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Background: This was one of a series of mass pamphlets published by the Nazi Party early in 1932, before the spring elections for Reich President. This one is particularly aimed at members of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). The Germany economy at the time was in catastrophic condition, and many who read this probably were not all that sure about the Nazis, but perhaps thought that the Nazis could hardly make things worse than they already were. I do not know much about the author, Heinz Franke. He did write several other pamphlets around this time, and was one of Goebbels’s staff in Berlin.

This was #6 in the series of pamphlets published by the party propaganda office. The copy I am working from brought the print run to 80,000.

The source: Heinz Franke, Die Journaille lügt! (Munich: Eher Verlag, 1932).

The Sensationalist Newspapers Lie!

by Heinz Franke

In comfort and ease, the Red party hacks set themselves up after the successful “revolt” of 9 November 1918 in the quarters of the capitalism they had so attacked. The nice, warm spoils system took in the army of party hacks and lesser dignitaries, allowing the top comrades to take up the promised life “of beauty and dignity.”

The Social Democratic war profiteer and big swindler Parvus-Helphand resided in the Schwanenwerder Palace. There he met the illustrious leaders of the workers’ party, Scheidemann, Bauer, Wels, Gradenauer, Heilmann, etc.

The leaders of the exploited masses — Police President Richter, for example — accepted gold toothpicks and elegant sleeping gowns from big Jewish swindlers.

Pamphlet CoverThe Red party hacks promised the working people heaven on earth.

In the proclamation of the Saxon workers’ and soldiers’ soviet of 14 November 1918, the proletariat was promised the following delights:

“To the People of Saxony!

The capitalist system has collapsed. The bourgeois monarchical government has fallen. The revolutionary proletarian has taken power. Its goal is a socialist republic. Socialism means: The transformation of capitalism production into social production, the confiscation of private land, mines, and foundries, along with raw materials, banks, machines, means of transportation, etc. A change in production to social control of production by the proletariat. The task of the socialist government is to continue the revolution until the bourgeois class is completely overcome. The republic means: The absolute rule of the will of the working class, the elimination of serfdom in any form, and general disarmament of the citizenry to protect the accomplishments of the revolution. The abolition of all forms of income without labor, the separation of church and state, the rejection of all bourgeois courts. The special task of the republican government is to liquidate the Saxon state and form a unified socialist German republic.

By the authority of the workers’ and soldiers’ soviets of Dresden, Leipzig, and Chemnitz.

Schwarz, Neuring, Fleißner, Rühle, Geyer, Lipinski, Seeger, Heckert, Fellisch”

(To keep the Red party hacks from playing their favorite old trick by claiming that this is a “Nazi fabrication,” it is taken word-for-word from the book by Social Democrat Ed. Bernstein, Die deutsche Revolution, vol. 1, p. 59).

A Social Democratic leaflet during the election campaign for the National Assembly stated:

“. . . They (the Social Democrats, editor) have done all in their power to appeal to the moral forces of the world, the forces of socialism, to gain a lasting, bearable peace for the German people, despite the defeat that was the responsibility of the old leaders. . .

. . . to preserve its rights in the peace treaty and to work for a just peace that will save the world from the horrors of a new war. . . .

. . . We will not allow capitalism to again exploit and oppress intellectual and manual workers. We want the working people to enjoy the full fruits of their labor under socialist conditions. . . .

Our goal is the greatest possible freedom . . .

. . . and what is most important, help for the poorest classes to rise to a higher level.”

(This leaflet was distributed in Liegnitz. It was issued by Herm. Feller, Görlitz, and printed by the Arbeiter-Druckerei, Görlitz.)

The Red party membership book was all powerful. It opened the doors to the highest positions in the state and administration. The former locksmith’s apprentice Fritz Brolat, for example, became a director of the Berlin Transportation Company, despite his complete lack of education, which soon paid him 200,000 RM a year.

In short, the party hacks led a lovely life, free of worries, became fat, and praised the accomplishments of a revolution that gave them these lovely advantages.

When starving workers and civil servants showed up requesting more pay, one looked at them from the well-upholstered chair in a patronizing way, and set the printing presses to work to satisfy their needs. That was easy, and there was enough paper. As inflation constantly increased and the deceived masses demanded a reckoning, one put on an innocent face and claimed that it was a harmless natural event for which the SPD could hardly be made responsible.

And so they sat comfortably in their warm upholstered chairs, those Red party hacks, and lived it up.

But a dark cloud was gathering in the bright heaven of those party hacks. Blue and white collar men joined together in the National Socialist moment, experienced front soldiers and enthusiastic youth, who wanted to bring German people true socialism in a new Reich with a genuine people’s community incorporating all the productive classes. The betrayed masses of Social Democratic workers increasingly recognized the true face of their so-called “leaders,” and the knowledge of how the Red party hacks had so greatly betrayed the workers grew.

As the beneficiaries of the revolution recognized the danger to their comfortable life, they reached for their tested political weapons, lies and slanders.

