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Background: Propaganda is a comprehensive practice. Most material on the German Propaganda Archive is print or photographic material. This is a 1940 game intended to teach players dates in German history. I can’t say it looks all that interesting to play.

Source: Kennst Du sie? ...die Daten der Deutschen Geschichte (1940).

Do You Know That? Dates in German History

First, we have the game box:


The game includes a booklet with 100 questions and answers on dates in German history and cards with the answers.

Booklet Cover

One player asks the other players a question. If they can answer correctly without referring to the answer cards, they get a red token. If not, they get a black one. Whomever gets the most red tokens asks the questions during the next round. Some of the questions are historical (e.g., “When and where was the first German university founded?”), while others had a decided propaganda emphasis. Consider the following page:


Question 91 reads: “When did the great defensive battle in the West begin?” The answer: “The great defensive battle in the West, which at the same time was the greatest battle in world history, began on 10.5.1940, and revealed Adolf Hitler as the greatest military commander of all time.”

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