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Background: Since Einstein was Jewish, the Nazis had to argue that he was no scientific genius, but rather a typical Jew of limited abilities. This 1939 article comes from the Mitteilungen über die Judenfrage, a newsletter published by the Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage, the most prestigious of the Nazi research institutes on the “Jewish Question.” It is typical of much Nazi propaganda directed against Einstein. It makes, among other things, the interesting claims that there is nothing new about the Theory of Relativity, and even if there were, Einstein plagiarized it.

The source: Fritz Redlin, “Das Judenporträt: Albert Einstein. Die ‘Sehenswürdigkeit’ von Princeton,” Mitteilungen über die Judenfrage, 3 (9 March 1939), pp. 3-4.

Albert Einstein

A “Tourist Attraction” at Princeton

The American people increasingly rejects the politicizing Relativity-Einstein. The well-known Dies Committee on Un-American Activities publicly called Einstein a communist agitator. A public mass meeting was held to protest Einstein after he called for supplying weapons to Red Spain in the New York Times.

Albert Einstein — Founder of the Theory of Relativity, Nobel Prize Laurete, former director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics, former Professor at the Universities of Berlin and Leiden, Member of the Amsterdam Academy of Sciences, Member of the “Committee for Intellectual Cooperation” of the League of Nations and the board of the University of Jerusalem — must have been sure of his scientific stature as he shook the dust of Germany from his feet “under the moral pressure of the Nazis” in 1933 and went to America. He has since been remarkably quiet about the Theory of Relativity, which the Jewish public relations machine claimed was the greatest scientific discovery since Adam. Einstein currently works in a fine laboratory at Princeton University provided by the American government. The Jüdische Nationalbiographie once wrote:

“Ptolemy and Copernicus are but little boys in comparison to Einstein, who shakes the foundations of space and time. Copernicus shook the absolute motionlessness of the earth. Einstein shook absolutism itself. Nothing is ‘real.’”

Jews in every country made their racial comrade Einstein a Messiah. His discovery would transform humanity’s religious views, giving religion back to a “cultural world” that had given up on religion. And today, six years later? The world (with the exception of the Jews) would have more or less forgotten about “Relativity”-Einstein, were it not occasionally reminded in an unpleasant way of the “politician” Einstein.

A special correspondent of Paris Soir who visited Einstein in his laboratory in 1937 wrote: “The politician became an engineer.” Einstein has received 72 patents since then, among them as the Paris Soir correspondent noted mysteriously “things of a confidential nature intended only for the government, since it could be dangerous if they fell into the hands of the public.” Other inventions in the area of photography are of a more peaceful type. The most recent discovery, a new lens — what else would one expect from Einstein — is “likely to transform cinematography” and finally provide the world “with the perfect cinema.” When asked why he concerned himself with such everyday things, Einstein answered modestly that he wanted to thank his new “fatherland” for the warm reception it gave him.

As our correspondent from Paris Soir wrote (7.4.1937), “Einstein is one of the sights (curiosités) of highly modern Princeton. If the Committee to Encourage Tourism cannot promote this or that football game, there remains Einstein’s lecture from 2 to 3 on ‘Differential Calculus and Nuclear Reactions,’ which may not attract hundreds of thousands, but nonetheless lures a most interesting ‘audience.’”

We do not want to consider the mathematical and scientific aspects of the Theory of Relativity, which since its announcement has been seen by many serious scientists as a big bluff, as a sensational presentation of obvious matters, even as plagiarism. Its effects are destructive in the typical Jewish manner, intended to destroy existing values without giving humanity anything new and constructive. Winniger writes in the Jüdische Nationalbibliographie: “The consequences of this theory are revolutionary. One has the feeling that the ground underneath one’s feet has vanished.” The Jewish spirit here was proclaimed an anarchistic doctrine that promotes Jewish plans for world domination by eliminating all values of fatherland, the family, etc., by destroying all connections (except those to the Jewish race). When we add that Einstein was at the head of the “League for Human Rights” in Germany and that he led a soldier’s council in Brussels in 1918, the true Einstein becomes ever clearer. We have unbiased proof of Einstein’s treasonous role in Brussels in the report of the former Dutch diplomat Dr. van Wollenhoven, who represented Dutch interests in Brussels at the end of the World War. Writing from his full knowledge of things, he wrote in the Haagsch Maandblad of 8 and 9 November 1918:

“Anarchy reigned in Brussels. Soldiers walked past their officers without saluting, and when they were challenged by the officers, they mocked them.... A council of workers and solders was established, in which Freud [Freund — a typo, I think], Plato, and Einstein had the say.... The soldiers who followed Einstein’s lead drove back the population with machine guns and turned public buildings into pubs....”

When the public wanted to display flags, Einstein said that national flags had no meaning any longer and that the revolutionary movement no longer recognized particular states.

“In the judgment of the Dutch diplomat, one sees clearly Einstein’s role as a traitor in a desperate country. Can one be at all surprised that National Socialism, which wants to defend German honor, expelled Einstein? What did the French do to those who established the commune in Paris after Sedan? The “tragic wall’ testifies to that.”

When Einstein applied for an American visa in Berlin, he met resistance from the “American Women’s Patriotic Association,” which claimed he violated immigration requirements and argued that Einstein’s theory that led to anarchy, leaving a government in name only, and that he belonged to at least three anarchistic or communist organizations: “The World Congress against Imperialist War,” “The Workers’ International Relief,” and “The War Resisters International.” What the USA gained with Einstein is shown by his 1931 statement in an appeal to 400 “peace advocates”:

“My conviction is that the only correct action at present is to refuse military service. My proposal is illegal, but when the government demands crimes of its citizens, they have the right to resist and we must support them....”

The American people have since generally recognized whose intellectual child the Jew Einstein is. This comes to the most drastic expression in the Brooklyn tablet (July 1938):

“A group of professors from Princeton University appeals to the government of the USA to lift the weapons embargo for Red Spain. Professor Einstein was the first to sign. The USA gave Einstein refuge. Now he is telling our government how to conduct its business... We suggest sending Einstein back to Germany....”

Einstein misuses American hospitality in the crudest way. Together with Laguadia he calls for a boycott of German goods. He slanders foreign peoples to his students and agitates openly for war. In a Zionist meeting at New York’s Mecca Temple in November 1938, he criticized England’s policies in Palestine. Typical of his way of twisting the facts, he said that England could not allow a “minority” of the “majority of Jews and Arabs” to force their will.

On 26 January 1939 there was a meeting of the USA Citizen’s Committee to protest the ban on “Radio Pastor" Coughlin along with Jewish censorship of broadcasting companies. When Einstein’s name was mentioned, there were loud shouts of Boo!

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