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line Background: Robert Ley was one of the less savory Nazis (which is saying a lot). He was head of the German Labor Front, and ran a rather large personal empire. This 1941 pamphlet had a print run of 2,000,000 and was widely distributed among German workers. It appeared before the invasion of the Soviet Union and has heavy anti-Semitic content.

The source: Robert Ley, Internationaler Völkerbrei oder Vereinigte National-Staaten Europas? (Berlin: Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront, 1941).

International Ethnic Mush or United National States of Europe?

by Robert Ley

If people are to live reasonably and correctly, they must first learn to think clearly and logically. If someone were to give me the task of explaining our current situation and National Socialist goals in the shortest way, I would answer: National Socialism is the idea of clarity, of naturalness, and of logic. The National Socialist revolution was a change, a transformation, from unclear, confused, almost insane complexity to a simple but clear and true way of thinking and acting for the German people. The individual must have an orderly mind so that he can clearly express the problems, tasks, people, things and issues in a way that a person can really understand them.

Clear thinking is National Socialism, logic is National Socialism, and everything that confuses and obscures thinking and action is our deadly enemy, particularly when in this confusion and obscurity a system of deviltry exists that one attempts to support and base on so-called science.

CoverThe Jew, therefore, is our deadly enemy, since he, the Jew, is the master of distortion, the master of the lie and of betrayal, and also the master of hypocrisy, concealment, and masking. If the German is the expression of the Nordic race who raises his shield of National Socialism, and therefore truth and logic, the Jew is and must be the anti pole, for his worldview is superstition, lies, and mysticism.

The two worlds — the German and Jewish worlds — are each based on the racial nature of their bearers. The German has the highest percentage of Nordic blood, whereas the Jew is the clearest expression of the greatest possible mixture of the races. The Jew is so racially mixed that one can no longer even speak of a bastard, but rather over the millennia the Jew has moved from being a bastard to being a parasite. The parasitic character of Jewry is the reason for the confusion, the lack of clarity, the ultimately insane ways of thinking of the Jewish world.

The parasite is the strongest expression of biological chaos. Even molecules and atoms, the building blocks of blood, have been ruined by constant mixing and through the inevitable incest of these bastards, now having only fragments of their original form and their original nature.

Palestine formerly was the world market for three parts of the world, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Northerners exchanged goods with Asians and the inhabitants of Africa, providing opportunity for the greatest racial mixing of all time. The mixed races were driven out of Palestine and into the desert by the pure-raced and brave Caucasian mountain peoples. There they were hermetically sealed off and the inevitable incest that resulted made a parasite of the mixed racial stock of Europe, Africa, and Asia: the Jew. The Jew is not a particular race, but rather the anti pole to all races, just as the parasite is the anti pole to members of the plant and animal kingdoms. From this chaos of the Jew the chaotic world of the Jew also developed, which is expressed in his economic, cultural, and political thinking.


Seized Grain Fields — Sign of the Jewish World!

If the Jew wanted to stand against the other races, in particular the Nordic race, he had to make confusion, the lie, and concealment the ideals of his life, for if the other races realized the nature of the Jew it would offend all of them, inspiring the same disgust that parasites arouse in healthy and normal creatures. The Jew must lie in order to conceal himself, the Jew must tear down the ideals of other people in order to conceal the difference between him and the pure races. The Jew must establish rottenness as the ideal in order to bring down the noble and great into the muck, because he himself can only be rotten. And if that does not work, he must arouse pity, raising it to a human ideal, to protect himself from destruction by those of pure race.

Above all, however, the Jew must condemn the nation as a group of people of like character and race because he himself as the result of his parasitic nature can never develop a sense of community. The Jew must condemn the state as a form of those of a common race because he himself can never build a state from chaos. The Jew must despise any form of order because the parasite is the natural expression of the greatest disorder. He must, therefore, despise, fight, and destroy anything that is holy to members of a racial community — holy because it brings good, because it is necessary for life — because that is what his nature as a parasite demands. As the parasite sucks the marrow of natural creatures, so the Jew sucks the marrow of the peoples because of his parasitic nature.

Two concepts area becoming ever clearer in the political struggle between the peoples and Jewry: the concepts of international and national.

