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Background: The Flammenwerfer was a twice-monthly Nazi propaganda flyer, particularly aimed at members of the Social Democratic Party. This is the issue for June 1932, released a month before the July Reichstag election. It summarizes the major Nazi propaganda claims. For those interested, there is a complete run of the publication at the Bundesarchiv library in Berlin.

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The source: Flammenwerfer, Second year, 10th edition, June 1932.

1932 Nazi flyer The Flamethrower

The cover. The caption at the bottom: “The people rise up!”

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 2: The main headline, running over to the next page, is: “The [Weimar] system came to power through murder and terror!” The top picture is captioned “Barricades.” The text: “Red murder raged in the cities. Noske (the defense minister during the revolution) estimated that 1200 people died in Berlin alone in March [1919]. The center left photo is captioned: “Revolutionary’ Criminal Types.” The text: “The first ‘action’ of the revolution was to open the prisons and arm the criminals.” The bottom right photo is captioned: “The Results of Revolt.” “Erzberger has to wait until the arrogant ‘victor’ is ready to receive the German representatives.” The text at the bottom left is: “Front soldiers cross the bridges over the Rhine carrying the black-white-red flag. They were not yet infected by the ‘warriors at home.’ The result of the Marxist-led revolution was Germany’s unconditional surrender. Our soldiers at the front were stabbed in the back by Jewish agitators, deserters, and people without a conscience. Ebert and Scheidemann, standing to the right, were the fathers of the revolution. Don’t they look like two well-fed citizens?”

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 3: The top right photo: “The wall in the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich, before which innocent hostages (including a woman) were murdered by bestial Marxists.” The caption to the center right photo: “An apartment in Munich destroyed during the Soviet Republic.” bottom right: “A destroyed church facility. Churches were plundered by the Marxist criminals. The caption of the center document photo: “The command to murder the hostages.” The center text: “During the most fateful hour in the history of the German nation, Marxism unleashed its long-planned revolt, thus stabbing fighting soldiers at the front in the back. The System then ruled Germany for fourteen years. For fourteen years, Germany suffered poverty and misery. Fourteen years of their policies have brought Germany to the edge of the abyss. The left top caption: “The basement of the Liutpold Gymnasium in Munich, where the Red Guards imprisoned the hostages before shooting them. bottom left caption: “While civil war raged in Germany, misery took its course. In Versailles, the Social Democrat Müller and the Center Party man Bell signed the “peace treaty,” which, besides everything else, said that Germany bore the sole guilt for the war.”

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 4: The caption running over to page 5: “The system means poverty and misery.” Below it, the caption reads: “6 million unemployed, 6 million starving!” The four people shown: “General Groener, to whom the soldier’s oath is merely an idea. Known for his hatred of the NSDAP. He lost his office because he banned the National Socialist S.A., but considered the civil war army of the Reichsbanner [the Social Democratic Party’s paramilitary group] a pillar of the state. Bernard Weiß, the Jewish vice president of the Berlin police. The National Socialists in the Prussian Parliament have established ‘Bernhard Weiß Chicago Committee.” The Jewish vice president of police has been charged by his own criminal police of organizing and protecting an illegal gambling club, in which he is an eager participant. Albert Grczesinski, police president of Berlin. He had to disappear as a Prussian minister because of his love affair with Daisy (he was married). He held on as police president, however. Such a man can never be allowed to say: ‘Hitler should be chased out of Germany with a dog whip.’ Dr. Hilferding, the father of inflation, a Jewish gynecologist from Vienna. He was Reich Finance Minister in 1933, and declared on 31 August 1923 that the danger of a further decline in the mark was past. Nonetheless, the mark continued to fall. In September 1923, a dollar was worth 130,000,000 marks. In November 1923, it reached 4.2 billion marks.” The center left photo: “Social Democratic bigwigs enjoy themselves in the Reichstag restaurant.” Center right photo: “Sklarek’s [a Jew involved in a major Berlin financial scandal] villa, scene of drinking bouts with Marxist city councilors. The two bottom photos: “But the unemployed stand in line at the unemployment office and the unemployed are ruthlessly evicted.”

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 5: Top right: “Brüning speaks at a meeting of the foreign press association shortly before his fall from power: ‘The fundamental problem that concerns us day and night is the problem of unemployment.’” Under that: “Down with the system of emergency decrees.” The photo to the upper right: “The unemployed outside the unemployment office in Neukölln.” Below that: “Shipping and commerce have ceased.” Middle right photo: “They are looking for a job.” Banner below: “Put new men at the rudder! Vote NSDAP List 2.”

General Epp, the liberator of Munich, Dr. Goebbels, the conqueror of Berlin, Gregor Strasser, the honored early battler for National Socialism, Baldur von Schirach, the national leader of the National Socialist youth.”

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 6: National Socialism brings: Peace, prosperity, jobs, and food.

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 7: “Germany is waking up! In every Gau in the German nation, Adolf Hitler is calling an awakening people to fight for freedom.” Picture to the upper left: “Hitler during a stop in Danzig during his aerial tour of Germany.” Picture to the center right: “Hitler leaving the newly established National Socialist business office.” Captions to the lower right: “Hitler leads the S.A., the youth greets the future leader of Germany, Hitler speaks with farmers in Mecklenburg.”

1932 Nazi flyer

Page 8: “Millions expect, millions trust, millions hope for Adolf Hitler. They all believe in Adolf Hitler.”

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