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Background: This pamphlet appeared in the spring of 1943, timed to go with an anti-Bolshevist propaganda campaign. It is one of the two anti-Bolshevist pamphlets apparently issued during the campaign (I’m still looking for the second one). The latest reference in the text is March 1943. The publisher was a subsidiary of the SS. I’ve maintained some of the graphic elements of the original, but not all could be translated into HTML. I’ve omitted several minor illustrations, but included most of them.

It was after Stalingrad, and it was becoming clear that Germany could lose the war. This pamphlet brings out all the arguments to intensify the already strong German fear of the Russians and communism.

The source: Bolschewisierung: was heißt das in Wirklichkeit? (Berlin: Nibelungen Verlag, 1943).

What Does Bolshevization Mean in Reality?

The Battle of Life or Death...

The battle being fought between us and world Bolshevism is a conflict that will determine not only the fate of our people, but that of all of humanity for the foreseeable future. The German people that is using all its strength and bringing heavy sacrifices in this battle wants to have clarity about the character and nature of its deadly foe.Cover

The same burning interest is present abroad. Even more, in fact, since Bolshevist propaganda is trying to present the Soviet Union as a harmless, middle class state ruled by law, thus concealing its true nature.

It is, therefore, time to present Bolshevism as it really is, based on the cold facts. We are in the position to do this based not on witnesses from the earliest years of its existence, but rather on the basis of its last appearance in civilized European nations. Anyone can recognize that Bolshevism in Spain in 1937 and Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in 1940, was no less bloody and criminal than it was in Russia in 1917. The undeniable fact is that Bolshevism has always remained the same, that it is an instrument invented and led by the Jews as a way of enslaving our people, and all of humanity. In the battle with it, our people has but one choice: victory or Bolshevist chaos!

Life under the Soviet star!

Imagine that armed Soviet power had taken control of a European city. The thunder of the guns has quieted, the peace negotiations are over. What happens? The Bolshevist agents who want to establish their power need allies. Therefore, they open the doors of prisons and jails. The prison guards and police are murdered, and the masses of criminals, led by Bolshevist agents, terrorize the peaceful population. Whomever is on the streets runs the risk of being kidnapped, murdered, or in the best case only robbed. Wild hordes break into homes, kill the inhabitants, and steal and plunder as they wish. No one dares to walk the streets. Shops are closed, electricity and gas no longer function normally, public transportation has ceased operating, the former order has been replaced by total chaos. That is how things were everywhere Bolshevism came to power: In all of Russia, in Spain, in the Bolshevist-occupied areas of Rumania, in the Baltic states, and in the parts of Finland that fell victim of the Bolshevist invasion.

The initial chaos is followed by the next step. Jews bearing identity cards of the Bolshevist rulers and accompanied by heavily armed GPU agents appear in all factories, plants, companies, even in the smallest craftsman’s shop. They take over the concern, terrorize the workers and employees, and force them into slave labor. The former owners, even the proprietors of the smallest shops, lose their firms, are arrested. They are lucky if they are eventually released to beg for their living. Most of the time they vanish forever into prisons and forced labor camps or are liquidated. Their relatives never learn what happens to them. The smallest independent craftsman, the owner of the tiniest shop, are seen as “exploiters” and “capitalists.” They are robbed of their possessions and destroyed. All important economic positions are soon held by Jews.

At the same time a further blow strikes at the whole population in a devastating way, the workers above all. Prices increase tremendously until they reach the high levels of the Soviet Union. The price increases for goods and food, this devaluation of money, means an enormous reduction in wages. The European worker, and above all the German worker with his secure position, loses everything that he worked hard for over years or decades and becomes a beggar with one blow. He has to sell his household possessions to keep his family from starving to death. At the same time, night after night people are arrested. Whether in the city of the countryside, whether worker or farmer, men and women are driven to railroad stations, loaded into cattle cars, and shipped deep into the Soviet Union.