International in itself, literally translated, means between nations. The Jew has written this word on his banner because he hates everything national. It is not enough for him to stand between the nations. A crazy dream —  proclaimed for eternity by insane Old Testament prophets who encouraged the Jewish people’s superstitions by prophecies that they were the chosen people of the earth by Jehovah, the Jewish God — drives crazy Jewish thinking to crazy ideas and the deepest superstitions. Consistent with Jewish distortion, therefore, there had to be a little shift in the meaning of “international.” “Between states” became “above states.” In Jewish jargon, “international” no longer means relations between states, but rather the Jew places organizations, concepts, professions, and classes above the peoples. All that the Jew founds, all that he controls and leads, serves the Jewish international. It is there and must be there to turn the prophesies of Jewish prophets into reality, to establish the world domination of Jewry over the peoples. From the universalism of the Jew “Saul,” called “Paul,” up to the Marxist internationalism of the Jew Karl Marx, it is all the same thinking: the destruction of the nations, the undermining of ethnic authority, and the establishment of international phantoms, international false doctrines, and international insanity.

Parasites International Parasites

The Jew Paul wanted to use his universalism to establish Jewish world domination just as Karl Marx and his Jewish followers wanted to establish proletarian internationalism. From Moses to Karl Marx, it is always the same eternal Jew, the same dream of Jewish world domination, and the same goal: chaos among the peoples of the earth.

The weapon is always the same: establishing an international currency, the claim that gold has international value. The Jew bases his world capitalism on this lie in order to make the labor of individuals and peoples useful to the Jews, to be able to exploit it according to their wish and ability. Six international Jews under the Jewish king Rothschild meet each day in London to set the gold standard, and therefore the value of the currencies of all countries, and thereby also the prices for the labor of peoples and individuals. With the help of the lying deviltry that gold has some value, the Jew expropriates the work of all working people and makes people and their labor into slaves.

Gallery of “Heads”

That is not enough for him. Despite this clever international capitalist system, peoples have always produced nationally-minded men, politicians, and statesmen who led their peoples in national and ethnic directions. Therefore, peoples must be robbed of leadership, which was the Jew’s ultimate goal. He had to bring down kings and kaisers, dukes and counts. Ministers had to eat out of his hand. Representatives and parliamentarians were always bought by him, the Jew. Above all, the Jew organized the masses of working people against their national leadership. Gallery of Head I

The Jew exploited the broad masses through the capitalist system. The masses were dissatisfied and had to resist capitalism’s exploitation. The Jew gathered this dissatisfaction in his political parties and organizations, directing the energies of the masses not against capitalism, but rather against national leadership, against the people’s national leaders. That was the second mass that Jewry built internationally. The first was international gold, the international currency, international capitalism, and the second was the international Marxist and proletarian parties.

Between the two was the large middle class, the bourgeoisie. The Jew also mobilized the bourgeoisie. First, it was atomized through a large number of groups both large and small that were all above ethnicity. Since the Jew knew the bourgeois affection for romanticism, he captured this bourgeois characteristic in his Freemasonry. He transformed romanticism into mysticism and superstition. Fear and terror, conceit and arrogance, vanity and envy were mobilized among the so-called “better” circles, which then were controlled through Jewry’s mystical, terroristic Freemasonry.

As the Jew destroyed peoples and nations with the help of his money, with the help of his Marxist ideology, with the help of Freemasonry, with the help of political universalism, states were ready to condemn the nationalist idea and bow down to Jewish world domination at the League of Nations in Geneva. The League of Nations, better termed ethnic mush, was to be Jewry’s final triumph. All national stirring, all ethnic and racial characteristics of state and law were to be condemned. What the Jew formerly had done covertly, using lies and hypocrisy, should now be proclaimed to the whole world as the proper worldview for the nations. The Jew wanted to savor his triumph of world domination. He had completely confused humanity and the peoples. He was the master, and from now on the thousand-year Jewish empire foretold by the prophets would dawn.

“National” is the idea of a community based on common nature and race. “Nation” is the sum of people who because of their race share the same feelings and thoughts, who have the same conception of labor, honor, industry, sacrifice, loyalty, and other virtues. who share the same ethical laws. The strongest expression of the national community is a common language. Language is the expression and, therefore, the distinguishing mark, of the good, the elevated, and the abilities of a race. The clearer a language is, the more it allows for expressing human thinking, the more valuable it is. We Germans can with pride and great thankfulness affirm that fate has given us the most beautiful and the clearest language in the world, the one with the largest vocabulary. The deepest philosophical thinking, the deepest wisdom of life, can only be expressed in German. Our German language has enormous variety. We sometimes have nearly a dozen words for a concept, each expressing a side of this concept. That is proof of the unparalleled logic of the German race.

