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Background: From 1936 to 1938, the Nazis waged a variety of anti-Bolshevist campaigns. Hitler and Goebbels, among others, made major speeches at the Nuremberg rallies. Numerous books and articles assailed the Soviet Union. In 1937, there was a major anti-Bolshevist exhibit produced by the Reichspropagandaleitung, the party’s central propaganda office, that traveled to major cities. This is a translation of the program book for that exhibition. The booklet includes sixteen pages of photographs of the exhibits, one of which I have included here, though I may add more as time permits. With the signing of the German-Russian treaty in August 1939, anti-Bolshevist propaganda ceased abruptly until the attack on Russia in June 1941, soon after which the Nazi party organized another major anti-Bolshevist exhibit.

The source: Große antibolschewistische Ausstellung (Berlin: Verlag für Kultur- u. Wirtschaftswerbung Daenell & Co., 1937).

The Great Anti-Bolshevist Exhibition

Bolshevism without its Mask

“Spain is the crossroads of the world.” That is what the Bolshevist central organ Die Rundschau wrote in its issue Number 11 of 22 July 1937. These words hit the mark on the international significance of the Spanish situation. That is what it is. Here, the choice must be made between Bolshevism on the one side, meaning destruction and anarchy, and authority, meaning order and construction, on the other side.

Europe should see and recognize the danger of Bolshevism. We will never tire of pointing it out. Without fear, we want to point the finger at the Jew, the instigator, the cause, and the beneficiary of this terrible catastrophe: “See, there is the enemy of the world, the destroyer of cultures, the parasite among the peoples, the son of chaos, the incarnation of evil, the ferment of decomposition, the plastic demon of the collapse of humanity.”

Dr. Goebbels, Reichspropagandaleiter of the NSDAP

Bolshevism throughout the World

The world is once again filled with the noise of war, of bloody uprisings, strikes, and mutinies, of terror and cowardly murder. Irreconcilable brotherly hatred divides the peoples and saps the strength of their lives. Mankind and peoples seem to stand helplessly against a confusing and senseless game played by mysterious, unknown forces. Yet behind all the senseless rage of destruction stands a single power whose aim is to destroy the culture of the peoples of this earth and build its bloody world domination on the ruins, the world domination of Bolshevism. That this is in fact its goal is clear in the documents of the Communist International, which proclaim to all the world:

Cover“The Communist International is the union of the communist parties of varying lands into a unified communist world party. As leader and organizer of the revolutionary movement of the world proletariat, the Communist International fights for the establishment of a world-wide dictatorship of the proletariat, for the establishment of a world union of socialist soviet republics.”

Communist uprisings throughout the world, and strikes in America or in France, serve this goal, as does the horror of Bolshevism in Spain. A thick network of communist parties and conspiratorial centers spans the globe, assiduously ready to follow Moscow’s bloody orders absolutely and without question. Thus, organized subhumanity plays with the fate of peoples and states, with the fate of many hundreds of millions of people who wish only to live and work in peace.

Peace, however, is Bolshevism’s worst enemy, which it must destroy in order to realize its plans for world domination. Thus, Bolshevism’s ever-repeated life and death declarations of battle against the whole of the world become all too understandable. Where the poison of communist subversion is not directly at work, the united fronts of Marxist parties in every people work to make them ripe for the bloody seed of Bolshevist destruction. In France, this new tactic of international Bolshevism is in its early stages, but in Spain it has already reached its epitome. With a bloodthirstiness of insane horror, Bolshevism is erecting the dictatorship of Jewry on the ruins of the Spanish people, its culture, and its economy.

Bolshevism and Jewry are two words for the same thing. Just as the Jews are the string-pullers of Bolshevism uprisings, the leaders of Bolshevist criminality, so, too, are they the inventors of Marxism and Bolshevism, which flow from their character. He who wants to write the history of Marxism must write the history of Jewry in the world, since he will conclude that Marxism and Bolshevism are not only phenomena of our age, but rather the expression of Jewish rule over foreign peoples and states since time immemorial.

[Four pages of illustrations from the exhibit. The first claims the Jews are the result of race mixing, the second that Jewish racial laws seek to preserve the Jewish race, the third is titled “Jewry fights for political power,” and the fourth covers resistance against Jewish domination.]

