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Background: This January 1938 lead article from Der Stürmer discusses the plan then being discussed, and not only in Germany, to transport large numbers of Jews to the island of Madagascar, then a French colony. The Nazis seriously considered the plan, but as Streicher notes at the end, the Nazis had other plans. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Julius Streicher, “Madagascar,” Der Stürmer, #1/1938.


by Julius Streicher

With the beginning of the Red revolution in November 1918 [in Germany after World War I], all the important positions in the state were suddenly occupied by Jews. That brought the formerly hidden domination of the Jews to the light of day.

But only those in the know among the people were aware of the danger of this development. For the greater part of the German people, it was of no significance. There had been no Jewish question for the German people for a long time. The German people had been raised in a period infested with Marxist-democratic-liberal thinking not to see the Jews as a foreign race. Those thus raised saw the Jews as fellow citizens, equal to everyone else. That is why the greater part of the German people was ignorant and indifferent to the Jewish seizure of power. This ignorance and indifference greatly increased the difficulty of the anti-Jewish educational work.

But the Stürmer soon succeeded in making the first breach, and both inside and outside the National Socialist movement succeeded in spreading popular anti-Semitic thinking. Because the knowledge of the Jews spread more and more throughout every circle of the German people, becoming today forever known, the National Socialist state could implement laws that could put limits on the privileges stolen by the Jews in ways that corresponded to the current domestic and international situation.

It was to be expected that the new Germany and its anti-Jewish laws would be challenged by World Jewry and its democratically governed lackey states. (It is reserved for future historians to record the determination and courage with which the new German state overcame the hard years after the National Socialist takeover.)

It could be foreseen, however, that before long the Third Reich and its Jewish legislation would become a model for those states that only needed a nudge to go a similar way. The time when the Jews could say without contradiction that anti-Semitism (hatred of the Jews) was only shown by the German people is past. The knowledge of the Jews has long since spread over the borders of the Third Reich, kindling explosions even in nations once thought immune to anti-Semitic matters. Besides the hatred World Jewry has of everything non-Jewish, today the front of those nations is marching that has recognized in Bolshevism the radical manifestation of the Jewish world plague, and which is determined to extirpate it root and branch.

Great things, it is true, take time. He who expects the realization of his anti-Jewish goals in the immediate future does not know the history of the “eternal Jews.” But he who can see the outlines of events flowing from the new Germany knows that we are living in a time that can bring great surprises.

When the Stürmer suggested some years ago that a way to solve the Jewish Question would be to transport the Jews to the French colony of Madagascar, Jews and their lackeys mocked the idea and declared it inhumane. But today our proposal is being discussed by foreign statesmen. The press reports that French Foreign Minister Delbos discussed the matter in Warsaw, where the Polish people are also oppressed by the Jewish Question. According to the reports, the discussion considered the possibility of transporting a part of the surplus Jewish population from Poland to Madagascar.

Whatever happens there, the new Germany is on the way to salvation. And Germany’s salvation will save the world. Salvation from the eternal Jew!


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