The Plague of Freemasonry

Our nation is a race bound together in a common fate, a community united by blood and nature. Each member of our people must recognize the inexorable force that ties his existence to this community of faith and life. Either the individual lives with the nation or he perishes alone. This knowledge is eternal, true, and unchangeable.Freemasonry

Creation is the product of natural laws, where everything serves progress and development. From the first cell and energy, or from energy through the first cell to the highest form of life, everything is subject the eternal divine laws and order, and each step, each development, is dependent on the principle of leadership and being led. Nature knows no plan and does not do everything in the same way, but rather is characterized by a multiplicity of forms and life, yet everything is rationally ordered and fits together like one gear into another. He who ignores this variety, this multiplicity, will not understand nature, will violate the laws of creation and nature, and will fail. That was the mistake of the International Jew, who believed that:

he could eliminate this natural order and replace the natural laws of space, energy, race, inheritance, and nation with the artificial construction of a liberal economic order, democracy, and parliaments. The International Jew did not see the peoples as living individuals, but rather as dead figures that could be moved here and there just like numbers on a page. Therefore, the international system of the Jew — “supranational” in Jewish jargon — which was to be set in motion by a clever plan in Geneva had to fail unless creation and the world order were to lose all meaning. We National Socialists base our worldview on the natural laws of race, inheritance, the biological laws of life, the law of space and soil, energy and achievement. In a word, we bow humbly and respectfully before the eternal and unchangeable divine order of nature. We follow reason, and we order our thinking and actions accordingly.

1. The Führer destroyed the Jew and his internationalism domestically.

The Führer’s methods of bringing Germany and the German worker out of poverty and misery, impotence and collapse, were entirely different than those of the former Jewish-parliamentarian system. Formerly Germany gave up its dignity, it disarmed to the last trouser button, it plundered the state and law in service of international capitalism. It believed in the miracle of international justice and the conscience of the world. The rulers of democratic Germany begged for grace and hoped for the pity of the world. They prayed in complete submission to the Jewish idol Mammon and in the Jewish temple in Geneva. Post-war Germany gave itself and its people, economy, culture, and politics entirely to the Jew. In slavish submission, it fulfilled each demand of international Jewish Freemasonry or Jewish-international Marxism or Jewish-international universalism. Who does not recall Sacco and Vanzetti? Somewhere in America a few Jewish criminals were hanged because things had really gone far enough, because their crimes and depravity screamed to high heaven, and here in Germany millions of German workers demonstrated for the release of these Jewish-international criminals. One was even ready to carry this nonsense to the extreme, preferring to uproot the German state and the German governmental system to pay homage to international parasites. In Germany so many of the best German people were incited and whipped up by the Jew that they were ready at any time to betray and sell out the fatherland and their people for international Jewish ideology. As already said, the Führer ruthlessly put an end to it all. The parties, unions, industry associations were eliminated under threat of the death penalty. Parliaments were dissolved, Freemasonry was completely eliminated, universalism of the Pauline variety was condemned to impotence. National Socialism pitilessly exterminated internationalism within Germany. We clobbered the Jew wherever we met him, and thank God the greatest part of German Jewry emigrated or is waiting eagerly for the hour when it can emigrate. The Jew has influence over neither politics, nor culture, nor the economy, nor in caring for people. His party institutions, associations, and his capitalist instruments have been forever destroyed and broken up. Jewish-international poison in Germany has burned out, it has been exterminated root and branch. That is the only way the Führer could build the German people’s community. Each and every bacterium within the German people was destroyed, whether in its classes, occupations and professions, religious confessions, tribes or families. Germany and its people are free of international Jewish poison. That is the immense, hardly imaginable result of National Socialism, hardly 8 years after Adolf Hitler, our Führer, took power.