Jewry is the Core of Bolshevism

Jewry was born on the soil of Palestine, that crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, the battleground and settlement region of the most varied peoples It is a mixture of Middle Eastern and Oriental races, with strong Hametic and Negroid elements. All of these races are nomads or wandering shepherding peoples, whose characteristics are intensified in Jewry. Over a long period of development, the trading spirit typical of Jewry has developed, based on a foundation of usury, fraud, deceit, and cowardly wretchedness.

This varied mixture of differing races and peoples gradually solidified into Jewry, and was protected against further mixing as the result of strict laws of religious nature enforced by the rule of the rabbis to preserve the purity of the Jewish race to this day.

All these laws to prevent further mixing with foreign blood were unable to assure Jewry’s existence as a state, since there it lacked the creative force of healthy, pure-blooded peoples. Thus, they spread throughout the world to split all peoples and states, driven by the insane notion that they were God’s chosen people that other peoples had to serve. Everywhere, they were an element of destruction. The Roman Empire broke against the rule of the Semitic Emperor after the Nordic leadership was systematically exterminated and replaced by the influence of Syrians and Jews. Throughout the Middle Ages, they continued their tightly connected financial and political efforts with the help of their usurious loans to the leading courts of Europe. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, given the powerful influence of Rothschild money, one could say: “There is but one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild.”

Their claim to power rested on more than usury and financial dependency, however. They forced their way into their host peoples, destroying healthy and resistant blood. The infiltration of Jewish blood into the German nobility, and the resulting destruction of the best German blood, is best seen in the Pereier-Arnstein family. The female descendants of the founder of the purely Jewish Pereier-Arnstein family married into Aryan families and corrupted their blood. Within four generations, fourteen German noble families, and two bourgeois families, had been infected with Jewish blood.

Hand in hand with Jewry’s destruction of the best blood of our people came an ever-growing influence on our cultural life. The ability of Jewry to influence cultural life in Prussia at the beginning of the nineteenth century is illustrated by its ability to use the bourgeois position of a leading man like Wilhelm von Humboldt. He was infected with the false doctrine of liberalism, which taught human equality, in the Jewish salons of Henriette Herz and Rahel Levin. Under their influence, he opened academic positions in the newly-founded university to Jews, and argued a few years later at the Congress of Vienna for their full emancipation.

Wilhelm von Humboldt had no idea of the danger his defective understanding of the nature of Jewry had for the German people and its future. Jewry, as it used him, was aware of the methods in the political background that it was using to creep into the life of the German people, and into the lives of all peoples on earth, establishing itself as an equal, yet eternally foreign element. One of its most prominent representatives made this public in a clear and unmistakable way in a statement about the goals of Freemasonry, although this unfortunately was paid little heed. This statement by the high-degree Jewish Freemason Isaac Crémieux revealed not only Jewry’s plans for world domination, but also the role of Freemasonry as a tool to realize this plan.

It is a sign for the healthy strength of the rural part of our people, and of all peoples, that its sure instinct always recognized Jewry’s drive to realize its plans for world domination, and always resisted them. There were uprisings against the Jews throughout the Middle Ages, against its usury and political exploitation. These bitter defensive struggles, however, lacked unified leadership, so they were only individual actions without lasting success. They did show, however, how alert the common man is to the political danger of Jewish infiltration.

Marxism and Bolshevism Subvert Peoples and States

The origin of communist doctrine

The beginning of the nineteenth century had particular significance for Jewry and its plans for world domination. The ideas of this revolutionary age created the foundation for Jewry to establish its claim to absolute equality within the lives of its host peoples. The intellectual currents at the turn of the eighteenth to the nineteenth century freed people from the long outdated bonds of the Middle Ages and their unhealthy class restrictions, unleashing their strengths for creative purposes. Thus for a period, the slogan of the French Revolution became: “Men are everywhere equal and have the same right to the same happiness.” This phrase, which quickly became misunderstood in the sense of mere leveling of people, was the signal to Jewry to claim equality with the members of other peoples, whose host friendship they enjoyed, and in which they were and remained different in various ways both in nature and character.

