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Background: Philipp Bouhler was a leading Nazi with the rank of Reichsleiter. This book was intended as a brief textbook for school children on the history of the Nazi Party. The book’s dedication: “To the Führer and Former of Germany’s Future.”

The source: Philipp Bouhler, Kampf um Deutschland. Ein Lesebuch für die deutsche Jugend (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Frz. Eher Nachf., 1939).

The Battle for Germany:

A Textbook for the German Youth

by Philipp Bouhler

Forward: This book owes its origins to the Führer.

During a walk in the forest at the Obersalzberg in Fall 1936, the Führer said how much German schools needed a brief book that would give the German youth a picture of the battle of the movement.

In the following pages, I attempt to meet this need. May the book urge German boys and girls to do their duty, to increase their fanatic faith in their people, their nation and the Führer, whose heirs they will be.

They are the ones who will determine Germany’s future.

Rußdorf am Inn, Spring 1938


Introduction: German History

I. The Second Reich

II. The Great War

III. Germany in Chains

Chapter 1: Adolf Hitler

I. Biography

II. The Führer and his Movement

Chapter 3: Bavaria is conquered

Chapter 4: 9 November 1923

Chapter 5: The NSDAP’s Second Chance

Chapter 6: Munich — Nuremberg — Berlin: The 3 Cities of the Movement

I. From the Sterneckergäßchen to the Königsplatz

II. The City of the Reich Party Rallies

III. The Battle for Berlin

Chapter 7: Germany is Ours

Chapter 8: The Third Reich

Chapter 9: 6 1/2 Million People Come Home

Conclusion: The Victory of Faith!

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