2. Germany’s foreign policy has been an instrument of reason, good sense, and clarity.

The National Socialist leader of the new Germany organized no conferences, not did he attend such conferences, such as the League of Nations or some other round table, to tell the world:

For National Socialist Germany and its policies, the time of phrases, discussions, and speeches is forever past. The Führer sees it as a waste of time to sit for hours in diplomatic circles holding elevated conversations and discussions. We National Socialists have no time for that. Each is responsible for his tasks, which he must carry out with determination, industry, commitment, courage, and devotion. The same is true of relations between peoples and states. There is no point in bringing 30, 40, or more peoples of the most varied opinions and interests together to solve some problem or another. No problem interests everyone. Each problem interests only two people, at most three or four, and only one person can solve a problem.

Hitler PIcture The Führer destroyed the Jew and his internationalism domestically

Why bring together 50 or more states? Nothing can come of that, as the chat room in Geneva called the League of Nations clearly has shown. Europe had been plunged into political chaos by the insane policies of the potentates of Versailles. The Führer put an end to that through the alliance between Germany and Italy. Everyone first had to understand that two powerful states were agreed that they wanted a new order in Europe.

The Führer found in Italy’s Duce a revolutionary of like good sense and reasonableness. Only the friendship of these two men, their clarity and determination, gave Europe security through the Axis. Now it was necessary to see which worldview had the greater power and strength.

Jewish Court in New York The first session of a Jewish court in New York

The first Jewish court in the United States opened in New York on 9 May 1939. It follows the Talmud and the laws of Moses. The decisions of this Jewish court are legally binding if both parties agree in advance. Appeals to an American court are not allowed.

Jewish internationalism also had to be destroyed internationally. Fanatic National Socialism and pacifistic internationalism are like fire and water and can never exist alongside each other. They are like fire and water, and sooner or later there must be a battle between these two worlds. This battle would show whether Jewish democracy and Jewish internationalism would win and were the stronger, or whether National Socialism and Fascism, tied to nature and obedient to nature’s laws, would be victorious. There was only an either/or. If the National Socialist and Fascist Axis were to triumph, the Jewish democratic-parliamentarian system would have to be destroyed.

England was the most evident prototype of this system, since it was most under the control of the Jew and his money. This battle has already been decided. Reason and natural laws have won, and Jewish sectarianism, Jewish internationalism, and Jewish superstition have been defeated. Jewry’s puppets on the European mainland no longer exist. England is on the ropes. The English people have to pay dearly for following Jewry. England made the worldview error of believing that nature could be defeated through artificial constructs and sectarianism. It will have to be punished with death. The power-political battle has been decided. The Jew and his power are broken. Germany and Italy have acted reasonably.

Gallery of “Heads” II

The Führer immediately gets to work building Europe. The Führer does not misuse his victory in senselessly demeaning his opponents and celebrating grotesque orgies as the Jew did in 1918, but rather the Führer used the great power that fate had given him as the result of military victory to bring order to Europe immediately. Now the National Socialist leader of Germany has the basis and opportunity to help reason prevail in our part of the world. The Three Power Pact was signed. Other powers have since joined and more will follow.

In the shortest time, Europe will be a picture of stability and reasonable order. There will be no victors and defeated as there were under Versailles, but rather there will be one victor, reason and the peoples of Europe, and one defeated, the Jew and his international insanity.Galery of Heads

That is Adolf Hitler’s goal, that is his unique and holy mission, to bring order to this poor European people, tortured over the centuries and millennia, following the deep laws of development and progress. Only the Nordic can build states, and Europe has common Nordic roots. No matter how disparate the peoples of the part of the earth appear to be, no matter how much their community lives, their cultures, and economies may differ, they all have common roots in blood and, therefore, also culture. It is obvious that 85 million Germans have the qualifications that our splendid race offers and that in cooperation with allied Italy can and must claim the leadership of Europe. An Adolf Hitler had to appear to bring Europe in order, and this Adolf Hitler had to be born to the German people so that he could take the German people in his hand and fulfill this mission. Because of the victory of our weapons and soldiers we demand leadership, and we have it. We will happily bear the responsibility of bringing Europe order for all time.

3. German worker, in this brief pamphlet I have attempted to make clear the nonsense of the Jew and the absurdity of his worldview in contrast to National Socialism and the worldview of the Germans, a worldview of reason and logic, one that follows laws.

Once again fate preserved Germany from collapse. You stood with one foot over the abyss. The gentlemen of Versailles had given their verdict. The Frenchman Clemenceau made this terrible statement: “There are 20 million Germans too many,” and the Englishman Lloyd George thought the hunger blockade of 1940 would have still decisive effects on the German people. They were all slaves of the Jews, servants of Freemasonry and international Marxism. They had but one goal: to destroy Germany.

