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Background: These are some of the pictures accompanying the 1943 Nazi book that attempted to demonstrate that foreigners Germany were happily working under good conditions for the benefit of Europe.

Cover of the Book This is the cover, which translates as: “Europe at work in Germany. Sauckel mobilizes the Labor Reserves.”
Work for All in Lyon Caption: German labor office in Lyon.
Marseille Caption: Marseilles: Ready for Work
Sign by a Train

Caption: By 10 July 1942, a train could carry this sign.

The sign says: “The 350,000th Ukrainian worker is travelling to Germany.”

One of the houses of the 350,000 Caption: This is how the 350,000 lived in the “Soviet Paradise.”
A trainstop Caption: Arrival [in Germany]. Some even came barefoot.
Nazi rally

Caption: An assurance that has grown from faith and effort: Europe is winning!

This is a photo of a mass meeting on the theme.

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