This is no fantasy. That is exactly how Bolshevism begins its rule. That is how it always was, and how it always will be, when Bolshevism comes to power.

Bolshevism always attempts, and always has attempted, to come to power, in Europe and above all in Germany. The best reminder is to recall the fate the German people would have suffered ten years ago if Adolf Hitler had not stopped this evil.

A little reminder: 1932

In 1932, the American journalist Knickerbocker published his book Germany: Fascist or Soviet? He had traveled through Germany and talked with people about their hard lives during the times of crisis, and concluded that there were only two possibilities: a Bolshevist or a National Socialist Germany.

The book is still interesting. The American journalist did not think that a democratic Germany had any hope of survival. More than 50% of the German people at the end of 1932, by the way, shared Knickerbocker’s opinion. That is proven by the elections, in which the vote for the center parties steadily sank, while the communists and National Socialists grew from election to election.

In 1932 it was clear that under the conditions that the Treaty of Versailles imposed on the German people, there was only the choice between succumbing to Bolshevism or being rescued by National Socialism. If it had not been for the Führer and the NSDAP, Germany would have become Bolshevist. The ballot from 1932 shows in a frightening way the political fragmentation of the time. What would have happened if Germany had been overrun by Bolshevism back then?

A diary from March 19...?

3.3: As the result of a regrettable border incident, the Red Army marched into Poland today. Reich Chancellor Brüning declared at a press conference that there was no reason for alarm, since the Soviet government had solemnly assured him that it had no aggressive purposes of any kind. At the request of the Communist Party, however, the Reichstag was called into session.

9.3: Bunkers along the Bug River are overrun; the Reds are outside Warsaw. There is a stormy Reichstag session. Astonishingly, the Communist Party holds a mass meeting in sympathy with the Soviets. I think that this is going too far, since the Kremlin went beyond what the right of self defense allows. Moscow’s declarations that it felt threatened by Poland seem less believable. Still, I do not think the situation is critical, and the Kremlin will not dare to attack the democracies. Germany’s situation is somewhat precarious. But we can recall the Social Democratic Representative Heilmann’s statement: “As long as Brüning is chancellor, democracy is safe.”

15.3: Warsaw has fallen after being surrounded for four days. Several Reichstag committees deliberate day and night as to the position the German government should take. Because of obstruction by the communists, however, no decision can be reached.

18.3: A minor incident. The defeated Polish Third Army was forced across the German border at Neidenburg, closely followed by the Reds. There was confusion in the Reichstag. I think, however, that the demand the German National Party’s Representative Westarp made to send the Soviets a sharp note of protest is a bit too much. Well informed political circles are of the opinion that the Red Army will immediately withdraw back to Polish territory once they are made aware of this violation of international law by a friendly meeting in Moscow. It is outrageous that, despite the serious warnings by the Democratic Party’s Representative Koch-Weser, some radical right-wing hotheads are calling for volunteer militias to be formed. That could harm good relations with the Soviet government. Why isn’t the government dealing firmly with this nonsense?

21.3: My fears, unfortunately, have proven all too justified. Yesterday, the Red Army marched into Upper Silesia, after some battles with the militia. The Reich President has mobilized the army. Is not that too soon?

24.3: Things are happening quickly. Breslau, Glogau, and Frankfurt (Oder) have been captured by the Russians. I, and all other free and peace-loving people, no longer understand the Soviets. The Reichstag is permanently in session. The Social Democrats have sent protest telegrams to the League for Human Rights and demanded that the Reich government appeal to the League of Nations for help. The middle class parties have sent pledges of loyalty to the Reich President, and telegrams of praise. The German army does not seem to be strong enough. The right wing parties have demanded general mobilization. The communists feel threatened, and have asked the Soviet government for protection. What will happen?