Nazi Rally “We are Winning”

And you yourself, German worker, was a blind instrument of this Jewish world verdict. German stood against German, class against class, profession against profession, religion against religion, north against south and east against west. The whole country suffered under a sinister fever. Factories closed and chimneys no longer smoked. The wheels stood still and the specter of unemployment was everywhere. Hunger and poverty etched their frightening lines in the face of Germany. Children died like flies. Millions of Germans died from malnourishment, tuberculosis and disease, and the Jew grinned at it all. Civil war prevailed in Germany and the Jew incited everyone against everyone else. Everything Germans had once held holy was mocked, scorned. That was the abyss, and the German people did not stand at its edge, but rather in its middle. Had this civil war, this starvation, this terrible unemployment, this political turmoil, this cultural decline continued for but 20 years more, it would have been impossible to rescue Germany from this abyss. Death raged ever more within the German people and the Jew’s jazz band played the death dance of the German people. It is terrible to look back at this abyss. The German shudders when he thinks back on this time of social, political, cultural, and economic decline.

German worker, remember that you were ready to sacrifice your nation, your people, and even your family for your international ideal. To sacrifice even your people and your family? International pacifism, for example, had devastating effects on the thinking and views of Germans regarding honor, freedom, and fatherland. Men who had been brave soldiers during the World War, who saw their highest honor in doing their duty and sacrificing everything, were unrecognizable in the years after the World War. One despaired of his people, unable to understand how international poison had made sworn international pacifists out of brave soldiers and men who had fought for four-and-a-half years in the trenches under the hardest conditions. More than anything else, one could not understand this way of thinking and feeling:

Because this ideology was false and completely inconsistent. Facing abroad one was a pacifist, but at the same time domestically one was ready to beat in the skull of a German blood brother of a differing opinion. In his devilish depravity, the Jew had understood how to make the bravest Germans cowardly traitors to the world, and brutal civil warriors at home.

British and German housing Facts speak for themselves. Above, English worker housing, below German worker housing.

Even as a socialist one did not understand Jewish ideology. It was not clear why socialism was paired with pacifism, indeed, why socialism had anything at all to do with pacifism. It is reasonable and clear that socialism can and must train people to be fighters. He who wants to be a socialist must want a community, and he who wants a community must battle the mistakes, the stubbornness, and the weaknesses of people. As a result, battle is the first and highest law for each socialist. How battle and pacifism could be joined could not, and cannot, be understood.

A socialist can never be a pacifist, and a pacifist will always have to betray socialism.

Do you see, German worker, how false the Jew’s slogan of international pacifism was? Its purpose was to break your back, German worker, to weaken your honest and fanatic socialism. They knew your great strength and fanatic will, and therefore had to find a way to destroy and eliminate the energy and ideals of the German worker. The slogan of international pacifism served that end.

Do you remember, German worker, how one hammered the slogan of the international solidarity of the working class into you? The Jew never wearied of showing you the manifold blessings of the international proletariat. Above all the Jew appealed to your invincible and enormous strength, since he knew that as a simple and modest person only one thing impressed you: strength, energy, and will.

Therefore, the Jew had to persuade you of the strength of the international proletariat, to attempt to persuade you that this phantom had real strength and energy. According to the Jew, there was a world-wide international working class. “Everything stands still if your strong arm wills.” That is what they said to you, and they built an international structure on this fantasy. You know, German worker, that things did in fact stand still. You were unemployed. Seven-and-a-half million Germans stood in the unemployment lines and fell into poverty and misery. Things stood still not because you. German worker, wanted it, but rather because the International Jew and his international world capitalism so ordered. The slogan of international solidarity of the working class was the greatest betrayal and the worst lie that the Jew ever invented.