To keep the bitter, deceived masses from streaming to the National Socialist freedom movement, these terrified bigwig bureaucrats unleashed an unprecedented campaign of lies. In the editorial offices of Social Democratic newspapers, Jewish hirelings devised a poisonous soup of lies distributed in millions of copies.

The more the National Socialist flood rose, the filthier and more insolent the lies of the Red sensationalist newspapers became.

The extent to which the Jewish “workers’ leaders” were willing to go is shown by the following directive, discussed at the Reichsbanner [the Social Democratic paramilitary auxiliary] conference in November 1931. We take this from the Leipziger Neuesten Nachrichten, Nr. 335, 1 December 1931:

“The national directorate of the Reichsbanner instructs the national board to seize the initiative. We must conduct systematic agitation against the National Socialists to an unprecedented degree, using our press to heat people up to the boiling point, while at the same time using the power of the SPD in the states to unleash a coldly calculated wave of suppression and government measures to intensify the campaign against the NSDAP. Imagination and inventiveness can be given free rein in a wide-ranging press campaign, not holding back any lie if it serves our cause. The news system is in our hands. All the technical means are working. Court cases that may result from the unscrupulous conduct of this campaign have to be accepted in many cases if the campaign is not to be hindered or halted. Financing is assured.”

We can demonstrate the accuracy of these Magdeburg directives by the following citations from Vorwärts [the Socialist national newspaper]:

“Our most damaging attack on this society is to brand it at every opportunity as the slave of business...” (Vorwärts, Nr .5, 4.1.1931)

“The republic needs to be led by republicans who will shrink from nothing!” (Vorwärts, Nr. 565, 3,12.1931)

“They (the SPD, editor) will take allies in this battle wherever it can find them...” (Vorwärts, Nr. 547, 22.11.1931)

“We have only one enemy, the Right!” (Vorwärts, Nr. 547, 22.11.1931)

“We will take help anywhere we can find it.” (Vorwärts, Nr. 547, 22.11.1931)

Lie: Reaction!

With a great deal of noise and a lot of wasted ink, the Red benefactors of the people accuse the Nazis of being evil reactionaries.

When the National Socialist movement was in its beginnings, the Red papers sneered at it as an insignificant offshoot of the German National Party. That will not work any longer, for even the most stubborn Marxist realizes that this is something new, a movement following its own victorious ideas. If the NSDAP had been only an offshoot of the German Nationalists, it would never have achieved such great success. Its rise, which shows that new, revolutionary elements are at work, refutes the myth of the “reactionary” Nazis better than all the speeches.

Enemy of the workers

The sensationalist newspapers lie when they say: The Nazis are enemies of the workers, they want to destroy the unions and reduce wages.

To make these lies believable to German workers, the Red press pirates do not hold back from even the most insolent lies. The National Socialist Hans Held allegedly described how we lie in the National Socialist monthly Der Meister:

“We National Socialists are taking over your workers’ organizations. We are taking over your unions. The businessmen and big capitalists are giving us permission to adjust our agitation to the working class. If we speak of nationalizing land, we do not mean it. If we speak against capital, we need it as a propaganda tool to attract people to us. The main thing is that we have the people, that we pull them away from Marxism.”

One does not know whether to be most astounded by the filthy insolence or the blatant stupidity of these falsifications. But the best part of it is that there is neither a National Socialist named Hans Held, nor a National Socialist monthly titled Der Meister. The monthly Der Meister is still edited by Artur Mahraun, the head of the Young German Order — who, as is well known, co-founded the Jewish State Party in 1930 and is a bitter enemy of the NSDAP.

Since they lack any kind of support for the lie about National Socialism’s alleged intent to reduce wages, they do not bother to try to prove it.

The best refutation of both Social Democratic lies is given by Adolf Hitler himself in his book Mein Kampf, the standard work of the NSDAP:

“As long as there are employers who lack social understanding and have wrong ideas of justice and fair play it is not only the right but also the duty of their employees — who are, after all, an integral part of our people — to protect the general interests against the greed and unreason of the individual. For to safeguard the loyalty and confidence of the people is as much in the interests of the nation as to safeguard public health.

No. If unsocial and dishonorable treatment of men provokes resistance, then the stronger party can impose its decision in the conflict until the legal legislative authorities do away with the evil. Therefore it is evident that if the individual workman is to have any chance at all of winning through in the struggle he must be joined with his fellow workmen and present a united front before the individual employer, who incorporates in his own person the massed strength of the vested interests in the industrial or commercial undertaking which he conducts.

Thus the trade unions can inculcate and strengthen a sense of social responsibility in daily life and open the road to practical results. In doing this they remove those causes of friction which are a continual source of discontent and complaint.

In the present state of affairs, I am convinced that we cannot possibly dispense with the trade unions. On the contrary, they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation. Not only are they important in the sphere of social policy but also, and even more so, in the national political sphere. For when the great masses of a people see their vital needs satisfied through a just trade union movement, and are educated at the same time, the stamina of the whole nation in its struggle for existence will be enormously strengthened.