A falsely understood equality of all people let the Jews creep into the life of the host peoples, and systematically subvert them. It was only a small step for Jewry to move from equality to the demand for political leadership. This step came with the birth of Marxist doctrine, whose inventor was the Jew Karl Marx-Mordochai. It was preached to the peoples as the “doctrine of salvation for a new age,” even though it was only a hidden form of Jewish destructive desire that served Jewry’s goal of world domination. It contains all the subversive, people-destroying principles of Bolshevism. It teaches the destruction of the family, it denies the existence of any divine power, it demands the abolition of private property and the destruction of the peasantry, the destruction of the foundations of any ethnic order of life. The means to realize Marxist doctrine was class struggle, which Marx-Mordochai preached in the Communist Manifesto:

“The communists openly declare that their goals can be reached only through the violent overthrow of all previous social orders. Let the ruling classes tremble in the face of a communist revolution. Proletarians of all nations, unite!”

Marxism destroys ethnic ties

With some astonishment, people always ask how this Jewish doctrine of dissolving all ties of blood and of a people’s community could work so quickly and surely. The times themselves provide the answer. They were influenced by powerful industrialization resulting from great scientific discoveries, above all through the striving of capitalists for the highest possible profits. This led inevitably to the worst exploitation of the constantly growing working class, which soon fell victim to the foreign Marxist ideas as a result of its enormous bitterness. Thus Marxism rose to political power within a few years.

The first attempt to express political strength during the democratic revolutions in Europe in 1848/1849 failed completely, but already in 1871 the true scale of the Marxist danger was evident. While the French army desperately resisted the victorious Germany army, communism exploited the weaknesses of the French people. With the assistance of Freemason organizations in besieged Paris, the bloody rule of the communist mob was established. On its flags was written: “Long live communism, long live Freemasonry, Long live the world revolution!” This communist rule, which had already murdered hostages, was shortly ended by French government troops, but to its Marxists, and especially to its Jewish inventor Marx-Mordochai, it was only a spur to increased activity. He praised it in these words:

“Even if the current uprising in Paris falls before the wolves, pigs, and cowardly dogs of the old society, it is the most glorious deed of our party since the June Insurrection!”

During the same period, in 1869, the Social Democratic Party of Germany was founded under the influence of the Jew Wilhelm Liebknecht. Twenty years later, it joined the II. International, founded in Paris, becoming an important part of the systematic organization of international Marxism, and thereby a bastion for establishing Jewish world domination.

Bolshevism’s Bloody Path

At a congress of Russian social democrats in London in 1903, the most radical wing, under Lenin’s leadership, left the movement. As Bolsheviks, they were founded on Marxist principles, and affirmed the violent realization of class domination and world revolution through that party which, under the primary leadership of Jews, served their interests.

A wave of bloody terror began in Russia in 1905, with a violent attempt, supported by the Russian people, to overthrow the tsar. For the last time, however, the rule of the tsar proved stronger, and the revolt was bloodily suppressed. The World War, the collapse of the Russian Empire because of the superiority of the German army, and the abdication of the tsar, opened the way for Bolshevism’s plans. At first, they tolerated a provisional government under the leadership of the Jewish Marxist Kerensky. Behind the scenes, they ruthlessly and quickly prepared for a Bolshevist revolution.

The critical moment came in October 1917. Kerensky was overthrown and Bolshevism took power. Russia became the booty of Jewry, and the foundation for establishing Jewish world rule. To avoid the danger from an attack from within, the self-aware ethnic forces among the Russian people were exterminated in horrible ways. An insane bloody tyranny raged in Russia, explicable only from the horrible nature of the Jewish character.

By 1923, 25 bishops, 1215 priests, and over 6,000 professors and teachers had fallen victim. Nearly 9,000 doctors, nearly 11,000 police officers, over 54,000 officers, 260,000 soldiers, 48,000 guards, 19,850 civil servants, 344,250 members of the intelligentsia, 192,000 workers, and 815,000 peasants were murdered.

Bolshevism also attempted to establish its rule of terror in Germany. The bestial murder of hostages in Munich, the rage of the Spartakists in Berlin, the separatist monsters in the Ruhr, and uprising in Central Germany led by the murderer Hölz, all left bloody evidence of Bolshevism’s destructive rage.