25.3: The situation is still unclear. The attack by the Russians near Frankfurt (Oder) seems to have come to a standstill. I must interrupt, since I hear flak firing. I hear motors...An enormous Soviet air armada has appeared over Berlin. Loudspeakers announce that Soviet aerial troops and parachutists have landed at Tempelhof Field. There is uproar outside my hotel on Wilhelmsplatz! ... It was Soviet reconnaissance vehicles. The Reds are forcing their way into the ministries, and into my hotel... I hear things happening, and also gunshots, even though there are no German soldiers here... I hear footsteps in the corridor. Hopefully, the Reds have no bad intentions...

Of course, this is all imaginary. But who will deny that things would not have gone something like that, if the only other possibility for Germany had not come to pass on 30 January 1933: Adolf Hitler took power.

That is how National Socialism in Germany rescued the peoples of the rest of Europe from the terrible fate of Bolshevism. But Bolshevism did establish at least temporary supremacy in one place in Europe: Spain.

Spain as a case study

How would a Bolshevik Germany looked in 1933? How would a Bolshevized Germany look if Stalin’s hordes succeeded in breaking German and European resistance on the Eastern Front? We know exactly how it would look! We had a case study in Spain for a decade, and could see what the methods and effects of Bolshevism are.

Ten years of unrest, civil war, and devastation. General strikes ruined the nation.

The Spanish Civil War cost a huge number of dead and wounded. Thousands of churches were destroyed, tens of thousands of priests murdered. During the 32 months of civil war, 1.2 million people met a violent death. Only 450,000 were members of military units. The rest were peaceful men, women, and children who were torn from their jobs as workers and farmers and driven to death by Red terror. One twelfth of the entire population fell victim to Bolshevism.

If Germany ever were to become “the next stage of the revolution,” if it were to become a staging ground for the Soviet army, all of Europe would fall easy prey to Bolshevism.

This is how Spain looked:

Murdered Spaniards

This is what Nationalist liberators found in the courtyard in Teruel

Murder and grief

This desperate woman is the widow of the worker Juan Palomeque from Malaga, who was martyred to death in a terrible way by the Bolshevists on 18 August 1936.The ruination and destruction of everything that makes life worth living, that is the result of Bolshevism.

Weeping Woman


Bolshevist torture

Terrifying inhuman methods of torture

Above left: Torture chamber in Barcelona (the “coffin”): The prisoner is forced to crouch on his toes in the cell. The door compresses his abdomen. If his head hits the ceiling, an alarm sounds. If he sits on the small bench in the back of the room, he gets an electric shock. A spotlight shines in his eyes, nearly blinding him.

Above right:Another torture chamber in Barcelona. The stones are fixed to the floor, and the slanting bench keeps the prisoner from laying or sitting down. The glaring wall paint causes hallucinations after a while.

The Executioner of the Latvian People

All these terrible crimes of Bolshevism in Spain, the destruction of a twelfth of this proud, gifted, ancient cultured people, did not lead to the Komintern’s goal, the final conquest of Spain, due to the heroic defense by Franco and his forces, and the Legion Condor.

Bolshevism had its next opportunity in 1939 when the Second World War began. Lenin had wanted this war with all his strength, and his successors did everything they could as well, since it was to lead to the Bolshevization of the world.

While Germany was using all its strength to fight in the west of the Continent, the criminals in the Kremlin used the opportunity to fish in troubled waters.

First, they attempted to overpower Finland, and only the brave resistance of that small, heroic people kept them from reaching their goal.

Then they attacked the little Baltic nations. What they did an only a year belongs among the most terrible chapters in human history. As German troops freed Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia at the beginning of the Eastern campaign, the world learned of the dreadful crimes committed against these three small, defenseless peoples.

A few official statistics from the Baltic nations answer the question: What does Bolshevization mean?

What does Bolshevization mean?

Some official statistics from the Baltic nations.

