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Background: The first major Nazi anti-Semitic action after Hitler took power on 30 January 1933 was the nation-wide anti-Jewish boycott of 1 April 1933, headed by Julius Streicher, the party’s leading Jew-baiter. Groups of Nazis stood outside Jewish shops and companies throughout Germany. Although the boycott gave devoted anti-Semites the sense that the Nazi government was serious about going after the Jews, the boycott was not a tremendous success. Negative world reaction was strong. Originally planned to last for an uncertain length of time, the Nazis declared the boycott had served its purpose and ended it after one day.

This is a translation of the poster used in the town of Geisenheim, kindly provided to me by a friend of the site.

German people’s comrades! German housewives!

You all know the disgraceful methods that so-called “German” Jews abroad are using to incite against the German people and Adolf Hitler’s national government.

If we do not want to give up and sink into deeper misery, we must defend ourselves.

We therefore call on you to heed the appeal of our Führer, the German people’s chancellor,

for a boycott against the Jews

and expect the full support of each person in this defensive action.

Do not buy from Jewish shops!

Do not go to a Jewish doctor!

But maintain the strictest discipline. Do not even touch the hair on a Jew’s head.

The boycott begins Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.

From that moment on, we will watch to ensure that the boycott is strictly followed. He who tries to ignore the boycott will be seen as an enemy of the German people.

On Saturday morning at 9:30 at the Lindenplatz and the Pflänzer there will be a large public

Boycott Meeting

Appear in masses and show that, in the hour of need, you stand with the German people.

In Geisenheim, the following establishments will be boycotted:

Georg Strauß, grain merchant, Marktstraße
Gebr. Strauß, shop, Marktstraße
Moritz Strauß, ironware, Marktstraße
Hugo Forst, leather goods, Landstraße
Dr. Nathan, physician, Landstraße
Löwenthal, butcher, Pflänzer

The local group office of the NSDAP


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