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Background: This 1935 article from Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer discusses its readers. It explains that the Stürmer’s crude style is intentional, since it is speaking to uneducated people. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Ernst Hiemer, “Der Stürmer und seine Leser. Freund und Feind im In- und Ausland / Wie der Jude den Stürmer haßt,” Der Stürmer, #17/1935, p. 9.

The Stürmer and its Readers:

Friend and Foe at Home and Abroad

How the Jew Hates the Stürmer

by Ernst Hiemer

The Stürmer today is read throughout the world. There is no nation on earth that has not heard of it. Wherever the sun shines, everywhere, the Stürmer is loved, feared, and hated.

The Stürmer is a paper of the people. Its language is simple. Its sentences clear. Its words have one meaning. Its tone is rough. It has to be! The Stürmer is not a “Sunday paper.” The Stürmer battles for the truth. One does not fight with kid gloves. And the truth is not smooth and oily. It is rough and hard.

The Stürmer is not a paper to read for amusement. He who reads it only for news and sensation has not yet understood it. The Stürmer is much more. It is a way of education in National Socialist thinking. It is a guide to the solution of the Jewish Question. A ringing alarm for those who have fallen asleep. Thunder for the hard of hearing. A compelling voice for all humanity. A fearsome accuser of Pan-Jewry.


Over the last decades, our people was systematically corrupted. Its clear thinking fell victim to the devilish poisoning of the Jewish world press. The Jew even silenced the voice of German blood. Our people stood before the abyss of a complete lack of judgment.

This knowledge shows us the way to renewal. Our people must once again be taught to think as Germans! But one blow does not fell the tree! That is why the Stürmer keeps hammering away! That is why its voice keeps saying:

“The Jews are our misfortune!” “He who eats with the Jews perishes!” “He who knows the Jew knows the Devil!” “The Jew wins with lies and dies with the truth!”

Manifold are the pictures with which the Stürmer shows its readers the depravity of the Jews. In all these examples it shows German racial comrades the source of Jewish depravity: the Talmud!

The Talmud is the Jewish law book! The Talmud is as valid today as it ever was! The Talmud orders Jews to commit crimes against German blood! In the Talmud it is written: ..... Then follow sayings from this terrible book of laws. And these sayings are repeated again and again. As an iron hammer they strike the Devil in human form.

Thus the German people learns to know the Jews. It learns the Talmud passages almost by heart. It learns to recognize the poison that is intended to destroy it.

It learns once more to see and to hear!


The Stürmer is on the right road. The German people in general and simple people in particular have understood it. The Stürmer today is a “people’s newspaper,” a concept that in the past was badly misused. And that is why it is so hated by the Jews, hated as no other newspaper in the whole world. Regardless of whether we read a Jewish newspaper from Europe or Asia, from the Old World or the New, everywhere the Stürmer is attacked.

But this knowledge makes us strong!

Everyone knows that the Jew only fights that which he fears. And he fears the Stürmer in the depths of his soul!

Adolf Hitler writes in Mein Kampf:

“He who is not attacked by Jewish newspapers, who is not slandered and insulted, is no decent German and no true National Socialist. The best measure of the value of his opinions, the correctness of his convictions and the strength of his will is the antipathy of the deadly enemy of our people. Every Jewish slander and every Jewish lie is an honorable wound on the bodies of our fighters. He who is most insulted by the Jew is closest to us. If he faces deadly hatred, he is our best friend.”

The Stürmer can claim these words for itself!


The Jew has other ways of fighting the Stürmer. International Jewry works day and night to find ways to ban the Stürmer. To get rid of the Stürmer! To wipe out the Stürmer! He uses even the crudest methods. He knows well how to mobilize his allies. The lackeys of Pan-Jewry come from every nook and cranny! The most unbelievable political elements join in. They forget everything that divided them. They bellow together the words of their Jewish commanders:

“Death to the Stürmer!”

This does not worry the Stürmer. The opposite! It is delighted that one can finally see behind the masks. It is delighted that Pan-Jewry reveals its insane fears. It is delighted that the whole world suddenly can see. That morning dawns over the world.


The Jew knows that little battles must be fought as well as big ones. And it fights these little battles in a typically Jewish manner. Many thousands of copies of the Stürmer go abroad each week. They go to capital cities, to neighboring peoples. Those who know the language read it and spread its contents. The local Jew is helplessly distressed. Then he sets his countermeasures in motion. He boycotts the newspaper dealers that sell the Stürmer. If that does not succeed, he turns to a trick that does not lack humor. He sends someone in to buy all copies of the Stürmer. This happens week after week. But the clever newspaper seller orders yet more copies of the Stürmer the next week. The Jew buys them, too. Money has no significance to the Jew in such matters. The Jew does all this out of fear of the Stürmer. Out of fear that the neighboring people will finally wake up and throw off its slavery.


The simple man of the people created the Third Reich. He is the guarantee for the eternal values of National Socialism. Stürmer readers are largely the uneducated, simple men and women of our people. The intelligentsia does not yet fully understand us. We have persuaded many. But many still stand to the side. There are a variety of reasons why the Stürmer is not yet understood in “educated” circles. Above all, their minds are still too influenced by Jewish ideas. They do not have the ability to see clearly. They do not see the forest for the trees. They do not realize that they are wearing spectacles made by the Jews. They are too cowardly to draw the proper conclusions. They have no firm convictions. Every sentences is filled with “ifs” and “buts.” They depend on the gushings of intellectual weaklings. They rejoice in weak chatter and pretty words. They fear a rough but true word, and can only shake their heads:

Oh dear, how crude!”

The Stürmer is not bothered by these gentlemen. It knows how insignificant they are. Never have such weaklings made history! Never have they had even a spark of strength in their hearts! They were always in the way of a popular genius!

But these gentlemen still have a duty to fulfill. The day will come when they lie on their deathbeds. In the moment they give up their souls, they perform the best deed of their lives! They make room! They leave room in the sun for a forward-striving youth! A youth trained in the school of National Socialism! A youth that early on learned to love the Stürmer! A youth trained by the Hitler Youth, the Labor Service, the people’s army, and the S.A.! A youth that will solve the racial question!

The Stürmer greets this youth. No battle is too hard for it!

This is a postcard that loyal readers of the Stürmer could send in with the name of someone to whom the newspaper could send anti-Semitic “educational material.”

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