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Background: The following lead article from Der Stürmer, Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic weekly, appeared in March 1933, just after the Reichstag fire. The claim is that the fire was part of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols, a demonstrated forgery, were regularly used by Streicher to support his charge of a sinister world-wide Jewish conspiracy. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

I’ve also written an article on Nazi uses of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Many leading Nazis knew it was a forgery, but found it useful for propaganda purposes. Streicher, on the other hand, seems to have believed it completely. See “Believing in ‘Inner Truth:’ The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Nazi Propaganda: 1933 – 1945,” Holocaust and Genocide Studies 29 (2015), 212-229.

The source: “Der Schuldige,” Der Stürmer,#10/1933.

The Guilty

The Reichstag Fire / The Crimes of Bolshevism / Marxist Agitation /

The Jews as the Cause / The Zionist Protocols /

Convict the World Criminals

A few days ago, Germany was astonished by the news of arson in the Reichstag. Fires were set in more than twenty places in the building. It was almost completely destroyed. The ringleader is the head of the Communist faction in the Reichstag, Representative Torgler.

At the time time the press brought another unsettling report. In the basement of the “Karl Liebknecht Building” [the Communist Party Headquarters]:

secret passages

and hidden tunnels were discovered. Material that encouraged civil war was found. Detailed plans to murder both individuals and groups of Germans citizens were found. The bloody uprising was supposed to begin throughout Germany in the immediate future. There was to be murder and arson in cities and villages.

These news items had a strong effect throughout Germany. The indifferent citizen who had not wanted to see the enormous danger of Bolshevism looked in horror toward Berlin. He, too, realized now that Germany faced a terrible threat. The burning Reichstag building was the signal that brought every German to his senses.

The National Socialists, however, were not surprised. They saw it coming. They had long recognized the danger of Bolshevist world criminality. They had long predicted that what everyone now could see. They had warned the German people about it in a hundred thousand meetings, they had called them to battle against it in thousands of mass meetings. They organized a mass movement of millions against it.

The German people has woken up. It has risen up. It wants to fight against Bolshevist criminality. It demands its destruction, its defeat, its extermination.

But the German people do not know who is


They do not know the cause of this terrible uprising, this criminal murderous arson. The German people will fight in vain against this plague, against this poison, if they fail to recognize the scoundrels who mix the poison and spread the plague.

It is not difficult to find the true cause of Marxist-Bolshevist world criminality. It is as clear as the light of day, and one need only open one’s eyes to know the truth.

The truth is that both parties that want civil war, that hate the fatherland and that recognize only an “Internationale,” were founded by


The Jew Karl Marx, who gave his name to the movement, wrote the program. The Jews LaSalle (Wolfson), Kautsky, Bernstein, Dr. Hilferding, Dr. Moses, Rosa Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Münzenberg and others led and still lead the SPD [Socialist Party] and KPD [Communist Party].

The truth is that the leaders and rabble rousers and fomenters of the November Revolution of 9 November 1918 were a clique of


Haase, Mühsam, Toller, Eisner, Levien, Neurath, etc., all belonged to the Jewish people.

The truth is that the Marxist movement is in reality a

Jewish movement.

The goal of the movement is to make the confused, aroused masses into an enormous

army of Jewish slaves.

This army would be used and exploited to reach the great goal of Jewry,

Jewish world domination.

Let anyone who doubts it read the “Zionist Protocols,” the Jewish plan for world domination. There he will be enlightened. The scales will fall form his eyes. The events in Berlin will no longer be a secret, they will no longer be a surprise. He will have found the guilty party.

The “Zionist Protocols” were agreed on by the Jews at the

World Jewish Congress

in 1897 in Basel. They were written and read by Achad Cham, the secret leader of Zionist world Jewry. They fell into the hands of the Russian government through bribery, and were translated and printed by Professor Nilus. A copy of this translation has been in the British National Library since 1906. This is what is written in the Third Protocol:

“Hunger gives finance more secure power over the workers than the legal strength of the king. We will cause hunger by bringing to a halt all the stock exchanges and industries. The people will fall under the power of rich newcomers (Barmat, Kutisker, Sklarek, Coal-Jew Petcheck, Industry Jew Silverberg, etc. Note from the Editor ). They will lay a pitiless yoke on the workers. We will then arrive to save the workers from their slavery. We will urge them to join the ranks of our army of anarchists, socialists, and communists. The masses today blindly believe the printed word and the false doctrines it contains. In their ignorance, they hate any class above them. We will intensify this hatred. With the help of the money that we completely control, we will bring about a general economic crisis. At the same time, we will throw armies of workers out on the streets throughout the world. The masses will then gladly shed the blood of those (the National Socialists! Note from the Editor ) we say are their enemies, and whose possessions they can then steal. This will all take place under the banner of

“Freedom” (!! The Editor ),

which is the epitome of animalistic power. We will transform the masses into bloodthirsty beasts. They will fall asleep once they have shed blood. Then we can easily put them in chains. But if they do not have blood, they will fight rather than sleep.”

Thus the goals of Pan-Jewry and the secret of Marxism, which tears the world and the nations apart, are revealed. The Jews planned everything that is happening today in 1897. They stilled the industries, brought about economic crises, threw workers out on the streets and weakened them through hunger, and then led these desperate people against those who opposed the Jews, against the National Socialists. It all follows the Protocols sentence by sentence, word by word. It is all following plan. The plan of the “Zionist Protocols.”

The Marxist factory worker became a tool of the Jewish world criminals. The National Socialists, under their Führer Adolf Hitler, saw through this chicanery. They fought with all their strength for 14 years with unprecedented determination. On 30 January 1933 they took power.

Adolf Hitler

became the Reich Chancellor. Pan-Jewry was seized with terror, rage, and hatred. It made a last attempt to regain its power in Germany. The 9th Protocol of the “Zionist Protocols” discusses its method:

“You might think that the Gentiles will attack us, weapons in hand, once they recognize that we are behind everything. In this event, we have a last terrible weapon in our hands that will bring dread even to the bravest heart. Soon underground subway tunnels will be under all the great cities of the world. We will use them, if necessary, to blow all the capital cities up. We will poison the water lines and send whole classes to death.We will burn down all public buildings.”

That which the Jews planned in Basel in 1897 was to become reality in Berlin in 1933. Communist subhumans were to be the tools. The burning of the Reichstag was to be the signal for the attack.

The Jews did not succeed in carrying out their treacherous plan. The National Socialist Minister Göring put a halt to their plans. But the Jew will find new intrigues and crimes. His Zionist program and his Jewish brain will help him. He will not rest until a new attack on Germany is ready. The Jew is guilty. He is guilty of the arson in Berlin, of the crimes of Bolshevism, of the crimes of Marxist agitation. Germany will not be at peace until the last of these guilty ones is tried and convicted.

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