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Background: By August 1944, most of the killing of the Holocaust was over. The German press, while careful not to discuss the details of mass annihilation, kept maintaining the success of Nazi anti-Semitic policies, assuring Germans that since the Jewish Question had been solved, Germany was sure to win the war. There were many similar articles along these lines, claiming that the Germany of 1945 was not the Germany of 1918, that Germans this time would hold out until inevitable victory. This article is pretty poor stuff (Goebbels was doing a better job in his articles in Das Reich), but then Ernst Hiemer, Julius Streicher’s second-in-command, lacked the propaganda minister’s rhetorical gifts. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Ernst Hiemer , “Guarantee of Victory,” Der Stürmer, #34/1944 (24 August 1944), pp. 1-2.

Guarantee of Victory

What the Solution of the Jewish Question Means Militarily

by Ernst Hiemer

The war has reached a decisive stage in recent weeks. The enemy powers are using their troops ruthlessly to break the resistance of Germany and its allies. They know that they need successes in order to oppose the growing dissatisfaction within their own peoples. They are, therefore, playing their last card. That is why they have sent thousands upon thousands of their soldiers to death. That is why they use every method of battle, however crude and inhumane.

The German people, too, knows what is at stake. It also knows that the German soldier at the front will frustrate the enemy’s plans. And finally, it knows that the homeland today is entirely different than it was in 1918. Germany today is almost free of Jews. To understand what that means, one must know well the conditions that prevailed 25 years ago and led to the collapse of the Reich. It is, therefore, good to ask this question:

What would Germany look like today if National Socialism had not with wise foresight dealt step by step with all matters related to solving the Jewish Question?

Today the German people is led by Germans. German statesmen and businessmen ensure that the all our people have enough to eat, despite the shortages resulting from the war. Even in this fifth year of war, none of us needs to go hungry. But what would have happened if National Socialism had not gotten rid of these parasites of the German people in good time? What would have happened if Jews had not been removed from the government? Just as in 1918, Jews would have controlled German agriculture and the whole of the food supply! Jews would have enriched themselves through vast corruption. Jews would even — as in 1918 — sell our food supplies to enemy states and earn further billions by starving the German people! That would be the condition of the German food supply if National Socialism had not prevented it.

German economists ensure a just tax system, under which those who have earned the most pay the most. Excessive profits are “taken” and used for the whole. What would have happened if Jewish “financial experts” were the lords of German taxation policy? Hundreds and thousands of war profiteers would spring from the earth! They would profit from the war, earning more and more from spilt blood! They would gather more and more of the nation’s wealth, while the masses of our people would collapse under an anti-social taxation policy. They would be the state of the Reich’s finances today, had not National Socialism prevented it.

A Reich government made up of German men finds the appropriate measures to ensure that the German people is protected from the lies and hateful agitation of enemy states. The fantasies of enemy news reach the ears of the masses of our people only to a slight degree, seeking to undermine our will to resist. But what would things be like if Jews still led the German news system? What would happen if Jews were still equal members of our community? Jews would invent the most outrageous lies! Jews would spread these lies among the public. Jews would conduct systematic agitation to increasingly undermine the faith of our people in its just cause! Jews would have already corrupted and destroyed the morale of our people so that it would be ripe for our enemy’s destructive plans. That is what our people would face today had National Socialism had not prevented it.

A German Minister of the Interior, German police, and German officials watch to be sure that enemy sabotage in the Reich is condemned to failure. Each enemy attempt to stir up unrest in our country is stopped immediately. That was the only way to be sure that the government would continue its constructive activities without any hindrance in this fifth year of war. But what would have happened if a Jewish Minister of the Interior or a Minister of the Interior subservient to the Jews were responsible for the health of the Reich? What would happen if Jews had a major role in the police or administration? Enemy spies would — as in 1918 — know everything about our entire armaments program! There would be no end to acts of sabotage! There would be strikes in factories! As a result — as in 1917 and 1918 — our soldiers at the front would not receive sufficient weapons and munitions. And the Jews would not stop until they had incited a revolt to bring down the Reich and turn it over to our Bolshevist-putocratic enemies as booty. That is how things would be in Germany today if National Socialism had not solved the Jewish Question.

These examples prove the enormous significance of the Reich’s anti-Jewish policies. They also prove that the solution of the Jewish Question is not only a political issue, but also a military matter of vast reach. In the First World War we fought two groups of enemies: the outward enemy and the domestic enemy. The enemy outside could not defeat us. That was done only by the domestic enemy, the Jew! History has proven incontrovertibly that the Reich was not defeated by our enemies at the front, but rather fell victim to a stab in the back by Jews inside the Reich.

National Socialism’s beginning at solving the Jewish Question has defeated the domestic enemy in this second world war. There is no “domestic front” in the sense of 1918. The enemy stands only outside our narrow borders. The German people can fight at the front confident that the homeland has been cleansed of Jews and Jewish lackeys. This gives it the assurance that 1918 will never be repeated. The solution to the Jewish Question has created the foundation for the victory of our Wehrmacht at the front.


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