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Background: Besides publishing Der Stürmer, Julius Streicher was also responsible for a variety of other anti-Semitic literature. This is part of a pamphlet titled The Jewish Question in Education, intended for teachers. It urges them to incorporate anti-Semitism into every part of the curriculum. The pamphlet was given considerable publicity in Der Stürmer when it was published in 1937. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Fritz Fink, Die Judenfrage im Unterricht (Nuremberg: Stürmerverlag, 1937).

The Jewish Question in Education

by Fritz Fink

Introduction by Julius Streicher

The National Socialist state has brought about fundamental changes in every area of the life of the German people. It has also given the German teacher new tasks. The National Socialist state demands that teachers teach German children about the racial question. For the German people, the racial question is the Jewish question. He who wishes to teach the children about the Jews must himself become an expert. Teacher Fritz Fink wants to help the German teacher to understanding and knowledge with his pamphlet The Jewish Question in Education.He can and may do this because fate has called him to a battle that let him gain knowledge about Jewish blood and its effects on the German people. He who takes to heart what Fritz Fink has written from his heart, who has cared for many years about his people, will be thankful to the author of this outwardly small pamphlet.


The racial and Jewish Question is the central problem of the National Socialist worldview. Solving this problem will ensure the survival of National Socialism and thereby the survival of our people for all time. The enormous significance of the Jewish Question is recognized today by nearly every member of the German people. This knowledge cost our people a long period of misery. To spare coming generations this misery, we want German teachers to plant the knowledge of the Jew deep in the hearts of our youth from their childhood on. No one among our people should or may grow up without learning the true depravity and danger of the Jew.

That requires that the German teacher himself master the racial and Jewish Question. Valuable work is done in educational camps and in the groups of the National Socialist Teachers’ Federation. Experience shows, however, that many teachers are not able to present and explain their knowledge of the racial and Jewish Question in a way that profits our youth for their whole lives. He who devotes an hour a week in his school to the racial and Jewish Question, making it into something of an independent subject, approaches it in an unnatural way. The knowledge of the racial and Jewish Question must grow organically from the whole curriculum of our schools. Racial science and the Jewish question must run like a red thread through education at every level. There is no subject in our schools from which valuable knowledge of the Jewish Question cannot be drawn in unexpected fullness. This small pamphlet, The Jewish Question in Education, will explore several of these opportunities. It does not pretend to be a pedagogic text in the usual sense. It contains none of the familiar sample class sessions which have ruined the style and instincts of some teachers. The pamphlet The Jewish Question in Education wants to show German teachers simple ways in which the Jewish Question can be incorporated naturally into the curriculum. He who has mastered the highway will himself discover a thousand side streets and find new ways himself.

The German Child and the Jew

He who addresses the theme “The Jewish Question in Education” is immediately asked: “How do I get this problem across to children?” Another objects: “Is a child even interested in the question?” The expert teacher asks: “Does a child even have the necessary capacity to understand?” Even the most conscientious teacher can be assured that a child has everything necessary: the interest, the ability to understand. In an age when adults did not see or recognize the Jew, the child saw him as foreign. When the Jewish cattle dealer stepped onto the farm, the farmer’s children ran inside and hid behind the mother’s skirt. Their uncorrupted racial instincts smelled he of the foreign race, who brings danger and misery. Adults had lost this healthy racial instinct. They had forgotten how to see racially. They no longer saw he who was different. In working class districts of Nuremberg after the war, children followed Jews shouting: “Jew, Jew, hepp, hepp, hepp!” The fathers and mothers of these children were members of parties of which more than half of the leadership were Jews. A dislike of the Jews is innate in uncorrupted German youth. Today the child encounters the name Jew everywhere: in the newspapers, in conversations, in the songs of the S.A. and the HJ [Hitler Youth]. The disgust with which they hear this name steadily increases, as does their dislike when they meet a representative of the Jewish race. However young he may be, a child asks himself the reasons for this dislike and disgust and wants an explanation from his teacher. That provides the foundation for successful education. But some teachers still lack the courage to address the Jewish question with enthusiasm. Nervously and shyly they avoid it. To be prepared for inspections, they briefly touch on the Jewish Question now and again. These are the teachers who have in their bones the ideas the Jews propagate of “objectivity, decency and humanity.” These are the teachers who at the behest of the churches display pity and brotherly love to the deadly enemy, even when they sense and see that their own people is being destroyed by this deadly enemy. They are the weaklings, the cowards, those German teachers ruined by foreign powers. They avoid the Jewish question in education but rather than meeting the desire of the child for education and at the same time fulfilling one of their most important tasks.