Above all else, the trades unions are necessary as a foundation for the future economic parliament, or the chambers representing the various professions and occupations.”

The sensationalist Red newspapers know all that, but they keep lying because they have to lie. The lie is their only weapon.

A speech by Comrade Fritz Tarnow to the Reichsbanner agitation meeting in the Berlin Sportpalast on 2 December 1931 proves the insolence of the Social Democratic betrayers of the workers as they go about their campaign of lies against National Socialism. The same Tarnow, who called social democracy “a doctor at capitalism’s sickbed” at the Leipzig Party conference, declared, according Vorwärts:

“The battle of the National Socialist front against the republic, against democracy and parliamentarianism, against the citizenship rights of the broad masses, is fundamentally nothing other than a general attack on the social position of the working masses.”

A single big lie!

The general attack on the social position of the working masses has been led by those that the SPD has tolerated since 14 September 1930. Since 14 September, the working masses — insofar as one can still speak of working “masses” given the daily rise in unemployment — have had to accept one pay cut after another. The only group guilty of that is the leadership of the SPD, which intentionally placed the good of the party hacks above the good of the people. These friends of Sklarek [a Berlin Jew involved in a major financial scandal] are more concerned about losing the spoils of office than they are about the poverty and misery of the masses.

Here it is necessary to mention the lying presumptuous attempt by Jewish press reptiles to identify Marxism with the working class. Whenever the National Socialists attack Marxism, these sensationalist newspapers howl, writing about the working class instead of Marxism, and pretend to be representatives of the working class.

The German people has about 32 million workers, of whom only about 13 million voted for the Marxist parties (SPD and KPD) on 14 September 1930.

Marxism has as little claim to socialism as the Marxist parties have to representing the whole German working class.

There are millions of German workers who have seen the true face of Marxism, and who refuse to allow Jewish stock exchange swindlers to claim to be “leaders of the workers.”

What German workers should think about that “SPD economic expert,” the famous Comrade Tarnow, is shown by the following blatant lie.

At the previously mentioned Reichsbanner mass meeting, Comrade Tarnow said the following:

“One sees the big winner of the inflation period, Hugenberg, the firebrand Kirschdorff, the rich pensioner Schacht, the lords of the banks and stock exchange, the feudal lords and heavy industrialists, united in this “socialist workers party.” (Vorwärts, Nr, 565, 3.12.1931)

Vorwärts printed this lying nonsense. Even the simplest Marxist workers knows that Hugenberg is still leader of the German National Peoples Party, that neither Schacht nor Kirchdorff belong to the NSDAP, and that National Socialism has always stressed the differences in the worldviews of the NSDAP and the DNVP.

German workers, in Tarnow’s statement you can see the lying demagoguery of Social Democratic “leaders.” Either this SPD “economic expert” really does not know that Hugenberg is the leader of the DNVP, in which case he should give up politics and return to being a cabinetmaking apprentice, or if he does know it, he has lied intentionally in his agitation. That means he is either an idiot or a liar.

And they call themselves “leaders of the workers”!

In the above-mentioned meeting, the noble Tarnow also had the following wisdom to reveal:

“No other country has so many economic scandals as Germany. They are not isolated events, but the result of a criminal system of economic leadership.”

Yes, Comrade Tarnow, that is true!

But why are you shamefully silent about the names of these economic crooks? Because they are all friends and financial supporters of the SPD, namely Sklarz, Parvus-Helphand, Barmat, Sklarek, Katzenellenbogen, etc.!

Comrade Tarnow, we urge you to study the Sklarek trial. It reveals clearly the criminal economic leadership of the System. It is the:

party hacks and profiteers!

Surely you meant that, Comrade Tarnow?

The Harzburg Front

The sensationalist newspapers lie: The Nazis, Stahlhelm, and German Nationalists have joined together in the Harzburg front to fight the workers. The Harzburg Front is reactionary!

All the talk about a firm alliance, a joining together to fight the working class, are insolent lies that clearly show the great fear of the Red swindlers.

First, Hitler, Hugenberg, and Selde did not establish a “firm alliance” at Harzburg. The Harzburg conference was simply a clear declaration of war against Brüning’s government. Indeed, that is the same Brüning government that the SPD vainly fought against before 14 September 1930, and which it said it opposed in its election proclamation of 19 July 1930, claiming to be:

“Against Brüning’s government, which is a brother to big capital and which wants to destroy the rights of the working class.”

Hitler, Hugenberg, and Seldte were already against the Brüning government. That did not require any kind of alliance. And Harzburg did not result in an alliance, but rather each party stressed its own nature.

Before or after Harzburg, the National Socialists never thought of giving up any point of their program. The NSDAP is, as it was before, a revolutionary freedom movement, with the same goals it always had. Harzburg for it was merely tactical cooperation with other parties with the clear goal of bringing down the government, and with it the present System. The red party hacks saw the danger to their fine spoils of office, which his shown by their hysterical cries about the “reactionary” nature of the Harzburg “Front,” and their vain attempt to present the front as the union of business against the workers.