Statistics are convincing. Between fall 1940 and July 1941, 48,000 farms were confiscated in Latvia. 4151 farming families were shipped to the interior of the Soviet Union. The disaster struck these hardworking, peaceful people like a bold of lightning from a clear sky. Some spy or another reported a village. In the middle of the night, GPU troops showed up. The villagers, weary after the day’s toils, sound asleep, were awoken by individual shots, by the heavy tread of the executioners. Blows at the door, windows breaking, children crying. There is no explanation, no one can defend himself. Rough hands grab women and children, the men are driven into waiting trucks. Tens of thousands lost their homes, their jobs, their peace and happiness, and began the path of sorrows to forced labor campus along the Arctic Circle or in the forests of Siberia.

And not only the farmers. The smallest factories were confiscated, commerce, craftsmen, shopkeepers, too, and they are sent far away. In Lithuania, 18,160 people disappeared forever without a trace within two days. Tens of thousands more await the same fate. They were rescued at the last minute by advancing German troops. At the last moment, the mass murderers attempted to destroy everything they could. In a single forced labor camp near Prawienischiai, 400 of the 500 prisoners were shot, mostly workers and farmers. A few hours before they fled, the Bolshevists murdered 703 civilians who have been identified, and 350 political prisoners.

The number of victims in Latvia is estimated at 25,000. In a single year, 21,000 workers, farmers, and craftsmen were liquidated.

In addition, 103 doctors, 95 engineers, 490 professors and teachers, 1084 officers, 170 artists, writers, and journalists, 51 surveyors, 41 pastors, 66 attorneys, and 2556 civil servants, in all a third of the Latvian intelligentsia. The Bolshevists were last driven out of Estonia, where the number of victims was the greatest. More than a tenth of the population, 150,000 persons, were kidnapped, murdered, or are missing. Behind these terrifying statistics is an even more terrible reality. This is how it looks:

Bolshevist crimes in the Baltics

Upper left: In Riga, too, one found many GPU victims with their hands tied behind their backs. These are workers from the Neptune Factory.

Middle left: Latvians search for their murdered and missing relatives in the courtyard of Riga’s central prison.

Middle right: Victims exhumed near the Cross Church in Riga.

Lower left: Identification of corpses exhumed in Bikernieki.

Lower right: Corpses in the courtyard of Riga’s central prison.

The GPA: Terror — Terror — Terror

As they did in Spain, as they would do in Germany if the Red Army were to succeed in breaking through the resistance of German soldiers, that is what the Bolshevists did in Riga.

The Interior Ministry building at the corner of Pillar and Freedom Streets was the first building taken over. The so-called People’s Commission for Internal Security, one of the many names for the Cheka and GPU, moved in. The Latvian people watched the mysterious events with horror and fear. Armed Bolshevist militia stood guard day and night while renovations went on. The basement became deeper, the walls, doors and bars thicker. Heating and cooling systems were installed by specialists from Moscow. The reason become clear as the first grim news about terrible tortures spread among the people. The roof of this fortress of terror was protected from neighboring buildings by barbed wire. Opaque windows prevented any outside view of the interior. The street car stop was moved. The grim building grew quiet and lonely. The guards looked with suspicion on passers-by. Any attempt to gather a large crowd was forcefully prevented.

Now the lord of the building moved in. The Jew Beria, the supreme GPU head, a so-called People’s Commissar for the State Security of the USSR. He appointed as his agent in Latvia the Jew Abraham Schustin:

“The executioner of the Latvian People”

as this terrible criminal was later named by a tortured people.

GPU officials

Left: The Jew Schustin, head of the GPU in Latvia.

Center: His successor A. Novik, also a Jew.

Right: He was supported in “appropriate ways” by Jewish prison doctor Moses Zitron. They are responsible for the mass murders in Latvia.

We are fighting so that the German people will not be delivered to these executioners.

He was never seen in public, although his terror apparatus kept growing stronger. The number of GPU employees and officers was relatively small. The spies were much more numerous. They were in every company, in every office, in every private building. A tight net was thrown over the Latvian people. Only a few fortunate souls escaped its ever tightening grip.