In Hungary, the hangman Bela Kuhn ruled for 133 days. The Red tide even reached Italy. Thousands fell victim to Bolshevism’s bloody terror until the young Fascist movement of Mussolini put a quick end to the Red spook.

[Eight pages of illustrations from the exhibit follow. The first shows Jews leaving the ghetto, the second Lenin founding the Bolshevist party, the third early Soviet atrocities, the fourth red terror in Munich, the fifth Bela Kuhn, the sixth Russian Jewish leaders, the seventh the Jewish “battle against God,” and the eighth Jewish intellectuals (Einstein included) taking over German cultural life.]

Terror, Uprisings, and Murder as Tools of the Jewish-Bolshevist World Revolution

After this first attempt to establish Bolshevist-Jewish world rule, which had been successful only in Russia, Moscow began a systematic campaign to subvert and destroy all national order throughout the world. To carry out these plans for Jewish world conquest, the III Communist International was founded in Moscow in March 1919. As Lenin said, it was “nothing other than the first step toward an international soviet republic and the victory of communism in the entire world.” Since then, the Moscow central office has sent its hirelings and murderers to every nation on earth, paid for with the last penny of the raped Russian people, to inject the poison of Jewish subversion into the peoples, robbing them of the strength needed to defend and protect their national independence, their own cultures, and the foundation of their economies from the threat of Jewish world rule.

Year after year, strikes, terror, uprisings, and murder shook the lives of the peoples. Thousands upon thousands fell victim to Bolshevist destruction. Hundreds of thousands of healthy people were defiled and murdered, overrun by the rising flood of Jewish-Bolshevist chaos.

Helpless and unwilling to believe, the world watched the work of the Jewish rulers in Moscow, closing its eyes to the enormous danger that threatened. Only a few peoples has the courage and the inner strength to free themselves from the horrible grip of world Bolshevism, declaring a battle of life or death. The new Germany and Mussolini’s Italy are Europe’s strong bulwark against the red storm from the east. Japan stands guard on its borders. Spain is destroying Red tyranny in its land. There are peoples, however, who do not see, or do not want to see, their bitterest enemy. The Führer called out to them to fight for the freedom of the peoples and the purity of their cultures, extending his hand to guarantee peace and order in this world:

“We call on the peoples of the earth to join together against the danger of Bolshevism, if they do not want to fall into the pit of a terrible and unforeseeable fate.”

Soviet Russia — The Bolshevist Paradise

According to the promising words of the new rulers, the victory of Bolshevism in Russia was to realize Jewish-Marxist doctrines and give the Russian people, and thereafter the whole world, paradise on earth. Behind this peaceful mask of an impossible and insane vision of human happiness, however, was the foundation of Jewry’s plan to build and secure world rule. Even today, the world has only imperfectly recognized these threads of eternal Jewish striving throughout world history for absolute power. This true even though Jews have been proven to have acted with ruthless horror to destroy the self-aware forces of the Russian people as they erected the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” the “workers’ and peasant’s state,” through an unparalleled rule of blood. The fact that there is not a worker in the Soviet leadership, much less a peasant, is convincing proof of how little it is a state of workers and peasants. All really important positions in political life are filled by Jews and elements wholly dependent on them.

Tortured Russia knows how little the ruling party circles are interested in realizing paradise, and how much they are involved in bloody struggles for power between Jewish leaders. Incapable of any creative accomplishments, they destroy all social order, destroy all culture and all ethnic life, creating chaos in which humanity threatens to collapse.

The intentional destruction of the Russian family, just like the systematic destruction of Russian ethnicity, is intended to make impossible any defense against Bolshevism’s bloody dictatorship. this fact was stated with brutal openness at the Komintern Congress in 1924:

“The revolution is powerless so long as the concepts of family and family ties remain.”

The corruption of the meaning of marriage into a matter of mere sexual drives serves the same goal. The oft proclaimed right to abortion supposedly frees the woman “from the chains of bourgeois morality.” This freedom results in the destruction of the family and leads to an unlimited exploitation of women’s labor in the service of world revolution. This is shown by the astonishingly high percentage of women in the working class. In 1936, the percentage of women was:

Mining: 21.5%
Coal mining: 19.6%
Hard coal mining: 24%
The metals and machinery industries: 26%
The woodworking industry: 40% German and Soviet youth

The destruction of the family has had its worst effects on the youth, the living future of every people. Hordes of starving children fill Russia’s country roads, becoming homeless tramps and criminals without a conscience. Bolshevism knew of no other way to deal with this youth misery than through a truly barbaric measure, the death penalty for children.