The NSDAP fights for German workers, not against them. It fights for true socialism against the party hacks.

The lie about the reactionary nature of the NSDAP is most clearly disproved by a look at its nature. Who are the leaders of this movement? The main leaders of the National Socialist idea are battle-tested men of the Front generation, and enthusiastic German youth. Evil reaction can never take root in such circles. To the contrary: youth has always been revolutionary.

Capitalist Hirelings

The sensationalist newspapers lie when they say: The Nazis are capitalist hirelings, the paid soldiers of capitalism.

The Red Jewish press has proclaimed for years in various ways that the NSDAP is supported by big capital. But up to today, these miserable liars have not been able to name a single case.

They always attempt to prove their transparent lying agitation with every sort of fabrication. For example, the Münchner Post, the leading organ of the SPD in Bavaria, ran the following falsification in issue Nr. 68 of 242 March 1931, which was spread by the entire Social Democratic press:

“In the Pay of Business”

Hitler’s secret letter

Reich Business office, Brown House
Munich, Briennerstr. 45
Tel. 56 0 65 - 67
Postscheckkonto 11262

Munich, 4 March 1931

To the Gauleiter of County Hesse, Darmstadt

Secret H./R.

15,000 RM has been donated to the campaign fund for Gau Hesse, from the following firms: Councilor of Commerce Dykerhoff, Dr. A. Dykerhoff, Engineer A. Gastell, as well as directors Schindler and Jung.

These contributions obligate us to choose some of our most loyal S.A. people for future job openings, who will strongly oppose the increase in communist elements in the relevant factories, and do all they can to increase our strength in factory elections.

Only in that way, with the help of the greatest possible amount of propaganda effort by each individual S.A. man, can we force a breach among the support of the Red Front party, and thereby gain final victory for our Third Reich!

For future job openings, we must send only our best and most loyal S.A. people to the factories of the above-named party comrades. Experienced people should be the first choices.

The Gauleitung is to pass on the information to the country and local group leaders.

signed A. Hitler”

Even the style and tone of his ridiculous letter make it easy to determine where to look for its writer. But this is not only a miserable, slanderous falsification, but also an unusually blatant and filthy one.

First, there is not a letterhead with the heading: “Reich Business Office, Brown House.”

Second, the Post Bank account number 11263 is wrong. The party’s Munich account is 23319.

Third, the NSDAP does not have a Gauleiter of County Hessen-Darmstadt.

Things have to be very bad for a party when it has to resort to such filthy and insolent falsifications in its political battles.

When the Nordwoll Company collapsed a few months ago, the Red lying press claimed that its head Lahusen had been a contributor to the Nazi movement. The big Bremen swindler Lahusen was financing the NSDAP.

The sensationalist newspapers wrote:

“Mr. G. Karl Lahusen is one of the biggest financial supporters of the NSDAP! During the Reichstag election, it was revealed that G. Karl Lahusen tolerated and supported Nazi agitators in his office.”

After the election, he gave a lot of money to Storm Troop leader Tidow.”

Who is this Mr. Lahusen? The best information comes from a letter that G. Karl Lahusen send to his friend Jakob Goldschmidt in September 1930, which the well-known financier passed on to Vorwärts In this letter, G. Karl Lahusen wrote:
“I have no hesitation in saying to you that I see the effects of the National Socialist Party as harmful to Germany’s development.”
This letter was used by the sensationalist press on 30 November 1930, the day before the city election in Bremen, as propaganda against the Nazis.

In Lahusen’s factories, there was a nasty sniffing out of Nazis, and those who were suspected of belonging to the NSDAP were fired. Storm Troop Leader Tidow made a public statement about these miserable goings on, which also refuted the lie about Lahusen’s financial support for the Nazis:

“It is not true that Mr. Lahusen or people working for him employed or supported National Socialist agitators.

Instead, it is true that I was disciplined for being a National Socialist member of the factory council.

It is not true that I received large sums of money after the election of 14 September from Mr. G. Karl Lahusen because I was a National Socialist Storm Troop leader.

Instead, it is true that I never received even a penny from Mr. Lahusen, nor any office of the Nordwolle concern because I was the Storm Troop leader of Storm 2, Bremen, Standart II/W.E., nor as a National Socialist member of the factory council, nor as a party comrade and member of the Gauleitung of the Hitler Youth of Weser-Ems, Bremen.

Signed: Walter Georg Tidow, former factory council representative of the North German Wool Chamber and Worsted Spinning Mill in Bremen”

Party comrade Tidow has further things to say about how National Socialist workers were treated by the famed big swindler and Jewish lackey Lahusen:

As a former member of the factory council of Nordwolle in Bremen, I declare that during my membership on the factory council between July 1930 and May 1931, I endured serious attacks from the personnel department and Department “A” (Employee and Worker Questions) because I was a National Socialist. Department “A” sabotaged my election to the factory council, and despite my legitimate election, tried to remove me from the factory council, and I was forbidden to display my party membership badge.

