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Background: The following is the last lead article I can find from Der Stürmer, dated 22 February 1945. To the end, Streicher maintains that the war is the result of the Jewish world-wide plot against civilized humanity.

Two months later, Streicher was arrested. He was tried at Nuremberg, and sentenced to death by hanging. Although he did not write any further anti-Semitic material, he did send numerous letters from prison. Those to his second wife (Adele Streicher) were signed with the nicknames “Your Slumpsle” or “Schlumps.” She published a collection of these letters in a pamphlet in the 1980’s, a copy of which I have.

For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Julius Streicher, “Das Grauen im Osten,” Der Stürmer, #8/1945.

The Horror in the East

by Julius Streicher

If we can still speak about a European culture (civilization), it is the achievement of a highly developed, blonde, and bright-eyed race which even at the misty dawn of time sent its surplus blood south to the Mediterranean and further to North Africa and the depths of the Asian continent. Their strength later allowed the peoples of the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians, and the Indians to develop their creativity in marvelous ways. The Germans, too, descended from this noble Nordic race, whom the historian Tacitus praised highly even as his own people was collapsing. In the midst of the world’s turmoil, the German people are the last stronghold of European civilization, thanks to the continuing effect of the German people’s inherited Germanic blood.

It is therefore not surprising that decent German civilization found it impossible to accept stories of the horrible crimes of Bolshevism in the twentieth century, even though they had been foretold by the prophets of our age. This reluctance grounded both in innate decency and in the experience with Russian POWs working in Germany in the last four years has led even some Germans to believe that Bolshevism’s inhumanity was only lying propaganda. But as the Bolshevist flood broke into Eastern areas of the German Reich and many thousands of Germans were witnesses of reality, the danger that Bolshevism could benefit from German self-deception has finally disappeared.

As we heard reports of the crimes of Bolshevist soldiers in the countries to our southeast, professional doubters and deniers said that they would only believe what they saw themselves or heard from eyewitnesses. Now that the horror in the East can be read in the faces of its victims, and after they have testified in German war courts, even the most determined doubters and deniers must recognize reality (to their own shame). This reality is mass murder and mass rape.

In the First World War, too, Russian army units broke into German territory, but no historian or German charged them with systematic mass rapes of German women and girls or the planned slaughter of men or their enslavement. What is the difference between then and now?

Have the Russian people become animals since the First World War? What has happened to Russia that proves the correctness of those who for many years have told the Germans and an innocent world that a monster was rising to the East, a monster that would rip into the peoples of Europe and destroy what we once called European civilization? There has been injustice as long as humans have existed, and the resulting dissatisfaction. And for as long people have established governments that they believed would benefit them. Those revolutions were natural as long as they resulted from a people’s community of blood and civilization. But from the moment that the revolutions were led by blood-unrelated forces in the pursuit of selfish supra-national interests, these revolutions proved to be crimes against the independent life of the peoples. The leaders of the Bolshevist revolution in Russia were members of the Jewish people who followed the Biblical injunction: “You shall devour the peoples of the earth!” Only he who knows this understands why the Red Army that has broken into Reich German territory is a beast. According to the New Testament, the Jews were murderers and criminals from the beginning. As it was in the Old Testament era, so it is today wherever the Jewish will has led them and their Bolshevist soldiers to seek their victims. In the 4th Book of Moses 31:14 it says:

Moses grew angry at the leadership of the army ... and spoke to them: Why have you left all the women alive ... strangle all the male children and all the women who are not virgins, but you may bring those female who have not slept with a man to your tents.

Just as the Jewish leader Moses ordered his forces to do to the conquered peoples thousands of years ago, so today the Red soldiers under the command of Jewry behave today wherever they reach through treachery or force: Men are murdered or shipped abroad as slaves, women and girls are raped and defiled!

“You shall devour the peoples!” How incomprehensible is the pious order of the “god” Jehovah to the Jews! In our day it has become clear as the Red slave army of World Jewry has broken into the heart of Europe! When this terrible war finally ends, the spirits of the murdered and tortured will rise from their mass graves in eternal accusation. The millions of faces of Cain, bastards brought into the world, will join the accusations. A horror will spread across the world, driving into the hearts of all those who did not want to hear or see at a time when the misery could still have been halted!

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