Jews Our picture shows Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the Jewish delegation to the Palestine conference, leaving the Palestine conference at St. James Palace in London. It was opened by former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

German worker, do you recall your French colleague striking on your behalf after the dictate of Versailles, or that the English worker Lloyd George came to your aid after the crazy and shameful treaty that chained, disgraced, and exploited you? Where was international solidarity in the Versailles dictate? That would have been a chance to demonstrate international solidarity, if it had really existed, or could have existed. You, German worker, believed the world apostle Woodrow Wilson, and you took his hypocritical 14 Points as a reliable creed for a new and better world. In your good nature and gullibility, you really believed in international solidarity and the brotherhood of the peoples. However, you soon learned the bitter lesson all the chatter about internationalism was lies and betrayal. “The Germans will pay for everything,” the Frenchman said, and not only the French bourgeoise, but also the workers. The German pays for everything, that was their international solidarity. “Plunder the Germans, blockade the Huns,” the English workers said. They were all united in their desire to destroy Germany.

Only fate knows how many undernourished children and old people had to pay because of your good nature and gullibility regarding international solidarity. The fact that you were not destroyed as a result of your good nature is not thanks to the world apostles, and particularly the International Jew, but rather only because of the will to life and the life strength of the German people. We Germans will never forget the miserable Quaker-provided meals arranged by the hypocritical and sanctimonious bourgeoisie that attempted to conceal and hide the crimes of the Jewish International against the German people, and particularly against the German worker.

Or, German worker, do you still remember the slogan of the International Jew? “All who have a human face are equal.” I know that you are embarrassed today for having believed it. Your racial instinct has awakened, and do not want to go back to the old confusion. Nonetheless I must say it to you again and again, and will not stop, reminding you of it: It is not true that all who have a human face are equal.

Image “The strength.”
“As a result the Jew had to deceive you about the strength of the international proletariat...”

The difference between a great man of our race, e.g. Schopenhauer or Richard Wagner and a Negro is greater than the difference between a Negro and a monkey. The Jew invented the slogan “All who have a human face are equal” to conceal himself. He had to cover up his crooked nose and flat feet over against the racial beauty of the Germans and Nordics. To raise his own value he had he had to invent a general ethnic mush of equality, so the Jew had to diminish and tear down your racial value, the only capital that you as a German worker possessed. You fool, you idiot, you did not recognize that you had expropriated yourself, that you had de-manned yourself with this slogan. German worker, what do you own? Your labor is your most beautiful and proudest possession, and that labor and the accomplishments resulting from it come from your racial value.

If one reduces this value, one takes from you this racial value, one steals and robs from you. From your deepest instincts, therefore, you have the greatest interest in preventing your racial value from being diminished and reduced. Cry out to the world: “I am a German, and as a German the Lord God gave me high racial value that enables the greatest accomplishments, and I demand, therefore, the place in the sun that belongs to me because of my accomplishments and my ability.”

You. German worker, were not the only one who believed this international slogan. As I already mentioned, the bourgeoisie also had an affection for international romanticism. If we are to fully value the achievements of our soldiers, if we want to fulfill the mission fate has given to us, we must deal ruthlessly and pitilessly with the contemptible German tendency to chase after international phantoms. I remember other such false slogans — that science is international, that there is international justice, that there is international art — indeed, this insane internationalism went so far that one wanted gradually to eliminate all cultural differences. All these international phrases and international constructions are untrue. Instead, science, justice, art, and culture are always bound to the race, to the nation. Justice is what serves my people, knowledge comes from the abilities of a race, and art and culture are produced by the creative gifts of highly valuable races.

The cultural differences between peoples are absolute proof of the differences between races, for the fact that there are higher and lower races among the peoples. The Jew lies, and Karl Marx’s phrase “All that have a human face are equal” was an enormous falsehood regardless of whether it applied to a proletarian or bourgeois face.

How many international phantoms did you, German, chase after? We have had the second, the third, the fourth, and the four-and-a-half Internationals. What happened to the first one? We have never thought about why the Jew never spoke of the First International. The second was in Amsterdam and the third and fourth somewhere else.

We do not want to forget the First International. The First International was founded by the Jew Saul, baptized Paul, and was that Jewish universalism that fought over centuries and millennia against the national German people. Everything German was the deadly enemy of this internationalism. The great German emperors held high the banner of the Holy German Reich over the centuries, and defended this German Reich against the First International, Pauline universalism.

