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Background: This poster from Münster dates from shortly before the 1 April 1933 boycott of the Jews. I think it was issued before the nationwide boycott was announced on 28 March 1933, but that isn’t absolutely clear from the text. The text does mention a boycott, but I think that if it were in response to the party call for a nation-wide boycott, that would have been mentioned. It does make clear the general Nazi propaganda line: Jews were attacking Germans throughout the world, and boycotting was to be the German response. Although the poster calls for nonviolence, the language is not exactly consistent with that.

Source: Used with permission of the original site.

Down with Judah!


German, you were at the front. You became poor during the post-war period. Your wife and children went hungry. The Jew fattened himself safely behind the lines and grew rich during the years of inflation and misery. Today he carouses and revels in wine bars and night clubs.

You are the honest and poor serf, the Jew is the lying and rich lord.

Because Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich wants social justice, big Jewish capitalism is the worst enemy of this Reich and its Führer.

When Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the German Reich, all the Jews living in Germany brought the whole of Jewry against our German people’s comrades and our brothers abroad.

In Paris, London, and New York German businesses were destroyed by the Jews, German men and women attacked in the streets and beaten, German children tortured and defiled by Jewish sadists.

Germans, they are your brothers and sisters abroad who are beaten because you no longer want to tolerable the rule of Jewry, because you affirm National Socialism.

German, the finest virtue of your people was and is loyalty.

Will you not stand by your brothers and sisters abroad? You can help them resist Jewish persecution

if you do to the Jews in Germany what they are doing to Germans abroad.

Ostracise the Jews socially!

Boycott the Jews economically!

Make life unbearable for the Jews!

German, awaken!

The Jew is your enemy, your enemy, your enemy, your enemy. German, you are in the middle of a national revolution. You experienced the moving events of 21 March. You have regained your shield of honor and kept it pure. Will you now allow Hebrew filth to be tossed at it?

German, will you not defend to the last man the honor so recently won, so gloriously fought for?

Yes, want to, you long to give thanks to the NSDAP, to its incomparable Führer, your Führer, your Reich Chancellor for the battle they fought for fourteen yours, for the victory of 21 March!

German people’s comrade, join the march!

Join the march of loyalty for your people’s comrades abroad who are being persecuted by the Jews, join the march in the battle for the honor or your national revolution!

Fight under the slogan: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,”

but also under tight discipline! We are warriors, not November plunderers!

The battle is hard, but the shield is pure!

Act strictly within the law,

without blood-letting, without “atrocities,” without violence.

But do not be less pitiless or tough.

Do not use the strength of the fist, but rather only the strength of boycott all along the line. Only the general pride of our people will force Jewry to its knees!

He who still buys from the Jew or tolerates even a single Jew in his circle is a scoundrel!

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