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Background: The Battle of Britain was in full swing, but the Nazis were annoyed that the British were bombing too. This illustrated essay from a weekly illustrated newspaper suggests that the British are intentionally bombing civilian targets.

The source: “Der Vernichtungsbefehl Churchills,” Hamburger Illustrierte, Nr. 40 (28 September 1940), pp. 2-3.

Churchill Orders Destruction

To distract the world from the German Luftwaffe’s great successes in bombing London, Churchill ordered lies to be spread about great damage caused by the Royal Air Force’s raids on Germany. The German transportation system is supposedly in chaos and numerous bombs have fallen on tracks and stations — or so the English say. But we know what they have really destroyed: houses, hospitals, and cemeteries!

German Newspaper scan Reich Marshall Herman Göring directs the Luftwaffe’s campaign against England.
German Newspaper scan This apartment building fell victim to a night raid on Bremen. British bombs caused great destruction of housing and killed five civilians.
German Newspaper scan This is the work of British flyers who, following Churchill’s orders, do not shrink from murder. This house in Bremen was also destroyed.
German Newspaper scan An attack in Heidelberg was a special “masterpiece.” In bright moonlight, dive bombers dropped seven bombs in a residential area. Four dead are Churchill’s responsibility.
German Newspaper scan More and more apartment buildings! This is a picture showing the results of an attack in Münster. One sees furniture and household goods in the wreckage.
German Newspaper scan In Hamburg and many other cities, the British sought out cemeteries and showed (for them, at least) unusually good aim. This is a cemetery in Duisburg.
German Newspaper scan Despite bright moonlight, flares, and 29 large red crosses, the British managed to unload their deadly cargo over the institute in Bethel.
German Newspaper scan No military target anywhere in the vicinity. But the houses and towns of farmers in northwestern Germany were hit “accurately.”
German Newspaper scan This western German house was also destroyed by Churchill’s destructive orders. We are taking our revenge.
German Newspaper scan Eight people were buried under the ruins of this building in Westphalia, which was destroyed by English bombs.
German Newspaper scan The height of unscrupulousness was shown in a night attack on the Bodelsching Home in Bethel by Bielefeld. The terrible consequences: twelve helpless children were killed and numerous others seriously injured. The picture above showed a destroyed hospital room. The picture to the right shows foreign journalists who can see for themselves that we are speaking the truth.

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