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Background: These are satirical comic strips from Das Schwarze Korps,the weekly newspaper of the SS, published in 1944.

Satirical Comic Strips from Das Schwarze Korps

Title: “An Exciting War...” (20 January 1944)

Cartoon Strip

After Sammy Brown dispatched 25 “Tiger” tanks by covering up their observation slits with chewing gum and forcing the crews to surrender with his Colt, he got bored. He reported to his colonel, secured a day’s rations, and sought out German long-range batteries far behind the lines. His not entirely undangerous operation went smoothly. First, he got rid of all the Nazi sentries with hooks to their jaws if they failed to drop their laughable weapons when he shouted “Hands up!” Then he hopped on a trolley until he reached the German railway artillery guns. He destroyed them quickly. Then he went to the German general’s quarters, met him, reached for his Colt and... Unfortunately, a German shell made a direct hit on the field movie theater at that moment, so a lot of nice American boys never did learn how things turned out for Sergeant Brown...

Title: “Invasionitis in England” (11 May 1944)

Cartoon Strip

“Have you noticed that there are no busses today? Surely they are needed for the invasion...!”

“Nonsense! The conductors are on strike again!”

“Believe me, Bill, the Second Front is just like social reform. They have been promising it to us for years, and when it comes, it will be a lot different than we expected!”

“Sergeant! What is this man doing at inspection in dirty clothes?”

“Colonel, it’s Smith. He wants to ha-ha-hang his wa-washing on the Siegfried Line...”

“Grandpa, what does the ‘AAAO’ on the helmet of the invasion troops mean?”

“Ah, probably the “Anglo- American Army of Sacrificial Lambs...”

Why do they always call for an invasion in England? They already have one! [That is, England has been invaded by Americans.]

Title: “Good News” (15 June 1944)

Cartoon Strip

The English bishops have told the French that they should endure the terror bombing patiently, since their sorrows will soon be at an end... The British have always been ready to use fire to free France from the fury of war... The Anglo-American side is doing everything humanly possible to “warm things up” for their friends on the other side of the English Channel... The “goals” of the democratic humanitarians are well known... They want to lift up the “oppressed” peoples... A further “aim” is to fire up young Frenchmen for the war against “Nazi barbarism...” [A school is burning]

Title: Liberation on the March! (2 November 1944)


The French are free again! The oppressive yoke of German forced labor is gone! [The signs say “Where are the jobs we were promised?” and “We demand jobs and pay!”] No one talks of hunger. The actions of a foreign power have left plenty of blue beans! [That is, shell casings] Foreign domination has ended! In a national spring time, things are popping up that were long hidden... [The French are fighting amongst themselves] Thanks to the actions of the liberators, the notorious “black market” has taken an entirely new face... And thanks to de Gaulle, the number of those willing to give their all for humanity on the “altar of the great revolution” is climbing...

Title: “The Jewish Brigade” (16 November 1944)

Cartoon Strip

As we hear, a “Jewish Brigade” has been formed in England, whose members receive special training. The plan calls for particularly good “coverage”... [The pun suggests camouflage and money.] The men are trained to “negotiate” with lighting speed in any situation... [The Jew is asking if the German wants to buy his weapon.] Each must be a master at defending his position... [The Jew is trying to bribe the MP sending him to the front lines.] This panel has a pun not easily translatable. The point is that combat makes the Jew defecate in his pants.

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