The question remains: “How do I get the Jewish Question across to a child in education?” The more naturally and directly this happens, the more lasting the effect. The best subject for doing this naturally and easily is science. We see in nature that only similar creatures live together. Similar insects like ants, wasps, bees, termites, etc., build their states. When migratory birds leave for the south in the fall, starlings fly with starlings, storks with storks, swallows with swallows. Although they are all birds, each holds strictly to its kind. A herd of chamois is never led by a deer or a herd of wild horses by a wild boar. Each kind sticks with its own, and seeks a leader of the same species. That is the way of nature. When these facts are explained in school, the time has to come when a boy or a girl stands up and says: “If that is the way it is in nature, it has to be the same with people. But our German people once allowed itself to be led by those of foreign race, the Jews.” To older students, one can explain that a male starling mates only with a female starling. They build a nest, lay eggs, care for the chicks. Young starlings come from that nest. Like is drawn to like and produces its own kind. That is the way nature is! Only where humanity intervenes do artificial cross-breeds result, the mixed race, the bastard. People cross a horse and a donkey to produce a mule. The mule is an example of a bastard. Nature does not want it to reproduce. It denies the mule offspring. Only man sets himself over the will of nature. He approves and even demands the mixture of blacks or Orientals with white people, or Jews with Gentiles. Each valued member of a race is racially conscious. No White who is aware of and proud of his race will mate with a Negress or a Jewess; even a racially conscious Negro will not mate with a White. Each prefers its own kind. Only an inferior member of a race inclines toward those of other races, or allows himself to be misused by them. Only inferior members of various races mix with each other, the bad mixes with the bad. It is thus clear that the bastard always gets the worst of it, that is, he unites only the bad characteristics of the races he comes from. A teacher who presents his students with such ideas will have an easy time in explaining the meaning of the Nuremberg Laws to the youth. The children will see in the Nuremberg Laws nothing other than a return to the natural, to the divine, order.

There are countless examples in the sciences that provide wonderful and easy ways to discuss the racial and Jewish Question. Here we will provide only one other example. The Munich scientist Dr. Escherich has studied the wonderful structures and colonies of termites. He summarizes his conclusions in this way:

The queen is at the center of the great pyramid of earth that the termites build. She alone lays eggs and ensures offspring. Termite workers care for her, cleaning and feeding her. Other small workers clean the passageways and carry food through the streets of the wonderful city. Larger ones with sharp pinchers, the soldiers of the termite state, provide order. They are the guardians, the defenders of the structure. As long as life in the mound follows this order and division of labor, the termite race prospers, grows, and lives.

One day foreign insects came to the termite mound. They tried to enter. Where good termite soldiers stood, there was a battle and the foreigners were driven away. But there were also places where guards had forgotten their duty. They mixed with the foreigners. They sipped an apparently tasty liquid that the foreigners exuded from their bodies. They became brothers with the foreign insects that had come to their mound.

They let the foreigners pass and enter the termite state. The termites inside took no offense at the foreign guests. They thought that if their “guard” had admitted them, they could not be enemies. Ever more guests came. One day there was great excitement in the termite mound. There was a terrible battle in every corner. The foreigners had murdered the queen. There was revolution in the termite state. Everyone murdered everyone else in a gruesome manner. A few days later the mound was dead. Everything living had been destroyed.

