions of world history must be seen as written from a subjective viewpoint, no serious historian today can avoid the conclusion that this Second World War against the German people, which has involved the mobilization of all military, political, and economic forces of our current enemies, is clear proof of the existence of absolute Jewish world domination.

The Jew gave orders and the peoples obeyed! The storm came. After a planned betrayal the Jew drew millions of greedy Bolshevists from the Russian steppes and sent them in waves against Germany and Europe. Enormous tank armies intended to flood into all European countries plunged on constantly for months and years in pitiless battles of annihilation against the Continent that was being defended by German soldiers. Brave, loyal, and ready for the greatest sacrifice, the German soldier with his strong and faithful heart fulfilled the hard and heavy duty fate had given him. Facing the bestial masses of millions drawn from countless peoples, overcoming the weapons and enormous supplies of munitions and explosives forged of the steel and iron production of all corners of the world directed against him, and resisting pitiless natural forces of cold, heat, fire, and water, the German gave convincing evidence of his strength and high morale to all peoples of the earth.

The best of other European peoples stand in a loyal brotherhood of weapons with German fighters, who despite their very limited numbers are living proof of a common European community of fate that has not yet vanished.

The German people has never hated other peoples. From a deep inner desire to work peacefully with other peoples, Germany tried to forget some of what had been done to it during and after the First World War. Before the eyes of the world, National Socialism carried out a domestic program that served only social justice. As so often in the past, Germany’s labor and intellectual revolutions provided a persuasive example of how to solve contemporary problems. Leading foreigners visiting the Reich personally saw and admired the powerful and unique achievements of German social policy and in large part courageously spread knowledge in their countries. Leading scientists through world history recognized the value and creative force of the German people. Professors at all universities in the world studied the discoveries of German science and later put them into practice. German inventiveness and German labor has been a continuing blessing for the world. The German talent for organization and the reliability of German technology are known and valued throughout the world, just like German craftsmanship. The immortal works of German music, literature, and the arts are living witnesses everywhere in the world to German intellectual and spiritual life. The fateful battles of Europe will be fought by German soldiers.

The world knows all this. But since the attitude, the deeds, and the achievements of the German people are evidence of an anti-Jewish spirit, the Jew demands hatred against Germany. For all time, one of the bitterest and most painful memories of German people will be that Germanic peoples fought on the side of Jewry against our people and committed Jewish atrocities against German civilians, women, and children.

These bitter conclusions confirm for us the correctness of our National Socialist thinking. We know the true enemy of our people as well as the order he has given about us: to finally destroy us. The fronts are clear. The enemy’s positions are known. His cynically propagated war goals neither deceive nor frighten us, nor do the masses of men and matériel that he has mobilized against us. The nature and location of our battle does not affect our fighting spirit in any way. This time the Jew is not waging war against a ruling house or government, which always involves only parts of a people, but rather it is dueling with the entire German people. Judah has declared war against each German man and each German woman. The German war effort is complete. Not only does it involve every German, but more importantly the entire German people’s community is filled with one spirit. Overcoming Jewish power in its plutocratic and Bolshevist forms is the only thought that fills all Germans.

Duties of the Speaker

Great times run the danger of big words. This well-known and often proved fact obligates us speakers today. Very often there is a large gap between such elevated words, spoken with enthusiasm and passion, and the things of daily life. Even in great ages when kingdoms fall and new ones emerge, the life of fighting peoples is determined by elementary necessities. The hungry want to eat, the weary want to sleep, and the homeless need an apartment. Despite clothing shortages, people must have clothing and in our climate even during the summer months no one can or wants to go barefoot. Such concerns occupy people, and perhaps burden some of them. The speaker who is part of the people knows and understands these things. He has no interest in ignoring these everyday questions. Nonetheless, these questions have nothing to do with the present fateful battle of our people.

The speaker’s holiest and most urgent duty is to take Germans beyond the effects of the war to an understanding of the greater issues of this war. Nearly every German today has a responsible position. Each job and each home is part of our great battle. Just as the battle is decided not only by the weapons of fighting soldiers, but rather also by each act of the fighter’s spirit, so also the deeds of the fighting homeland are determined only by spirit. The total commitment of the individual, however, demands knowledge and unshakable faith. The political leader, and to a large degree the speaker, are responsible for that.

Each German needs deep conviction for his work and his personal efforts. He wants to and must feel that he has a direct connection to the great events of the day. This conviction gives strength. In hearing the daily Wehrmacht report, each German wants to be strong. The more each individual people’s comrade knows the nature and extent of the current war, the more he will seek and find ways to put himself at the total service of his people. The battle against World Jewry requires of each German that he reject entirely all former views of compromising held by Gentiles. Germany’s battle with the Jews is a battle of life and death. The lie cannot survive when faced with the truth. There is no golden mean between these two forces!

The working German has often learned the hardness of the brutal battle for existence in his life. Because of his good nature he has often been the target of the crudest exploitation. How often did the working population pay a bitter price for the hesitations and indecisiveness of the government. During the present decisive battle, the German people is not led by men who do not understand everyday life. This time a German worker and front soldier stands at the head of the nation. The personal experiences that Adolf Hitler gained as a worker and front solder, as well as a statesman and military commander, give each German worker absolute certainty that the Führer is a true revolutionary who will do everything necessary to bring this war, forced upon us by the Jew, to a victorious conclusion.Jewish world domination will be broken by Adolf Hitler and the German people that he leads!

Divine grace has allowed us to live and fight under this unique man. We want to be thankful for each day the Almighty gives us, and dedicate each hour of our life to the battle for truth. We recognize no small or great sorrows. Our attitude toward life and death is entirely clear. There is no “maybe” any longer for a German. We have overcome that pacifistic self-deception and thrown all secret desires for a comfortable life from our hearts. Nature herself has revealed truth to us and ordered a battle against the lie. With such a task we long to gain the highest thing that people can wish for: justice.

Berlin, end of February 1944

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