It would take volumes to provide a complete account of the terrible crimes committed by Jewish-Bolshevist terror in Latvia. A few examples are sufficient to give an idea of what it means to live under Bolshevist power.

The following authenticated testimonies and pictures tell a story of endless horror.

Murdered worker in Latvia

One of hundreds of thousands. A young, lively worker from the United Textile Factory in Riga. He never committed a crime. He was arrested because he did not want to join the Bolshevists. The lower picture shows him after his torture and murder.

“I tore the fingernails off about 20 people!”

The confession by the Jew Benjamin Ginsburg from Dünaburg is among the most terrible documents from Latvia. It states:

“On 5 August 1941, I, Nikolai Valdmanis, head of the political investigation committee, interrogated the following person, who stated:

‘I am Ginsburg-Benjamin, born on 5 November 1918 in Dünaburg, Jew, unmarried, no criminal record, living in the Dünaburg ghetto. About 45 people were shot in the prison courtyard, and buried in three graves along the east wall. I can identify several Jewish communists in the ghetto, I do not know their family names, but I can identify them. For ripping out fingernails, I received 10 to 20 rubles per person. I ripped out the nails of about 20 people. I did not personally know any of the people buried at the eastern wall. They were shot during the winter. Someone named Anna gave us the news. I do not know her family name. Anna’s family name might be Bebris, who has a milk shop on Butcher Street. Bebris was inclined to communism and had a lot to do with politics. I have not seen anyone else who ripped out fingernails. They probably all fled. I have nothing else to say. The transcript was read to me.’

Signed: B. Ginsburg — Police officer Valdmanis”

In a later interrogation, the Jew Ginsburg stated that he had worked in Dünaburg as a painter, and had painted the Dünaburg prison. One day, the Bolshevists asked him to rip out prisoners’ fingernails for pay. The Jew stated that he cut the flesh around the nails with a sharp knife, and then with a pliers slowly tore out the victims’ fingernails. The prisoners’ hands were held by other Jewish Chekists. The victims screamed loudly, and afterwards most confessed.

Such are Bolshevist methods of justice:

Two statements that one provides to the public only with reluctance, since they give an idea of how Bolshevism forces people to “confess,” and how it administers “justice”:


I, I. Antschipanovs, born on 28 June 1922 in Preilen, Reminieki Building, testify:

I am a student at the Algon Gymnasium. I was arrested by agents of the Cheka on 27 May 1941. I was charged with completely untrue things. I was taken to the Dünaburg Cheka headquarters and tortured. My hair was pulled, I was forced to look into a bright spotlight, knocked out by blows to my head, and they threatened to shoot me. Finally, they stripped me naked and pulled the nails out from two toes of my right foot. As they pulled the second nail out, I became unconscious.

Signed: I. Antschipanovs

How women died

The forester Jerzöni K. Grencions reports his experiences on the night of 14 June 1941, in which mass arrests and kidnappings occurred:

The Jewish bandits quenched their bloodthirstiness on my sister, who was arrested and died after inhuman torture in the prison in Walk. It has been proven that they poured acid on her, burned her hair off, poked her eyes out, and broke her limbs.

Miserable Human Fates

A young Latvian officer, his young wife, a happy family, the joy of a young marriage, profession, work, love, the quiet, healthy joy of a family in a healthy people, that is how these two people lived before the Bolshevist flood came upon their country.

Latvian couple

Before their arrest

They succeeded in fleeing. They escaped death, kidnapping, the thousand-fold martyrdom. But what this time of terror did to those two people was evident after they were found three weeks after their flight by German troops in a thick forest! One fate of hundreds of thousands, and hardly the worst. The best people can hope for under Bolshevism is to escape death, to live, even if only as a miserable beggar.

After three weeks

After three weeks of fleeing Bolshevism

Do you want to experience that?

