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Background: The “Pimpfs” were members of the Nazi organization for young boys, part of the Hitler Youth. This article, from the last issue of the Nazi magazine for boys, urges them to look to the SS for their models. The SS Division “Hitler Jugend” mentioned toward the end of the article saw combat after D-Day, and acquitted itself well.

The source: “Glaube der Jugend: Unterpfand des Sieges,” Der Pimpf, July-August 1944, pp. 8-9, 16.

The Faith of the Youth

Is the Foundation of Victory

20 July 1944 is the tenth anniversary of the existence of the SS as an independent organization of the NSDAP. Our SS divisions stand in unshakable, heroic struggle on all fronts. SS men face the enemy as they have always faced the enemy. Believing in Germany and the Führer, they will master fate. The SS remains what it always was: The Führer’s dependable, sacrificial fighting troop.

This war has not ignored the youth, They stand in the front lines. They work confidently at home and fight with determination at the front. Faith in Germany lives and glows in their passionate hearts. A new type of soldier is developing from the conduct of these youths: the SS man as an armed soldier and fanatical defender of the National Socialist spirit. His highest honor is to win and die for the Führer’s idea. Silver runes on a black collar are the symbols of these fighters, the model of a new concept of honor instituted by the Führer as he gave his SS men this motto:

“My honor is loyalty.”

The divisions of the Waffen SS stood and stand at the critical points of bitter battles. They defended against the hordes from the steppes, fought with bold determination at the critical moments of this war, and won because their faith was greater and their will was harder.

Once men put on the steel helmet with enthusiasm. The virtue of their generation was readiness. The battle for the fatherland formed them, and they learned obedience in a hard school. Obedience made them great. Their fighting community was unbreakable. Loyalty and camaraderie bound leader and follower. The National Socialist idea determined their lives and actions.

The youth of our people were weighed in the balance and not found wanting. They are an active army of the homeland. Faith, readiness and loyalty are their virtues. Through them the youth fulfill their voluntary duties under the terror of bombs and they aim their weapons against murderous Anglo-American squadrons.

Faith, readiness and loyalty are also the virtues of the men with the runes, those troops of whom the Führer said that they have always been models of the bravery and hardness in war, displaying the obedience and bravery that they pledged in peace.

The youth and the Waffen-SS feel closely bound to each other. The older comrades and youth leaders are in the SS regiments defending against the onslaughts of the enemy, a selection of the best of the nation. With pride the younger lads look to the deeds of the SS Panzer Division “Hitler Jugend,” which carries a name that obligates. The idea of the National Socialist youth community was born in the battle for Germany. Today, amidst the worldwide struggle for Europe and its immortal culture, it finds its highest meaning and fulfillment.

The Waffen-SS also calls to the youth of Europe. Shoulder to shoulder with Germany’s soldiers, these youth bear the runes for the freedom of our part of the world from Bolshevist and plutocratic “blessings.” The organizing will of Europe’s youth is for the first time united in an idea. The best of its youth are ready to sacrifice their lives for it.

The graves of the fallen that line the paths the SS divisions have gone are silent witnesses of the selfless readiness and the military spirit of the youth. Young hearts carry on the faith and spirit of these immoral battalions. The idealism and voluntary readiness that live in the youth are a monument to the brave men of the La Bassée Canal, of Belgrade, of the Klidi Pass, of Kistininki, Demjansk, Taganrog, Kharkov, Narva, Tscherkassy, and Caen. It will be the foundation of victory.


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