After these reactionary circles within Department “A” did not succeed in removing me from the factory council, I was

fired and disciplined!!

The head of the personnel department of the NDK, state parliament representative Franz Hartong (DVP!) declared publicly in Oldenburg before the state parliament election that the National Socialists were much more dangerous than the Social Democrats!! — That is the truth about the supposed financier of the Nazis.

Signed Walter Georg Tidow, Hanover.”

More than that, we hear from a well-informed source that the Lahusen’s oldest brother was a member of the State Party, and alongside this group also made a contribution to the Social Democratic Party’s election fund on 14 September. In particular, this Lahusen financed the so-called “worker training schools,” Social Democratic functionary training schools.

The Red liars make this bitter NSDAP opponent into a “financier of the Nazis.” Wherever one looks one finds lies, nothing but lies.

And the S.P.D.

Why does the SPD slander the Nazis as enemies of pay agreements? To divert the masses from the fact that it is the socialist party hacks who are loosening the pay agreements to permit pay reductions to preserve their own spoils of office. Just two cases:

The commission that unanimously lowered the pay of metal workers by 7% in fall 1930 included the Social Democrat Prof. Sinzheimer.

The three-man team that unanimously reduced the pay in the Rhineland-Westphalia Ruhr Syndicate by 7% included the Social Democratic government councilor Bergemann-Düsseldorf.

German workers

There are your enemies, those who reduce your pay so that they can continue to sit in their comfortable chairs.

Why does the SPD slander the Nazis as “reactionary puppets of Hugenberg”? To divert its followers from the fact that those socialist party hacks who presumably were fighting Brüning’s government and its emergency degrees before 14 September 1930 are now tolerating it at any cost. Also at the cost of one wage reduction after another. Presumably to avert something worse. And what does “worse” look like?

The socialist press lies in saying that a Nazi government would mean the rule of big industry. To prevent that, one has to tolerate Brüning.

German workers

That is what the same party hacks say now, but in their election proclamation of 19 July 1930 they wrote:

“Against Brüning’s government, which is brother to big capital.” When Brüning’s cabinet was shuffled in October 1931, Dr. Warmboldt became Minister of Economics. Dr. Warmboldt was previously a director of the I. G. Farben Trust, one of Germany’s biggest industrial concerns. Well, if Dr. Warmboldt is not a big industrialist, who else could be? Vorwärts simply wrote on 10 October 1930 (sic) that “the empty post of Minister of economics has been filled by Mr. Warmboldt, who is an unknown quantity.” Why was Vorwärts silent about the fact that Dr. Warmboldt was a director of the I. G. Farben Trust? Is it uncomfortable for it to have to tolerate a big industrialist?

Why does the SPD slander the Nazis as “capitalist hirelings”? To divert the masses from the fact that not only have the Red party hacks settled comfortably in the house of capitalism, but also that the SPD receives generous financial support from the capitalism it supposedly fights.

There is a long line of people like Jakob Goldschmidt, Parvus Helphand, Sklarz, Barmat, Sklarek, and all the rest of them.

What did Vorwärts write on 22 November 1931?

“We take help from anywhere we can find it.”

The fact that they are not too narrow in their activities is proved by the Peace Society trial, in which it was proven that the Reichsbanner received 300,000 francs from France for domestic German purposes (propaganda against the Hindenberg election).

The very wide affections of the Reichsbanner in financial matters is proven by an article in the Rote Fahne [the Communist Party newspaper] of 3 December 1931 on the financial support for the Reichsbanner daily newspaper published by Hörsing (more has come in since).

The Rote Fahne, which should know, writes:

“This newspaper prints propaganda for the people’s community, which means the subjection of the workers under capitalism, is financed by the match king Ivar Kreuger. It is one of the biggest corruption scandals in the SPD, which has no shortage of corruption.”

German workers

That is how the lying socialist party hacks fight capitalism! They take help wherever they find it!

The campaign of lies against the evil Nazis takes enormous sums of cash.

Lie: War!

For years, the Red traitors have said that National Socialism means war, and Jewish scribblers work feverishly to make nervous souls anxious with these fairy tales.


The sensationalist papers lie when they say: The Nazis want war, they are militarists and warmongers.

That is an insolent, shameless lie. National Socialism does absolutely reject weak pacifism, the pacifism of those cowards who are pacifists at any price because of their inborn cowardice.

However, National Socialism rejects the impudent Jewish slander that the Nazis want war. The leader of the NSDAP, Adolf Hitler, recently wrote an open letter to Brüning that clearly and unmistakably laid out the National Socialist response to irresponsible lies in the Jewish press.

“The National Socialist movement, more than any other party, has among its leaders and members countless participants in the great World War. We have learned about war in all its terrible reality.

None of us wishes for a war.

