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Background: The following editorial by Julius Streicher was published in March, 1943. At this point, Streicher was confined to his country estate after being convicted by a Nazi tribunal of gross misuse of office, but Hitler still guaranteed him the resources necessary to continue publishing his anti-Semitic newspaper. It is a good example of Streicher’s style. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Der Stürmer, #12/1943.

The Death Blow

by Julius Streicher

He who lives the life of a criminal wants to avoid being seen as one. His dark behavior forces him to wear the mask of the ordinary man, the mask of the harmless.

The Jews live the lives of criminals. From the beginning, they have been told by their desert god El-Schaddei Jahwe that their task is to seize the products of the work of others and make themselves masters. From the moment the Jews decided to enslave other nations by committing crimes against humanity, they knew they were in great danger. If their crimes became known, they risked annihilation from a threatened humanity. It was necessary for the Jews to conceal their plans for world domination, to keep Gentiles from an awareness of the abyss before which they stood.

The course of world history makes it clear that the Jews succeeded in hiding the great danger of World Jewry from Gentiles. The Jews are masters at deflecting suspicion. They even succeeded in getting Gentiles to believe that the Jews had received a godly mission to save humanity. The Jews owe their toleration to the spiritual conquest of Aryan peoples who converted to Christianity, which enabled them step by step to carry out their plans of enslavement. The Christian command of brotherly love, which demands that its adherents love even their enemies, always caused rising hatred against the Jews to fade into suicidal toleration.

But not always! World history gives witness that the voice of the blood breaks the dam that holds back the will to racial and national self assertion. For a thousand years popular uprisings have sought to free people from their torturers. But these popular uprisings lacked unified leadership. In the end, the Jew was always triumphant.

The twentieth century has the task of saving the European peoples from taking the last step into the abyss. Under the leadership of National Socialism, the awakened German people are leading Europe into total war. It is a total war that will give the death blow to the torturer of the world, Pan-Jewry.

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