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Background: This is a translation of part of a widely distributed summary of Nazi doctrine about the Jews. The original version was published in 1938 by Rudolf Kommoß. This is the revised version of 1942, taking account of the war. It was not put out by the Nazi Party, but was approved by it for use in party education. The pamphlet proposes deporting the Jews to someplace like Madagascar, though by 1942 the real Nazi intentions were more deadly.

The source: Karl Baumböck, Juden machen Weltpolitik (Berlin: Propaganda-Verlag Paul Hochmuth, 1942). It is Nr. 16 of the series “Nationalpolitische Aufklärungsschriften.”

The Jews in World Politics

by Karl Baumböck

Summary: The pamphlet runs 32 pages. The first sections cover Jewish history from ancient to modern times, and ends with the claim that Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States are the three centers of the Jews.

I take up the translation with the last three sections.

* * * * *

Jewish World Policies — Jewish World Leadership

We have discussed the centers of world Jewish power. The unified plan is clear. That leads necessarily to the question: Is there some form of world-wide Jewish leadership that carries out this plan?

There are a series of familiar international Jewish organizations: the Alliance Israélite Universelle, the Independent Order of B’nai Briss [sic], the various Zionist agencies (e.g., the Jewish Agency), the international Jewish boycott organizations against Germany, the American Jewish Joint Consultative Council — to name only a few. All of these organizations promote Jewish world power policies in some way. How they relate to each other, which are the most significant, and whether there are secret connections and a central leadership, and where that leadership might be, are subordinate questions. Whether or not there is an organized Jewish government recognized by all the Jews is less important that the fact that there is a unified and conscious Jewish desire for world power. This is proved by a variety of political events that are taking place in plain sight today.

What Does World Jewry Want Today?

We have already discussed the fundamental aims of World Jewry. Their present activities are determined by the tactical situation. What does the situation look like today? Under the leadership of National Socialism, the German people have eliminated one of Jewry’s three pillars. In many other countries, people are also beginning to wake up and see through the Jewish plans for domination. Jewry is therefore doing all in its power to defeat these awakening nations and to force them to give up their new racially-oriented policies. World Jewry is more united today than ever before. They build hate against the awakening peoples with all the resources at their disposal. They depend most heavily, as we have shown, on world Bolshevism and world democracy. With ice-cold, devilish calculation, they unleashed a new world war that they hoped would defeat the national-authoritarian nations. After defeating these nations, the way would once again be open to establish Jewish domination of the remaining nations. The insane goal of World Jewry remains ruling all the nations by controlling their government organs, their territory, their money, and all their goods.

We know that they will not achieve their goal.

Jewry will not defeat the awakening nations, but rather the example of these nations will finally awaken the people who still sleep under “democratic” or Bolshevist rule. That will be the time to finally solve the Jewish question. As Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg said in his speech on the Jewish question to diplomats and the world press on 7 February 1939, this can only occur by removing the Jews from all the nations where they have lived as parasites and transporting to them to a sufficiently large, uninhabited area suitable for colonization.

How little Jewry has understood the gravity of its situation, threatened by the racial awakening of the nations, is shown by its reaction to the emigration question. Jewry wants Palestine. In order to make it possible for the Jews of every nation to move to one place? Not at all. Such a thing is impossible. Palestine could hold only a small percentage of the Jews. The 400,000 Jews who currently live there are surrounded by 900,000 Arabs (with more than 30 million Arabs in surrounding countries!). Even if in violation of all principles of justice the Palestinian Arabs now living there were forced out to make room for the Jews, it would be impossible for a significant part of the world’s Jews to move there.

As Alfred Rosenberg pointed out in his speech, Jewry is promoting the Palestine project for entirely different reasons. It wants to establish a center of power that will provide Jews remaining in those other countries a valuable legal and governmental base. A relatively small, purely Jewish state in Palestine would provide the powerful Jewish groups in other nations with the status of a respectable minority, the right of asylum, diplomatic representation, and similar benefits. It is not a satisfactory solution to the Jewish question, since it leaves the Jews to continue their parasitic existence among the other nations, and indeed gives them new advantages.

The Jews have no serious intention of establishing colonies. That would not be difficult for a people of 17 million, or perhaps twice that number if one includes all who are racially Jewish. They have vast resources, and have already made major strides toward their goal of dominating the nations. It would not be difficult for them to secure a suitable territory. That would be a worthy goal for world Jewish capital. But the rich and powerful Jews of the Bolshevist clique of despots, or in the huge trusts in the USA or the international banks in England and many other countries feel too comfortable to undertake such a difficult, “uneconomic” endeavor. It hardly seems necessary to go to the trouble of bringing all Jews together in one place.

Developments will force them in that direction, however. One day there will be only one escape, a single honest way to solve the Jewish question. Then for the first time in 3,000 years, the Jew will have his own land where, in the words of his own story of creation, he can live “by the sweat of his brow,” even if he had previously thought that to be a disgrace.

There is enough room on the earth for the Jews. A number of possibilities have already been mentioned: Kenya in the British Empire is two and a half times the size of England, and only 18,000 whites, some Indians and Arabs, and 3.1 million blacks live there. Rhodesia is three times as large as England, but only 10,000 Europeans and one and a half million Blacks live there. British Guyana is a large and fruitful land of the size of Yugoslavia. It is still almost entirely unsettled. Large parts of Australia are still uninhabited. French Madagascar is another possibility, and there are others as well. Without going into all the details, it is clear that the question of finding a suitable place for the Jews depends only on their own desire and that of their protectors. That desire is lacking. The future of World Jewry depends on its bowing one day to the pressures of the situation.

The Decisive Battle has Begun!

Our goal is not to predict the future. We see things as they have developed so far, and evaluate the forces currently in motion. These forces, however, already exclude some “solutions” to the Jewish question. There is no longer any hope of stopping the awakening of the nations or of defeating the authoritarian states.

If International Finance Jewry within and outside of Europe succeeds in plunging the nations once again into a world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of the world and the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!

The Führer gave the Jews a clear warning with these words on 30 June 1939. International Jewry has succeeded in plunging humanity into a new world war, but the results of the vast battle so far have made it clear that the Jewish string pullers have miscalculated this time. Jewish dominance of Europe has been broken and will never return. Jewish world policies in the old manner are no longer acceptable to the rest of the world. They must fail. The result of the current vast struggle will not be the establishment of Jewish control of the world, but rather a just new order in which all constructive nations will cooperate.


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