The Second International was that of bourgeois social democracy. I once had the opportunity to see the representatives of this International at a meeting of the International Labor Office in Geneva. The International Labor Office was recognized by governments and class institutions. The employers and employees of many countries were members. The attempt was made for the first time to bring the two classes, employers throughout the world and employees throughout the world, together. I had the opportunity to see the powerful union leader Mr. Joubaur of France, and the very energetic Belgian union leader Mertens, and the worker representative from England, Mr. Handan, in action. All the finest dreams of a worker’s mind were agreed upon: the 40-hour week, proposals for housing construction, social insurance, and much, much more. But everything remained on paper, nothing happened. This whole international institution, the International Labor Office in Geneva, was nothing but a way for the capitalists of the world to regulate their world capitalist goals. With the help of international slogans and international agreements, countries like Germany and Italy should limit their production, thereby reducing economic competition. I remember in this connection some of the demands of the United States of America in the Versailles peace treaty. In that Versailles peace treaty, the USA demanded of the defeated, particularly Germany, that it participate in an international labor conference in New York in 1920 and accept its decisions. One decision was that a 48-hour work week should be introduced throughout the world, not to help the worker, but rather because American industry had reached such a level of war production that it could not use a longer work week. The world market could not absorb the production given economic decline.

International Labor Office In 1933 I was leader of the German delegation to the International Labor Office in Geneva.

The goal of this international decision was to keep defeated and impoverished countries, Germany in particular, from dumping their increased production on the world market. The talk of a 48-hour week was a capitalist way to keep Germany from rising. The International Labor Office in Geneva was to make this devilish policy permanent. England and France as the victor states wanted to have permanent control of Germany’s share of world production. That was international solidarity!

Every International, whether the First, Second, Third, or Fourth International, served some sort of egotistical goal. First, they were to hinder the real unity of the world proletariat, and second to realize the various goals of Jewry. And it is no accident that not one of these so-called Internationals was headquartered in Germany, although the German proletariat was the most unified, most numerous, and most ideologically faithful. When Germany withdrew from the Second International in 1933 after our takeover, the Amsterdam institution collapsed.

German worker, now you understand how right National Socialism was in its fanatic battle against this international attitude and its depravity. We had to free you, German worker, from international poison. There is no international solidarity, no international working class, but rather only International Jewry. There is a German people’s community determined by race and blood, and therefore independent of human constructs, errors, and accidents. The Lord God and fate brought us together and have given us an unchangeable and hard fate. We belong together, whether we like it or not, and if we fight against it we will be destroyed. If we accept these unchangeable facts, we will do well. It is not us, but Heaven itself that proclaims the slogan: “Blood against gold, race against parasites, National Socialism against internationalism, labor against exploitation.”

photo Adolf Hitler: “With German labor I can defeat any power in the world.”

Therefore, German worker, understand that fate as given you the greatest victory of your history, of all time, and calls you, German, through the heroism of your soldiers and the brilliance of the Führer, to lead Europe.

If you are to lead Europe and fulfill your mission, you cannot be a proletarian, you cannot allow yourself to be ruled by international phantoms and weak nonsense about solidarity, but you must be a master. You can only be a leader if you want to lead, and you can only lead if you have been educated in leadership and mastery.

Thank God, this international ghost is done with, and all that we prayed for yesterday and seemed a bad nightmare, we now see as a terrible fantasy. A rescuer came to our people, a man from the depths of the broad masses. A citizen and solider like you and me, and he took on as one man against 85 million Germans a task that seemed almost impossible, to save Germany (which means you and me). He believed in us all. He was filled with boundless faith in us all, and only this faith in us Germans, in the German worker, citizen, and farmer, gave him the strength to defeat the monster of decline, to preserve you, the German worker, the German farmer, the German craftsman, and thereby the whole German people, from decline and ruin.

Today we are at the height of our power. Germany was never before as great, as great, as powerful, as mighty in its unity and strength. German soldiers are at the North Cape, in Drontheim, Bergen, Antwerp, Calais, Le Harve, Brest, Bordeaux, Biarritz, and along thousands of kilometers of the Atlantic coast, standing watch for Europe. They defend Europe against the Jewish monster. And these German soldiers defend not only Germany. All the peoples of Europe will one day be thankful that Adolf Hitler built the German Wehrmacht to free Europe from the Jewish international polyp.

German worker, I appeal to you, I appeal to you on behalf of our true socialism. The Führer rescued you from proletarianism, he freed you from poverty and misery, and made of you and us all a clean, decent, industrious, and hardworking German. Our socialist slogan is: “From proletarians to masters.” Now do the rest, do your duty, get ready, join the ranks, march toward a new and better future for your own happiness and Germany’s glory!

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