However, we remain men who, if necessary, hold to life less than to freedom. If one sees that as “bloodthirsty,” and wishes to exterminate it, then one signs the death sentence for our nation at the same time!”

But the Jewish-Social Democratic sensationalist newspapers continue to lie that the Nazis are warmongers. The NSDAP knows all too well that one cannot wage war with a people that not only lacks weapons, but also lacks a military will. We are not unscrupulous, bloodthirsty militarists lusting to drive the people into war. National Socialism rejects such insolent miserable lies. We do not want war, but we also want to educate our people in a healthy, strong military thinking. We reject the weak pacifism that comes from cowardice, and affirm the old Prussian spirit of sacrifice. It is not necessary that the individual lives, but it is necessary that the German people lives.

The claim by the Red party hacks that if the Nazis gain power, there will be war, is just as impudent. To the contrary, a strong, stable National Socialist state, guided by one will, offers much greater safety than an impotent democracy that has decayed into countless parties. Such a unified state is also in a position to earn and benefit from appropriate respect from other states.

Civil War

The sensationalist newspapers lie when they say: National Socialism means civil war!

With complete lack of shame, the Red scribblers lie in saying that the Nazis planned a civil war. They are the same elements that bear the responsibility before history for all the German blood that has been shed since those November days in Germany. Huge amounts of German blood were shed by Red murderers during the Spartakus revolts in Berlin, Braunschweig, Munich, the Ruhr, Central Germany, Hamburg, and countless other places. These paid Jewish hirelings have been able to preach the bloodiest class hatred for decades. The civil war periods between 1918 and 1920 were only the natural result of this decades-long filthy agitation. And today these lads have the insolence to invent National Socialist plans for civil war.

This is all a perfidious attempt at diversion. These Red traitors of the working class themselves have been preparing for civil war for years, and are using their lying agitation only to divert attention from their treasonous goals. Hörsing stated in January 1931:

“We will destroy the National Socialists to the last man!” And on 7 January 1931 the Social Democratic Eisenacher Volkszeitung printed a call from the Reichsbanner that ended:

“By 22 February, the anniversary of our founding, all formations everywhere in Germany must report their ‘march readiness’ to the national leader.

Get to work, comrades, in all the Gaue, in all the local groups! The army of German republicans is armed and ready for anything it is called upon to do!”

That is organized incitement to civil war, and systematic preparation for civil war.

Last year, the National Socialist published the following regulations from the Lübeck local group of the Reichsbanner:

“1. Each person with a telephone has certain orders to pass on after receiving a message with the correct password.

2. Each motorcycle, or the owner of one, is registered and has accepted messenger duties.

3. Bicycle companies have been organized.

4. All members are organized in specific groups. All those who know how to use hand grenades are organized in one group, those with military experience with machine guns in another, etc.

5. Nearly everyone (about 60 men who attended the last meeting) enthusiastically and voluntarily said that they were ready for ‘the life and death battle.’

6. All covered trucks from consumer cooperatives, production facilities, and other factories and concerns where the Reichsbanner is in the majority have been registered and fit into the big ‘plan.’

7. Units will be secretly transported, concealed in the trucks, so that each will seem to be innocent freight.

8. The principle is to hold or fight for political power! To form a front against the Nazis and the Right. Any means is in order: Up to a death blow.”

And these lying sensationalist newspapers dare to accuse us National Socialists of having plans for civil war!

With unequalled hypocrisy, Paul Löbe wrote in the Hessischer Volksfreund, Nr. 60, 7 November 1931:

“Let them come! We are there, we are armed, and we will greet them!

It does no harm if we make solid preparations for this eventuality.”

And at the Reichsbanner mass meeting in Berlin’s Sportpalast on 2 December 1931, state parliament representative Major Hauff (retired) openly said:

“The republic needs to be led by republicans who will shrink from nothing!”

They forget all the promises of freedom and equality when the comfortable seats of the Red party hacks are threatened. Those who formerly screamed the loudest of about freedom of opinion now call for republicans “who will shrink from nothing.”

They slander and accuse the National Socialists of wanting civil war so that they can prepare for it themselves!

The Red party hacks are not concerned about “defending against National Socialist plans for civil wear.” They know well enough that the NSDAP has no such plans. Each election proves that the day is coming when the NSDAP will take power legally. That alone would make it foolish for the National Socialists to think about a Putsch.

No, the red bigwig knows very well that all those rumors about a Putsch are a massive swindle that he himself sent out into the world. He knows that the National Socialists will take power legally, which is why he is preparing for civil war. He who has lied to the people for decades about democracy has no intention of giving up his position if this democracy votes against him. He wants to continue to enjoy the perks of his office at any cost. Even at the cost of bloody civil war.

And the S.P.D.

Why does the SPD slander the Nazis as “warmongers”?

In order to divert the masses from the undeniable fact that it was the Red leaders who betrayed the German army and destroyed the powerful military. In order to divert them from the crime of the war guilt lie, which they have seen through. In order to divert people from their own traitorous and treasonous policy towards France.