The living, and what remained of them

Bolshevist victims

Upper: This is how the locksmith Juris Krumins was butchered by the Bolshevists

Lower left: The commander of the railroad guards, Janes Ozolins

Lover center: Commander Ozolins after his murder.

Lower right: The locksmith Juris Krumins before his murder by the Bolshevists

Corpses in Libau

The terrible job of identifying the corpses

The following victims were found in the administration building of the Bolshevist militia in Libau on 26 June 1941:

Fricis Strazdins and son Rudolf Strazdins and daughter Katija Strazdins,Victims

Lize Rosteins,

Francisks Jacino and his mother Melanija Jacino

Alberts Kalve — States Attorney

an unknown Czech,

above: a worker from the Libau wire factory, Alfred Holcmanis,

the others are unknown.

These people were arrested on 22 June 1941. Why? No one knows. The Strazdins family was told they had sent signals to the enemy. How? Someone has lost a sheet of white material in front of their house. That was supposed to be a signal flag. They were shot after four days, without evidence, without a trial... It was too much trouble for the GPU to shoot them individually against a wall. Therefore, they were shot at in their cell until no one moved any longer...

How things looked after the Soviet withdrawal

After the Soviet withdrawal

Upper left: In such cattle cars, 35,000 Latvians were shipped to Siberia.

Upper right: A Latvian family’s apartment after a “visit” by the GPU.

Middle: The worker Peteris Celmins was arrested at his work place without any grounds. The GPU’s minions kidnapped and murdered him in the most horrible way.

bottom: This picture shows the coffins of 5 Latvian soldiers, who were found near the Litene Camp. They are: E. Vilkajs, I. Pinka, V. Leja, V. Tumasevics, A. Tumasevics

How Bolshevism looks in reality

Thousands of witnesses in Spain, and now in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have experienced the horrors of the criminal rule of Komintern Jews. No one in the world today can deny that Bolshevism is a criminal society whose power depends on unimaginable exploitation, on murder, and on terror.

By the way, there is one reliable witness against Bolshevism: their present ally, Churchill.

Churchill’s numbers

In his 1923 book After the War, Churchill published the following statistics on the number of murdered victims during the first years of Bolshevist rule:

“193,290 workers, 815,000 farmers, 260,000 soldiers, 355,250 intellectuals and industrialists, 6,000 professors and teachers, 9,000 doctors, 70,000 police, 12,950 property owners, 54,000 officers, 1219 clergymen, 28 bishops.”

That’s what the Bolshevists did in their own country. We have seen what they do to countries they conquered in the Baltic states. In a civilized country like Germany, these methods of GPU terror and mass murder would have even worse consequences. Germany’s complicated economy, which functions only when everyone from industrialist to worker does his work with inventiveness and a consciousness of duty, would collapse in a short period of time, leaving the people in unimaginable poverty, in inescapable misery.

The Soviet journalist Ilja Ehrenburg announced the program for Sovietizing Germany in the 9 March 1943 issue of the News Chronicle:

“Destroy it.”

How would a Soviet Germany look?

If one knows what happened in Spain, where the attempt to Bolshevize the country cost the lives of a twelfth of the people, if one knows the horrors that fell upon the Baltic states as these peoples were conquered by the armed might of the Soviets, if one listens to the reports from German soldiers and their allies from all the nations of Europe of the constant horrors they encountered, the endless misery they saw, the constant poverty, the hellish terror Bolshevism exercised in its more that two and a half decades, one knows what a Soviet Germany would look like.

Everything that Jewish hatred is able to devise would be done to our people.