Students who hear the teacher tell of this amazing natural event will think deeply for a while. It would be surprising if a student then did not stand up and say: “That is the way it was with our people, in our country. The foreigners who came to us and gained entry were the Jews. At first there were a few, then more and more. After the war they came in swarms from the east. When they felt strong enough, they led a revolution. They hunted our people’s leaders. There was murder everywhere. There was no order. The Jew became lord of the country and the state.”

The teacher will help them along by expanding on the subject:

Yes, children, that is how it was. It was not long ago. The “leaders” of our people let the Jews in because they thought they could not get along without the financial and court Jews. The Jew earned the favor of the rulers by bribery. He took over one post after another in the government. He infiltrated everywhere, everywhere he had his paid lackeys. He even got so far as to win the favor of the Kaiser. When the Jew felt strong enough, he struck. Revolution came to the country. Law and order disappeared. The people’s leaders were persecuted. In Russia the Jew murdered them. Brother raised his hand against brother. In Germany everyone hated everyone else. Things grew silent in Germany, silent on the farms and in the factories. Poverty, hunger, misery were everywhere. We were collapsing. The Jew was lord over us.

Such a lesson will help the children understand why the Nuremberg Laws redefined citizenship and excluded the Jews from any influence in political and governmental life. The children must learn that the laws directed against the Jews and the struggle against him is not the result of an arbitrary whim, but an action necessary to defend our people. [pp. 3-12]

pp. 13-41 not translated

Racial Defilement

I have not yet discussed the most important and dreadful side of the Jewish Question. It especially concerns those teachers in vocational and upper-level schools who care for our female youth. It also demands steady attention and deepening from the BDM [League of German Girls], the German Labor Front, and all the organizations outside the schools that work with our female youth. All of us parents and teachers bear the guilt that countless of our girls and women have been ruined by the Jews. We may not and do not want to judge them. Neither parents, teachers, nor clergy educated or warned them. No one introduced them to the god-given secrets and laws of blood and race. They were fed all sorts of things in school and church. Yet no one gave them the deepest knowledge that would have protected them from physical and spiritual destruction. Thus the poison of Jewish blood entered our people’s bloodstream thousands upon thousands of times. Many decades will pass before our people eliminates it. No German teacher today can avoid the problem of “The Jew and the German woman.” It would be criminal neglect. Why should we from stupid sinful embarrassment conceal from our more mature girls in school what they can learn five minutes later in all its brutality on the street, in shops, or in offices, or what will perhaps be revealed to them the same evening in the most awful way by a criminal Jew?

The new approach to education has the goal to lead our female youth to motherhood, to womanhood. Mother and child, with all their related questions, are now more the center of education. Thank god, eugenics and a concern with healthy offspring has also entered our schoolrooms. It is easy to build the bridge from them to the Jewish Question. The Nuremberg Laws also provide a starting point. They forbid Jews to have female servants under 45 years of age. The forbid marriage between Jews and Germans. They provide lengthy prison terms for sexual relations between Jews and Germans, even if it does not lead to motherhood. Why is this?

We recall the knowledge gained earlier in the sciences. We extend it. We learn from the animal breeder. We study the ancestors of his animals. He tells us that he breeds only pairs of the same race. Only that ensures that the valuable characteristics of the various races remain intact and improve. Each animal breeder can affirm that crossing the races always results in a bastard, and that such a degenerate animal is worthless. That is clear from thousands of examples.

We then turn to people. Why should they be exempt from these laws? We use pictures as an aid: pictures of children of German-blooded parents, pictures of Jewish children, both of whose parents are full-blooded Jews, and pictures of children who are a mixture of Jew and German. We make the comparisons. We are most interested in the last group of children, those of mixed race. We look to see from which race most of the characteristics come. We see the Jew in his face, his body, his appearance and manner, his thinking, feeling and behavior. We do not need to investigate deeply. Everything about him speaks of the Jew, of discord, of degenerate blood. The person of mixed race is a lamentable creature, tossed back and forth by the blood of his two races. We establish that the bastard is a burden to a people. He weakens it. His offspring carry on the racial degeneration. I urge each teacher to encourage the reading of Dr. Dinter’s book The Sin Against the Blood. It speaks in a stronger way to our more mature girls than the lovely sweet stuff that one still finds here and there. In schools where girls are trained to be teachers, I think that introducing the racial and Jewish Question in this way is the most important task. I know from experience how helpless, inexperienced, and ignorant some young female teachers are about this problem.