For centuries, the French people has had but one goal: the splintering and destruction of Germany. Clemenceau said that there twenty million Germans too many, which only expressed what the whole French people thinks and feels.

It is this France, filled with the desire to destroy Germany, that is the best ally that the Social Democrats have. The Frenchman Daudet put this unwritten alliance into words:

“I love social democracy because I wish the plague on Germany!”

Social democracy, however, continues to seek the favor of a people that exploits the German worker in the most brutal, dreadful way through tribute payments.

At the Reichsbanner mass meeting in the Berlin Sportpalast on 2 December 1931, the Reichsbanner chieftain school superintendent Kellermann said:

“The victory of French democracy is the victory of German democracy, and the victory of German democracy is the victory of French democracy.”

The same lie as in 1918. Except that then the claim was that the victory of German Marxism was the victory of French and English Marxism. The same party hacks back then lied to the German people, claiming that one only needed to begin the revolution in Germany, and the troops of the Allies would join the revolution.

The treasonous methods used by these party hacks, shivering in their well-paid posts, are expressed particularly clearly in a speech by the Rudi Breitscheid that we all know so well at the Berlin Social Democracy’s functionaries’ conference at the New World. This speech completely kowtowed to French power. He had the gall to threaten German National Socialism with France, which is brutally exploiting the German worker though tribute payments.

In his speech, Breitscheid said:

“By the way, France knows about growing German nationalism, as was proven by the most recent speech by French Premier Laval, in which he spoke of ‘outrageous mass meetings’ held by certain circles in Germany.”

Instead of rejecting France’s outrageous presumption in interfering in German domestic affairs — as his duty as a German citizen calls for — Breitscheid made the direct, treasonous assertion that:

“Do we not encourage France to fight disarmament if there are German citizens who are able to believe that National Socialism will come to power here?”

Against his better knowledge — for Breitscheid knows that the NSDAP neither wants nor is able to wage war — this Social Democratic “leader” gives France ammunition for the disarmament conference, and slanders a German movement to foreigners.

Does Mr. Breitscheid imagine that, if all else fails, French bayonets will save the power of the Red party hacks?

German workers!

These party hacks who are bowing and scraping to the French people, who are sucking our blood through the Young Plan, are the same ones who tolerate every emergency decree that further reduces your pay. They lie from the principle of doing anything to maintain their power.

Why does the SPD slander the Nazis as agitators for civil war?

To divert the masses from their own plans for civil war. They do not shy away from inciting a bloody civil war that will send thousands of workers to death, only in order to continue sitting in their well-upholstered chairs to continue their parasitic existence.

German workers!

That is the true face of these so-called “workers’ leaders”: Conspiring with France to preserve their splendid bigwig life at the cost of German workers. They want to maintain the system at any cost.

Lie: Politicians of Catastrophe

The sensationalist newspapers lie when they say: The Nazis are politicians of catastrophe. For years, the Red party hacks and press Jews have slandered the National Socialists as incompetent or evil-minded politicians of catastrophe. We select three particularly interesting lies from the many out there.

Young Plan

As the National Socialists attempted to save the German people from the disastrous Young Plan through a referendum, the Red sensationalist newspapers cried and shouted that the Nazis were promoting a catastrophic policy. When National Socialist speakers warned of the consequences of the dangerous Young Plan, and predicted a catastrophe for the German people, which has today come to pass, the Red “workers’ leaders” twisted the facts and claimed that “the Nazis were the politicians of catastrophe.”

The then Reich Minister of the interior Severing spoke on 9 October 1929 over the radio. According to Vorwärts of 10 October 1929, he said among other things:

“The Young Plan eases things!”

“No one can deny that the German economy that we all hope will improve, will face no increase in reparations under the Young Plan.”

“The Young Plan is better for the German people than the Dawes Plan.”

“If the referendum passes, the German people will be plunged once again into terrible chaos.”

“The result (of the referendum! The editor) would be . . . a catastrophe for democracy.”

Very simple!

One called the Nazis the politicians of catastrophe, because they warned the German people of catastrophe!

In June 1929, before the Young Plan, Germany had 720,000 unemployed.

Today, after two years of the Young Plan the unemployment rate is far above 6 million.

It has increased by almost a factor of ten in 2 1/2 years.

Capital Flight

After the National Socialist election victory of 14 September 1930, the Social Democratic party hacks began to tolerate the bourgeois Brüning cabinet that they had previously opposed. They attempted to make the Nazis responsible for the resulting flight of capital.

The Nazis are responsible for the capital flight! It is interesting that the same elements that always lied in claiming the Nazis were capitalist hirelings suddenly wanted to blame the Nazis for capital flight. One sees here how one Marxist lie contradicts the other. If the Nazis were really capitalist hirelings, why would capital flee abroad because of them?

Where is the logic in that? However, logic is never important to the desperate Social Democratic party hacks and their swindles. They lie for the practical purpose of saving themselves.