What catastrophe would the incited, starving, exploited, impoverished soldiers of the Bolshevist army bring to the culture, to the material values of Germany and the European peoples that have been built over the centuries. Everything that the skill and industry of generations had created and gathered would, within a few days or weeks, be stolen, plundered, devoured. The transportation system would be destroyed, as it is in the Soviet Union. Industry would fall apart; millions of workers would be unemployed and other millions would work for starvation wages, lacking rights, living the lives of slaves. Hundreds of thousands of the most industrious members of our people would be send to the icy wastes of the Arctic Circle and the Siberian forests, disappearing to the terrible forced labor camps in the ice and snow or perishing in the mines.

Farmers would lose their rights, and would be good only for forced labor on what once were their own farms, but now they would send the harvest to the Jewish-Bolshevist ruling clique.

The middle class, craftsmen, and industry would be “capitalist” institutions, destroyed forever. The people involved, who are building their lives in these areas, would be persecuted and driven out. They would be seen as unreliable political elements who would perish in misery and constant fear of political persecution.

Intellectuals, the inventors, engineers, technicians, doctors, artists, and last but not least the priests of all religions would be exterminated just as radically as happened under Bolshevist rule in the Soviet Union and in every place under Bolshevist rule.

Today’s war would continue in a form a thousand times worse for generations. The Jews above all would head the list of exploiters and torturers and oppressors from the East, exercising their revenge and hatred, deaf to all the cries of our people.

A Bolshevist Germany would no longer be Germany.

German communists or Bolshevists would not be in control, but Jews and Jewish lackeys from everywhere in the world. The first thing they would do is to wipe out and destroy their agents in the Reich, be they paid agents, confused ideologues, or crazy muddle heads.

Foreign Bolshevist rule would be the end of Germany and of all the peoples of Europe.

Sovietization means eternal war!

Henry Wallace

On 8 March 1943, Roosevelt’s Vice President Wallace made the following remarks in Delaware (Ohio):

“It is quite possible that the actions of some powers will lead to World War III, even if we in the USA follow the principle of staying out of a war. For example, such a war could be unavoidable if Russia once again takes up Trotsky’s goal of a world revolution. A war would also be unavoidable if Russia should succeed in Bolshevizing Europe, and England took up a European defense against Bolshevism. A further cause for a Third World War would be the economic war that must be expected if we use the same methods after the Second World War that were used after 1918.”

Thus, one of the leading representatives of the warmongers states that the victory of Bolshevism and its plutocratic accomplices means

eternal war.

The victory of Germany means: Long-term peace for all of Europe.

A Germany that is victorious in this decisive struggle with the world enemy has won its place in the sun for all time. Our children and grandchildren will be spared the hard battle that our generation has taken on. They will live in a united and peaceful Europe, and will be able to use their full efforts to raise year to year the social standing and living standard of their families, as well as of the entire people.

England and the USA

Bulwark against Bolshevism?

England and America are trying to persuade the European peoples that they will take up the protection of Europe should the Bolshevists succeed in overpowering the German Wehrmacht.

  1. Could the British and Americans stop Europe from being overrun?
  2. Could they re-conquer Europe?
  3. Do they in fact want to?

Within six weeks, the German Wehrmacht defeated the French army, then thought to be the strongest in the world. If a military as strong as Germany’s could not succeed in stopping Stalin’s masses, who could believe that several English and American divisions would be able to?

The only possibility for the English and Americans would be to re-conquer Soviet-occupied Europe. That would require an invasion. We know that the English and Americans so far have not been able to mount such an invasion, even though the German military has the bulk of its forces in the East. How could such an invasion against the Soviet Union succeed with no enemy in the rear, and the whole armaments industry of Europe working for the Soviets?

And furthermore, any steps against Bolshevism in England and the USA would encounter great difficulties — thanks to Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s alliance with Stalin — since Bolshevist agents have extraordinary influence.

And it is clear that England and America have no desire to rescue Europe from Bolshevism.

Two American Jews have made this very clear. Constantine Brown wrote in the Washington Post on 1 February 1943:

“It is not surprising that the Soviet government wishes to extend its borders in Central and Eastern Europe. After the war, the Soviet Union will have every right to assert that the commanding influence of Moscow is necessary to maintain peace on the Continent.”

