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Background: This is a teacher’s guide to racial instruction, covering the 4th through the 8th grades. I provide a translation of sections that strike me as particularly interesting. Bareth was an experienced teacher, and Vogel’s title is Rektor. Vogel also produced a set of posters to be used in classroom instruction. Published in 1937, before the alliance with Japan, there is some material on the “Yellow Peril.” Such material disappeared later.

The source: Karl Bareth and Alfred Vogel, Erblehre und Rassenkunde für die Grund- und Hauptschule 2nd edition (Bühl-Baden: Verlag Konkordia, 1937).

Heredity and Racial Science for Elementary and Secondary Schools

by Karl Bareth and Alfred Vogel

Table of Contents


Heredity and Racial Science in the Natural Sciences

Ways to Include Heredity and Racial Science in Teaching the Natural Sciences

Grade 4: Deals with the basics of heredity

Grade 5: More details on genetic inheritance

Grade 6: Cell biology, transmission of genetic material

Grade 7: Applications to human beings

Grade 8:

Preserving Racial Inheritance

In grades 4 through 7, we have come to the following understanding:

  1. Nature’s laws of heredity are undeniably true. All living creatures, humans included, are subject to these laws.
  2. Humans are not equal, but rather are of differing races. The drives and strengths that create cultures are rooted in a race’s genes.

Our race, too, has its racial inheritance, and a culture that grows out of it. We must fight for it. The Führer gave us a high goal to fight for when he said: “We must fight for the existence and growth of our race and our people, the feeding of its children, the maintenance of the purity of its blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, and fulfill the mission given to us by the Creator of the universe.” (Hitler, Mein Kampf).

The success and final victory of this great task depends:

1. The Law of Selection [Untranslated]

2. Eliminating (Ausmerzung) those with hereditary illness

Growing number of hereditary illnesses up to 1933. Negative selection allowed a huge increase in hereditary illness. Here are several statistics that demonstrate the dramatic increase.

In Lippe in 1804, there were 13 cases of mental illness per 10,000 inhabitants. In 1908, there were 32 cases per 10,000 inhabitants.

In Upper Bavaria, there were 25 beds for the mentally ill in 1901. In 1927, there were 4,000.

Percentage who were either born with, or developed, an inherited illness
In a population of about 65,000,000, that is
Feeblemindedness: about 1.5%
Idiots: about 0.25%
Mentally Ill: about 1.5%
Epileptic: about 1.15%
Blind: about 0.015%
Morons: about 0.075%
Deaf: about 0.025%
Hard of Hearing: about 0.075%

Add them all up!

What would the German people look like in the future if these trends continue?

A healthy family, on average, has 2.2 children.

A mentally retarded family, on average, has 3.5 children.

A criminal family, on average, has 4.9 children.

With an average of 3 children per racially valuable families and 4 children for less valuable parts of the population, the future would look as follows:

[A chart that shows if the “valuable” portion of the population had 3 children, and the less valuable 4, assuming both groups to be equal at start, after a hundred years, the high value percentage of the population would be 23%, and after 300 years, only 4%.]

Hereditary illness is a burden to the state:

Cost to the Prussian state per day:

In 1932, one German city found the following expenses:

Total additional costs for those with hereditary illnesses in 1930 were estimated at about one billion Reich Marks. 350,000,000 Reich Marks went to that purpose during the 1933/1934 Winter Relief Program.

We note that although the huge costs to support the genetically burdened must be paid largely by the state, they are really borne by working, healthy families.

Government measures to prevent offspring with hereditary illnesses:

In the case of plants and animals cultivated by humans, care is taken to weed out the less valuable. Only the useful and valuable genetic material is preserved. That is also what nature wants through the law of selection. Should not we do the same with people? Or shall the lines of our people with hereditary illnesses overcome the healthy? That would mean the self-dissolution and destruction of the whole people, for a people that suffers from hereditary illnesses is not able to maintain itself in the great battle of selection between the peoples!

To protect the healthy population from the dangers of hereditary illness and dissolution, the National Socialist State created the “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses “ of 14 July 1933. Under this law, the genetically burdened are sterilized for the following diseases:

  1. Feeblemindedness
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Manic-depressive insanity
  4. Epilepsy
  5. St. Vitus’s Dance
  6. Blindness
  7. Deafness
  8. Severe physical deformity
  9. Severe alcoholism

This law may seem hard for individuals with hereditary illnesses, but it is a necessity for the continued existence of the whole people.