The battle against God reveals the same desire to destroy ethnic life and dissolve all moral relations. Above all, the law was corrupted by the terror of the GPU, and this system of injustice is used in the battle against the peasantry. As an “owning class,” it was “liquidated,” or in other words exterminated, or else sent to slave labor camps or reduced to wage slaves of Jewish rulers in collective farms.

In the course of this destructive work, well over 18 million peasants lost home and farm by 1 April 1936. Their lands were brought together in 246,000 collective farms, that is, state-owned large farms.

This violent expropriation and destruction of the peasantry showed its terrible consequences only too quickly. The land that had once been Europe’s grain basket became a land in which millions fell victim to hunger and misery.

Slave labor camps were established to eliminate all “undesired elements.” Besides the peasantry, this included self-aware workers and the remains of the old bourgeoisie and nobility. Around 6.5 million people live, work, and die under the hard regime of Bolshevist oppression.

Russian workers endure the same unbearable oppression. Without any consideration, their labor is exploited through the Stakhanov system, a labor method that exceeds even the cleverest capitalist exploitation of labor. At starvation wages that are insufficient to satisfy even the basic needs of life, the Russian worker lives a life of hard work and misery. The average monthly wage is 40 to 100 Reich marks in “high paying” industries. The prices are as follows:

1 kilogram beef of butter: 4,50 RM
1 pair of shoes: 100 - 150 RM
1 suit: 1,000 RM

For essential foodstuffs like bread, the Russian worker pays nearly twice as much as a German worker, who receives much better pay. These prices are set by the state, but sufficient goods are rarely available. On the open market, prices are two or three times as high, and are entirely impossible for the working population to pay.

Though unending exploitation of the Russian working class and peasantry and the starvation of millions of people, the Bolshevist rulers built the Red Army as a weapon for carrying out world revolution. Nearly 12 million trained troops are ready to throw the world into the chaos of Jewish world rule when commanded by Jewish rulers.

How it was in Germany: Jewry and Bolshevism at Work

Red murder prevailed in Germany’s streets for fourteen years. Nearly 6,000 Freikorps members and over 400 fighters of the National Socialist movement fell victim to Bolshevist rage in Germany, victims of systematic subversive activity ordered by Bolshevist Jewish rulers in Moscow. Here, just as it is there today, Jews led the struggle against the people’s will to live. They made themselves the leaders of the German people’s cultural, economic, and political life, even though they were only tolerated foreigners.

The extent of Jewish influence in Germany is most clearly shown by the fact that in Berlin, 56% of notaries and 52% of doctors were Jews, even though Jewry made up only 0.9% of the population of the Reich.

Above all, however, Jews dominated industry and commerce. There were three times as many Jews as Germans in top German business positions. Jews like Rathenau, Mammroth, Berliner, Aron Hirsch, Siegmund Seligmann, Tietz, Wertheim, Katzenellenbogen, Herzfeld, Friedländer-Fuld, and countless others, were seen as the pick of German business leadership, as the top men in industry and commerce.

The Jews had also taken over the press and politics. In 1932, the total circulation of the two largest publishing firms (including newspapers and magazines) was over five million. Both were in Jewish hands. The Jew Georg Bernhard, the powerful editor of the Vossische Zeitung, who today is one of the worst emigrants inciting against National Socialist Germany, declared with cynical openness the true nature of the relationships between the Jewish ruled press and politics: “The judgment of public opinion is influenced through a few string-pullers, who by using much money in various countries have established a comprehensive press apparatus that lets their mouthpieces loudly say whatever they want said.” His Marxist-Bolshevist racial comrade Willi Münzenberg, the leader of the communist agitation press, was no less open when he wrote in the Rote Fahne: “The lie is a weapon in class struggle.” In the same way, however, the Jews used politics for their ends. Who does not know the corrupt bigwigs of the System Era, the Jews Isidor Weiß, Grezeszinski, Hilferding, Hugo Preuß, Gustav Landauer, Heilmann, Leo Kestenberg, Heinz Neumann. Last but not least, the Jewdification of political life is shown by the Jewish role in leading the Marxist parties. In the Communist Reichstag delegation, 14.5% were Jews. Among the Social Democrats, it was 22% .