And the Jew Walter Lippmann wrote in the New York Herald Tribune on 7 February 1943:

”England and the USA can only give certain populations and politicians near the borders of the Bolshevist state the friendly but firm advice to avoid any power politics, and adjust their foreign policy to agree with Moscow’s. They will simply have to trust Bolshevism.”

These two Jews were even trumped by the English Daily Sketch, which in its 29 January 1943 issue expressed its agreement with Soviet demands:

“The Soviets are preparing an elaborate scheme for using Nazi labour to restore Russian cities and towns after an armistice has been signed. This plan in embryo has already been communicated to London. Moscow, we understand, wants to make this a condition of the armistice terms. Stalin’s idea is that all available Russian labour, depleted by its war losses, will be needed to revive agriculture and industry, and that it will be only fair to insist on the Germans rebuilding the cities they have destroyed, particularly Stalingrad.”

The German people will be kidnapped for forced labor deep in the Soviet Union.

The fact that England and the USA have never had a serious intention of getting rid of Bolshevism is not new. It was money from the American bank Jews Schiff, Kuhn, and Loeb and Co. that made possible the October 1917 revolution. At the time, it is true, the English outwardly supported the national Russian counterrevolution, but their real agreement with Bolshevism was proven when they left the Russian freedom fighters in the lurch in 1919/1920.

At the time, the English hoped to secure a base in Northern Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, which is why the English General Ironside rushed to assist General Miller near Archangel. But after the British had stolen large amounts of timber, they left the country without the least resistance to the Bolshevist bands. In Baku, too, the English left without a fight, leaving the White Russian General Denikin in the lurch. The English who had landed in Riga also left, leaving the field to the Bolshevists.

Tomorrow, too, they will leave the field to the Bolshevists.

Churchill and Molotov

They look a lot alike. The Jewish alliance between Bolshevism and plutocracy has already changed the faces of our opponents. Churchill introduces Moscow’s representative Molotov. From left to right: Maisky (the Jewish Soviet ambassador in London) and Molotov. To Churchill’s right: the dapper salon-Bolshevist Eden.

Soviet women in England

Members of a Soviet women’s regiment are received in “conservative” England with full military honors.

Soviet Ambassador Litwinov

Litvinov, the Jewish Soviet ambassador in Washington, finds that when he is dressed in a frock coat and white vest, he looks just like the USA Jews, who work with him to be sure that no people on earth can enjoy peace.

The battle in the East is one of life or death for the whole German people.

This battle is for the naked existence of each of us who does not want he and his children to become slaves of Soviet commissars in the depths of the Soviet Union. The Sovietization of Germany, the goal of the massive Soviet onslaught on the Eastern Front, and for the success of which British and American make their terror attacks on the German civilian population, means eternal misery, eternal poverty, eternal war for all those who escape Stalin’s hangmen and torturers during the first days of a Bolshevist takeover.

Because each German knows that, he gives his full effort for total war.

The pleasures of more peaceful days may cease, and the terror bombing of our enemies, both to the West and East, may temporarily put the possessions and lives of each of us in danger:

Still, we know that only the victory of German weapons can assure us and Europe of the peace in which we will be able to return to meaningful labor.

Because we may believe more surely than ever in the victory of German weapons and those of our allies, we will endure this battle despite all the bitterness and sacrifices that it demands of us. Never has a generation faced a more frightening danger than ours, but never has there been greater and firmer determination to master that danger.

The determination of the German people, filled with the Führer’s confidence in victory and that of each individual, is the guarantee that total effort means the decisive offensive that will lead to final victory.

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Not only the peoples of Europe, but also the peoples of the East, are rising up.

Volunteers from all the peoples of the Soviet Union are streaming to the flag of their liberator. Can there be a more damning judgment of a system than that those oppressed by it long to take up weapons to fight it?

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