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Background: This article from the Nazi illustrated weekly newspaper shows Joseph Goebbels in action, delivering a speech at a mass rally. Many other images are available for inspection on Getty Images.

The source: “...Pg. Goebbels hat das Wort!”, Illustrierter Beobachter, 4 July 1935, pp. 1048-1049.

Pictures of Goebbels Speaking

This is the issue’s cover.

“We do not want to act bureaucratically, but rather in close and living contact with the people.”

Text: “The high point of the wonderful Gau East Hanover party rally was the speech by the party’s Reichspropagandaleiter, Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels. In a compelling speech, he said the party and the army were the pillars of the nation. Both are important and neither is replaceable.”

“We have helped ourselves, creating real things, not illusions.”
“The party was our home during the struggle for power, thus we are obligated to it.”
“We came from the people, we remain part of the people, and see ourselves as the executor of the people’s will.”
“We have always said: We will succeed only if we use our full energies.”

“Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels during his speech at the Gau East Hanover rally in Harburg.”
“The party exists to protect the nation from civil war, and the army exists to defend it against war from the outside.”
“Germany has a different reputation today than it did before our seizure of power.”

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