Attitudes toward sterilization of the German people. Persons with hereditary illnesses have inherited their trouble from their ancestors and are, therefore, innocent. The guilty are those people who passed their blood on to their descendants. The person who is sterilized, therefore, is not the victim of state measures as evil-minded opponents of National Socialism claim, but rather the victim of his genetically burdened ancestors. If a person with a hereditary illness freely chooses to submit to the “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses” and renounces offspring, he makes a great sacrifice for his people. For this reason, the state protects those who are sterilized with a law that prohibits contempt.

Important result: The “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses” fulfills the command for loving one’s neighbor, and is consistent with God-given natural laws. The persons affected by the law make a great sacrifice for the whole of the people. (For further training material, see Hitler, Mein Kampf, pp. 446-450).

3. Selection and promotion of strong genetic lines.

[Untranslated. The section deals with government measures to encourage sound racial stock.]

4. Maintaining the purity of blood.

The rise of a people depends not only on eliminating genetic illness and the less valuable, and on promoting the valuable genetic traits, but just as importantly on maintaining the purity of blood. Here, too, nature gives us valuable examples in the plant and animal world.

a) Bastards in the animal world.

The disappointed hunter (An essay from an 8th grader):

An old hunter hurried eagerly in the early morning to the doghouse to see the pups that had been born that night to a pointer bitch. Although the bitch barked and tried to defend them, the hunter removed two pups. He was astonished. He examined the pup to the right with a careful and critical eye. “That doesn’t look right,” he muttered, and gave them both back to the waiting bitch. After a few weeks things with the pups were clearer. Three of the pups resembled the mother; two were more like German Shepherds. Later, the hunter was even more disappointed. The three pointers were bad hunting dogs. Even the best training could not make pointers of them. They had no instinct for hunting and were, therefore, unsuitable and worthless. And the other two lacked the instincts of a German Shepherd. All five were worthless cross-breeds, “bastards,” and unsuitable for breeding.

b) Race mixing among humans.

We have already spoken about one racial mixing. That had to do with the racial development of the German people. May we also speak of it as bastardization? If we look into the face of the German people, peering deeply into its spiritual life, we are absolutely convinced that the joining of these six races into one whole people was not a bastardization. Their genetic traits joined in a wonderful and harmonious way to form the German people, from which our German culture sprang.

We speak of bastardization in the case of a mixed race (Mischlinge) that develops from fundamentally different races or racial mixtures, as, for example, one between Europeans and Negroes, Europeans and Asians, Europeans and Indians, Europeans and Jews, etc. Such mixed race individuals carry the contradictory traits of both races, resulting in a confusion. Bastards are unhappy people. A bastard of European and Negroid descent has some of the characteristics of the white race, and some characteristics of the black race. He unsuited both for the jungles and hot sun of the south, but also for the north. Two souls live and compete within the breast of the bastard. He never finds peace and a harmonious, balanced life. The hard laws of blood force him to live a life of racial confusion and fragmentation.

Mixing widely separate races is certainly a gain of valuable genetic traits for the lower of the races, but the more valuable race declines. “The result of race mixing, in brief, is always:

a) the lowering of the quality of the higher race,

b) a physical and spiritual decline, and therefore the beginning, however slowly, of ever-increasing infirmity.” (Mein Kampf), p. 304.

“Racial mixing, and the resulting decline in racial quality, is the single cause for the death of ancient cultures; people do not perish because of lost wars, but rather because of the loss of the strength to resist that comes only from pure blood.” (Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 324).

The fall of Rome. The Romans, a part of the Indo-Germanic family of peoples, moved south under the name of the Italians, and founded a successful agricultural state. For a long time, they held to the northern laws of life. Over the centuries, however, they mixed with the original inhabitants (the Plebs) and neighboring peoples (Carthaginians, etc.). The racial nature of the former Italians soon changed. The Roman people began to think, feel, and act differently. The old laws lost their hold, the culture and all the values of the former racial inheritance were given up. Those people with the remaining racial strength died out in Rome’s wars or because they lacked children. The remaining generations were sick both in body and soil, and therefore Rome was defeated by racially strong waves of invasion from the Germanic north.

Negro bastards in France. During the World War our soldiers fought not only against French, Belgians, English, and Americans, but also against “Blacks” from Africa. France set the Blacks against the Whites. After the war, these Africans stood with their bayonets along the upper Rhine (Maxau, Kehl) and in the Rhineland.

Just as France saw no shame in using Blacks to destroy the German people, so, too, it was not ashamed to give its racial inheritance to Negroes. Many thousands of bastards are the accursed result of racial defilement. From year to year France became increasingly Negroized. A third of the French Foreign Legion is colored, and during war that rises to 60% or 70%! We see Negro policemen and colored officers in French cities. France gives civil rights to Negroes. Negroes can become civil servants and judges. There was even a Negro who became a state secretary and vice president of parliament! The French Minister of Colonists said in a speech: “In creating a new French race, we are striving for the equality of humanity and international morality!”