They thus kept silent to the masses about the law the NSDAP proposed in the Reichstag to prevent capital flight:

“He who has money or other valuables abroad must report to the relevant finance office with a month of the effective date of this law precise details about where the foreign assets is held. If the finance office requires the return of the assets kept abroad, this is to be done immediately and proof of the fact is to be given to the finance office within the stated time period. In the event this is not done, a penalty equal to the value of the assets abroad is to be charged, which is due immediately from the debtor. The entire domestic assets of him who does not meet the duty to report will be seized for the benefit of the whole of the German people. Also, violation will be punished with prison for treason.”

The hypocrites who complained most about capital flight voted against this law.

It has since become clear why Red collection of party hacks had to oppose this law. It turns out that capital flight, which they tried to make the Nazis responsible for, was actually practiced by the Red party hacks themselves and their friends. A few examples:

1. When the Amstel Bank in Amsterdam collapsed, it turned out that, among others, the Jew Max Pallenberg, the radial comrade of the Social Democratic newspaper Vorwärts’s editor, had deposed $250,000 in Holland.

That is capital flight!

2. The former mayor of Berlin Bötz —known for his role in the Sklarek fur coat affair — has a luxuriously furnished palace in Switzerland!

That is capital flight!

3. The former Social Democratic mayor Kauer from Sonnenberg (Thuringia) owns an elegant, comfortable villa on the Swiss border, and enjoys the pension that an impoverished German city has to pay him! Before the war, Knauer was an upholsterer’s apprentice.

That is capital flight!

But one reads nothing of these capital flights in Social Democratic papers! The Red sensationalist newspapers, however, keep agitating and lying.


As the old lies were no longer believable, the Red bigwig society found a new lie in fall 1931, the lie that the Nazis wanted inflation. With astounding insolence, the same elements responsible for the inflation of 1923 accused the Nazis of wanting a new inflation.

The only thing to say about this miserable lie is that the NSDAP has always said that it wants to create a stable currency.

The noise about inflation is only at attempt to the socialist party hacks to divert attention from their guilt for the inflation of 1923. If these boys want to talk about inflation today, we would like to remind them of a few facts:

In November 1922 , as everyone today agrees, a committee met in Berlin to discuss the currency question. The Social Democrat Hilferding was the chairman. One of the participants later declared, without any of the accused later objecting to his assertions,

that the representatives of high finance intended further inflation, up to the complete impoverishment of the German people. The representative of the Warburg banking house, in particular, argued for the greatest possible inflation!

Further, according to the Reich Legal Bulletin of 1921, p. 508: “The Reichstag has approved the following law, with the agreement of the Reich Council:

Paragraph 1

The statement in Paragraph 17 of the Bank Law, under which that part of the Reich bank notes in circulation which are backed by hard German money, Reich notes, or gold in bars of foreign coins, may not fall below a third, is suspended until 31 December 1923.

Paragraph 2

This law takes effect on the day following publication.

Berlin, 9 May 1921. The Reich President: signed, Ebert

The shamelessness with which the Red sensationalist newspapers carry on their campaign of lies is proven to us by an issue of Vorwärts dated 15 October 1931. Under the question “Do you want that again?” Vorwärts printed a picture of an old 500 million mark note from the inflation period. However, good old honest Vorwärts was rather careless. The 500 million mark note was printed on 1 September 1923, at which point the Reich Minister of Finance was the Social Democrat Hilferding!

Wherever one looks, lies and slander!

Why does the SPD slander the Nazis as politicians of catastrophe?

To divert the masses from its own outrageous policies of deceiving the people and betraying the workers, which have led the German people into the greatest catastrophe in generations. The Red party hacks are using lies and slander against the awakening German people, united in the NSDAP. Fear and a guilty conscience drives them to one new lie after another. With the large sums of money that the Red sensationalist newspapers get from Jewish high finance, they are conducting a huge propaganda campaign.

As the Mitteilungsblatt der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Hessen revealed in December 1930, in the 4th quarter of 1930, after the September election, the SPD party leadership distributed

2,075,000 mass brochures free of charge.

Among them were the Scheidemann pamphlet Heads in the Sand? and the Löbe pamphlet The Dragon of Marxism — each with a million free copies distributed. The NSDAP could never afford such enormous propaganda. However, unlike the SPD, it receives no money from Jewish high finance, but rather depends entirely on the sacrifices of its membership.

Despite this enormous agitation, the SPD has had a disastrous year in 1931. Its slogan “Where is the second man?” was laughed to death. Today, the Red party hacks are trying the “Iron Front,” and their sensationalist newspapers lie and slander.

In vain? It accomplishes nothing!

The German worker has seen through their lying game. He knows today that

the sensationalist newspapers lie

from principle, in order to divert attention from the treason and crimes of the Red bankrupts.

Lie as much as you want!

The German worker does not believe you any longer. He turns his back on the party of organized lies, and joyfully joins

Adolf Hitler’s party!

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