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Background: This September 1941 editorial from the Stürmer was written about two months after the beginning of the invasion of the Soviet Union, which looked to be going well. Streicher makes a clear call to annihilate the Jews at the end, one of numerous such calls in the Stürmerduring the war. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher.

The source: Julius Streicher, “Bolschewismus und Synogoge,” Der Stürmer,#36/1941.

Bolshevism and Synagogue

by Julius Streicher

The Jews do not like people talking about them. They want the public to hold the opinion that they are innocent adherents of a religion. They do not want Gentiles to learn the truth. Thus Jewish newspaper writers and their bribed Gentile friends have done all they can to make the world forget what the Jews did in Spain from 1936 to 1939. To divert attention from Jewish blood guilt, the Jewish makers of public opinion speak of the Spanish “Civil War.” In reality, what happened in Spain was identical to what has happened in the Soviet Union since 1917: a war by the Jews against Gentile peoples! The Jews wanted to achieve in Spain what they had long since accomplished in the East: they wanted to seize control of the Spanish nation and add as the symbol of their victory the Red Star and the hammer and sickle to the Spanish flag. The fact that the Jews were able to secure the help in Spain of confused Gentiles may not mislead us into viewing the event as simply the Spanish “Civil War.” If the events of our time are to be a useful warning to coming generations, historians must make this clear: The war in Spain was an act of the Jewish world conspiracy to enslave the Spanish people. This Jewish war in Europe’s southwest, they planned, would spill over from a Jewish-dominated Spain into France and the rest of Europe. They expected that Stalin’s army, standing ready to the East, would complete Jewish domination of Europe.

The fact that the Bolshevist war in Spain was a Jewish war was made evident in some striking events: Christian churches were set afire, priests murdered, and the bones of holy nuns were removed from their crypts and given over to the scorn of subhumans. But the synagogues were saved from destruction and no rabbi lost his life in the Bolshevist mass slaughters. What happened in Spain is happening today in the land of the Soviets, in the land once named Russia. Stalin’s order to burn down everything to keep it from falling into German hands extends to everything but the synagogues. Even at the beginning of the Bolshevist revolution, Christian churches were destroyed or turned into movie theaters or warehouses and Christian priests bestially murdered.

But the synagogues, called dens of thieves in the New Testament of the Bible, were preserved, and the rabbis could continue to pray their prayers of hatred and curse Christianity in the name of their god Jahwe. Is not that clear proof that the battle of Bolshevism for godlessness is aimed only at Gentiles? And is it not clear proof that what presents itself to the world as Bolshevism is nothing other than an outright Jewish cause?! Never before has the world seen so clearly the realization of the Talmudic law:

“Each Jew has the duty to work to burn down and exterminate Christian churches. The saints must be insulted and the priests killed.” (Schulchan-aruch, Jore be’ah, Page 146, 14. Aboda zarah and Hilschoth.)

The end of the battle against the Bolshevist army in the East is German victory and therefore the victory of Gentile humanity over the most dangerous instrument of the Jewish world destroyers. The cause of the world’s misfortune, however, will be forever eliminated only when Jewry in its entirety is destroyed (vernichtet).

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