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Background: The Bildbericht der Woche was a weekly production of the Nazi Party’s Reichspropagandaleitung. It was a film strip with an accompanying text to be presented at small meetings. A speaker would read the text. These would be used in outlying areas where people had less access to the weekly newsreel at movie theaters or at neighborhood party meetings. It was also used in the military.

This is #12/1939, issued at the end of March 1939. Hitler had just marched into what was left of Czechoslovakia and secured the return of the Memel District from Lithuania. I do not have the text that accompanied the pictures, but have identified what I could. If you can identify any of the pictures, please let me know.

In 1941, 1575 copies of this were produced each week.

The source: Bildbericht der Woche, #12/1939

Bildbericht der Woche


Opening Graphic

The opening slide


The title slide


Hitler Enters Prague Castle


Cheering Crowds in Prague


Hitler Greeting Someone


Troops Marching


Anti-Jewish Measures Promptly Introduced


Troops Caring for Children


Nazi Flags Being Passed Out to Wave at Hitler


Hitler Drives Past


Another Picture of the Parade


Göring Greets Hitler


Searchlights in Berlin Celebrate Hitler’s Triumphs (19 March)


Map of the Memel District (in black)


The Memel Harbor


The Town Square in Memel [today Klaipėda]


The poster translates: “Better to have fought and died honorably than to have lost freedom and ruined one’s soul!”


Hitler at the Railroad Station


A Seaman in the Harbor


The closing graphic




A German filmstrip projector



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