“Black” against “White” in America. Particularly during the 19th century, many Europeans emigrated to America and became masters of the New World. During the decades of the 20th century, in the age of liberalism and of “making everyone equal,” masses of Negroes were also allowed to immigrate and work in the armaments industry. Today, the USA is near racial collapse. Several statistics to prove the point:

This war of the Blacks against the Whites was supported and encouraged by the Moscow World Communist International, which has taken up the crazy liberal doctrine of human equality.

Racial awakening in the East. Review the Japan’s battle in the East with Russia, England, and America: Japan moves toward China, India, and Australia — ban on emigration — arming — naval conference —population policy, birth rates — economic battles with the lack of resources and markets — Japan’s colonization in Brazil, Hawaii (86 Japanese in Hawaii in 1880, 125,000 by 1925, over against 10,000 Americans!) —

In Asia, too, Caucasians are in a defensive position!

The Caucasians and Europe. The Black race poured into Europe through the entryway of Marseilles. France put up no barriers. The yellow race is growing in the East. Can the White outposts in Asia and European Russia, infected by communism, withstand the storm? Will the white peoples of Europe win the battle to determine whether the future will belong to “white or colored humanity?” And keep in mind that the Treaty of Versailles left deep wounds of hatred and division in the European peoples, wounds from which all still need to recover. And do not overlook the fact that most of Europe’s peoples carry within themselves the destructive bacterium of communism.

In this battle for everything, which will determine whether we have ethnic and racial chaos or a resurrection of the peoples and the preservation of racial values and cultures, Providence has called the German people to a leading role in the heart of Europe. First, our Führer united our own people through the fire of revolution and restored their faith in nature’s iron laws of blood and race. Increasingly, his great thinking is spreading beyond Germany’s borders to Europe’s peoples. In his major speeches, he shakes the consciences of the European peoples. Europe will not become a cemetery of peoples because of internal conflict and quarrels, over which a foreign race will one day stand. Europe will once again become healthy and strong!

The Jews and the German People.

Each German must understand the Jewish question. With sure vision, the writer Anacker predicted the bitter struggle against the “Red flood,” and called for “the last reserves” in the decisive battle. In our own country, Red power ended as a result of the German revolution of 1933. Beyond our borders, however, the red plague still rages, attempting to corrupt other peoples and plunge them into misery and misfortune.

In our own land, we want to hold eternal watch. That is particularly true for you, German youth! You, too, must fight the battle and must therefore know the destroyer of all ethnic life: the Jew!

Development of Jewry. The Jews are not a race, as is often thought. The Jewish people is a racial mixture from parts of the Near Eastern and Asian races. The genetic, physical, and spiritual characteristics of the Jew are so foreign and different to us that any association with a Jew must be rejected by any German with sound instincts, even by the smallest, simplest child. This is particularly clear in areas where Germans do not live, but instead visit farmers for commercial reasons. The simple person in the countryside knows the Jew only from livestock trading or peddling. The trading instinct is in the Jew’s blood. The first Jews came to the Germanic regions during the time of the Romans. At first, they were only guests. But they were masters at understanding how to exploit the nature of their host people. As soon as the Jew was recognized as a bloodsucker and parasite among the people, he was expelled from the people’s community. During the Middle Ages, they were kept in strictly separate Jewish districts (ghettos), and had to wear distinctive clothing (pointed Jewish cap). Even during the age of Frederick the Great, one saw the Jew as a member of a foreign race, and Goethe, too, was outraged that the ban on marriage between Jews and Christians was to be lifted. The ghetto walls fell for the Jews during the French Revolution, with its notion of “equality.” Following that example, the liberal statesman Hardenberg instituted the “emancipation” of the Jews, granting them independence and equality within the German host people. Suddenly, the Jew was a citizen. The Jew rapidly forced his way into every area of life of the German people. After Bismarck’s fall in 1890, the misfortune could no longer be halted.

Influence of Jewry in the economy. The House of Rothschild is a classic example. The Jew Meyer Amschel Rothschild was the founder of this “ruling house.” He began as a small merchant, them moved to money trading, and finally became court advisor to the Elector of Hesse. During the French Revolution, he earned millions by supplying the army. His five sons settled in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples, becoming Europe’s most powerful bankers.