The sin against the blood passes its curse not only to the mixed race offspring, but rather the curse also sticks to the defiled mother, never leaving her for the rest of her life. Racial defilement is racial death. Racial defilement is bloodless murder. A woman defiled by the Jew can never rid her body of the foreign poison she has absorbed. She is lost to her people. What we have learned from animal breeders is just as true here. Our ancestors knew this. We forgot it. Only one guarded it through the millennia as a valuable treasure: the Jew!

Once again we review the familiar history of the Jewish people. At a time during the Babylonian Captivity when the Jews took Gentile wives and Jewish blood threatened to decay and decline, Ezra entered the scene. The savior of the Jews. He gave the people that law of blood to which Jewry today owes its existence. He forbade marriage with non-Jewesses. He forced the Jews to drive their Gentile wives into the wilderness. Ezra’s laws are holy to the Jews to this day.

The Jew thus recognizes the significance of keeping blood pure. But he persuades other people of the opposite. He preaches racial mixing to other peoples, bastardization. “Why does he do this?” the girls will ask. Because he sees in racial mixing the surest way to break the life force of the nations, to drive them into the depth of destruction. His goal is to contribute to this process of bastardization wherever he is able. The defilement and deracing of Gentile women by the Jews is not the result of a blood-driven Jewish sexual drive. It is far more the result of devilish planning and calculation. This gives us once again the opportunity to speak to our female youth of the Talmud and to discover that the Talmud not only permits the defilement of Gentile women, it makes it a duty. Once again we encounter the great Jewish hatred, the great Jewish desire for annihilation, when we read what the Talmud says about Gentile women:

“The Jew may misuse Gentile women.’ (Maimonides: Jab chasaka 2,2.)

“All Gentile women are whores.” (Eben haezar 6,8.)

“A Gentile girl who is three years and a day old may be defiled.” (Abodah sarah 37a.)

“A man (Jew) may do everything with a woman that he is able to do. He may treat her like a piece of meat that comes from the butcher. He may eat it raw, grilled, cooked, or smoked.” (Talmud: Nedarine 20b.)

“It is forbidden for Jews to commit adultery with the wife of a Jew. Adultery with the wife of a Gentile is permitted.” (Talmud Sanhedrin 52b.)

A teacher who has not slept through the past few years will find it easy to give his girls insight into the terrible destructive work the Jew has done to German women. He will speak of the tragedies that have occurred in Jewish homes, offices, department stores, in the offices of Jewish doctors and attorneys. He who has heard nothing of this may read the Stürmerand follow the battle it wages against Jewish racial defilers. Things had gone so far that the Jew Kurt Münzer could say:

“We have ruined the blood of all the races of Europe, defiled them, broken their strength, made everything tired, lazy, and rotten with our corrupt culture.” (The Way to Zion,a novel of 1910).

And the Jewess Anselma Heine boasted:

Suddenly I saw in him the typical ancient train of suffering of his race. It was his pleasure to have power over women, and nothing gave him greater joy than to boast of the brutal force with which he ruled his women of the blond nobility.” (Anselma Heine on the poet Ludwig Jakobowski, Lit. Echo, Issue 3, 1912).

Girls educated in such a way will never become victims of the Jew. They are safe from the devils of this world. They will slap the Jewish seducer in the face if he dares to approach them. Now they understand the Nuremberg Laws. Their hearts are filled with passionate thanks that the National Socialist movement protects the German woman from shame and defilement. They will pass on to their children what we have given them. Thus the blessings of our labors will endure in the coming generations. [pp. 41-46]

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