Even kings and emperors fall victim to the Jew’s weapon of money. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the capitalist Jew stood higher than the political statesman, and soon the Jew Walter Rathenau could substitute the slogan “The economy is fate” for the holy concept of “blood and soil.” Jewry gained absolute control of Germany’s economy and commerce after the November Revolution of 1918. As Germany’s poverty grew, thousands of Jews immigrated from Galicia and Poland to our land in order to exploit the German people’s misery. In 1925, there were 76,000 Jewish immigrants. Filthy and poor, carrying all their possessions in a sack, they moved to Breslau, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc. The plague also broke out in Baden, along the border. Within a few years, the Jews had gathered wealth and possessions. The following statistics show the economic power Jewry had in Germany:

In 1930, 57% of the 603 German metalworking firms were Jewish, 41% of the 514 dealers in scrap metal, 39% of the 12,858 textile firms, and 61% of the 133 wholesalers of women’s clothing. Of the 147 members of the Berlin stock exchange, 116 were Jewish! Four of the six members of the board of directors of the Reich Bank were Jews!!

The Jews Katz, Kutisker, Barmat, Sklarek, and Rotter cheated the German people of many, many millions in economic life. Despite their guilt, they managed to avoid long prison sentences.

Influence of the Jews in German professional life. In Prussia in 1925, Jews were:

In Berlin in 1933, Jews were:

Jews take over German culture. To break the German powers of resistance, the Jews worked to poison our cultural life. Their filthy theatrical productions and dirty movies corrupted many Germans, particularly the young. Lovely old German fables were replaced by dirty books, Jewish jazz music drove out German folk songs. The German soul was increasingly poisoned, and the German people made ready for conquest.

Jews and politics. Politics was decisive; therefore, the Jew put particular energy into increasing his influence in politics. The Jew played a particularly destructive role in the November Revolution. One, a Polish Jew, made himself President of Bavaria. He declared that Germany bore the guilt for the World War. Levien, also a Jew, was a leader of the Munich Soviet Republic. He participated in the slaughter of hostages. Krautsky, a Czech Jew, succeeded in becoming a Reich undersecretary of state. He wrote a book that made Germany particularly guilty for the war, ignoring or twisting important documents. Lies by Eisner and Krautsky did great damage to our fatherland.

The Jews assumed important state positions, until our Führer took over the leadership of the state. Hilferding, a Jew from Austria, was Reich Minister of Finance for a long time. The Police President of berlin, Isidor Weiß, was a Jew. Even the Foreign Ministry was lead by a Jew for a long time. The Jews had leading roles in the Marxist parties. The Jews Marx, Lasalle, Rosa Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Hilferding, Hugo Haase, and others were leading Marxists. In 1924, 22% of SPD representatives were Jewish, 15% of the USPD. These people misled German workers for decades. Our Führer tells us in his book Mein Kampf how the Jews thought up Marxism. When Adolf Hitler was working in construction in Vienna, fighting for his future, misled workers tried to convince him of the Jewish doctrines of Marxism. They said more or less the following: “Look, we are workers, without rights and oppressed. We are a class, a working class, and have but one enemy, the bourgeoisie, the rich. That is whom we fight against. Workers all over the world are fighting him.” Adolf Hitler saw the falseness of this doctrine, but also saw that it had been thought up by Jews. He also knew that it would be impossible to wipe out this doctrine, which had split the German people into enemy camps, without taking power away from the Jew. Therefore, Adolf Hitler set himself the task of taking his great influence away from the Jew, and never losing sight of that goal. Thus, immediately after the German revolution, the Jew was removed from all influential positions through the Aryan Paragraph of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service of 7 April 1933. The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor (Reich Party Rally at Nuremberg, 1935) prohibited marriage between Germans and Jews. Racial defilement is severely punished. The Jews are excluded from Reich citizenship. After 100 years, this law once again makes clear the line between Germans and Jews, to the blessing of our people.

National Socialist Racial Thinking and the Peoples

When the Führer took power in 1933 the German people’s body was severely ill. The poison of foreign worldviews ran through the veins of all the people’s organisms. Hardly anyone was immune. Then Providence sent the German people a doctor, the Führer. He knew the disease; he knew that the German people suffered from a corruption of its racial strength. Using every possible medication, including if necessary the most radical, the bacterium was removed from the people’s body. Our people is becoming racially healthy once more.

But our people is not alone in the world. It is surrounded by a ring of peoples. Most peoples today still suffer from the same disease that the German people once suffered. They are nearing racial collapse, especially the European peoples. Therefore, the Führer wants other peoples to follow the holy laws of blood that we follow, for mixing with widely foreign races means the betrayal of the blood of each people and eventual decline. The fundamental reason for excluding foreign-raced groups from a people’s body is not discrimination or contempt, but rather the realization of otherness. Only through such thinking will the peoples again become healthy and able to respect each other.

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