The Jewish spirit dominated the sciences. Jewish psychoanalysis and sexual research corrupted the morals of an entire people from a supposedly objective scientific standpoint.

Jewish domination of German cultural life was equally dangerous. Jewish directors, art patrons, and artists promoted art that was nothing other than the realization of Bolshevism in art and culture.

The highpoints of Jewish rule, however, were undoubtedly the countless cases of fraud and criminality that must be charged to the Jewish account. It was even more dangerous for our people, since Jewry presented this type of business dealing as mere enterprise, and uncovered cases of corruption as mere business misfortune. The Eastern European black marketers and fraudsters Sklarek, Sklarz, Barmat, and Kutisker were the worse examples for the way in which corruption and politics were so neatly connected.

It was only a step from Jewish dominance to Jewish rule to Bolshevism. The political, economic, and cultural impact of Jewry in Germany would lead, consciously or unconsciously, to the realization of Bolshevism in Germany, and to the destruction of the German people.

[Four pages of photographs of the exhibition. The first page shows Jewish press and political leaders in Germany, the second [shown above right] contrasts happy German children with miserable Russian ones, the third shows communist violence in Italy, and the forth is “The Dance of Death in Spain.”]

The Battle and Victory of National Socialism

The Führer mobilized the strengths of the German people against the forces of Jewish-Bolshevist subversion. He set the National Socialist will for construction against the Jewish desire for destruction, and thus drove Bolshevism from Germany forever. Out of the classes and parties that had torn each other apart in bloody civil war, he created the German people’s community. He made the family, which Bolshevism sees as the greatest hindrance to world revolution, into the core of our ethnic and governmental program once more. The peasantry, which Bolshevist rulers systematically destroy as the “class enemy,” received its eternal foundation in Germany through the Reich Hereditary Farm Law. Following the will of the Führer, the German people created a Wehrmacht that is the beset guarantee for peace in Europe in the face of the steadily threatening danger of Bolshevism from the east. Freedom of religion in Germany stands against the systematic suppression of religion and faith in Soviet Russia. While Germany’s youth, conscious of its responsibility for Germany’s future, works hard, and with healthy joy in life marches forward in ready camaraderie, millions of children perish and starve in the Bolshevist proletarian paradise. While Adolf Hitler’s great roads cross Germany, linking all regions and groups, Bolshevist Russia remains a trackless land. The rapidly growing German economy serves the German people and assures them of work and food. In Bolshevist Russia, on the other hand, Russian workers toil in endless drudgery, exhausting themselves for the realization of Bolshevist-Jewish world rule. For them, life is endless toil, and they are free only in death. In Adolf Hitler’s Germany, work is seen as noble, and the creative German people benefits from its intelligence and the quality of its work. Adolf Hitler’s battle and victory has freed German life in every area from the yoke of a rule whose final goal was the destruction of the German people. In the turmoil that rules the world, and which is led by the Bolshevist central in Moscow, Germany and Fascist Italy are islands of order and of peace.

Italy’s Battle against Bolshevism

After the World War, Bolshevism also threatened Italy. Communist agitators dominated the streets, provoked conflicts, and committed terrorist acts to establish Bolshevism and destroy the Italian people. Mussolini fought them by founding his Fascist party, which from the beginning was determined to put an end to Bolshevism. 3,000 martyrs of the Fascist movement sacrificed their lives to free Italy. Communist mass murders in Saraana, Modena, Bologna, Teatro, Diana, and in Milan led to ever new battles, which after long years came to a victorious end with the march on Rome.

The battle in Ethiopia proves once more the irresistible will of the Black Shirts, despite Moscow and Geneva, to resist turning the fate of their people over to those powers that are only too ready to serve Moscow’s Bolshevist interests.

The bloody hand of Bolshevism reached for Spain. The Black Shirts of the Fascist movement faced their old enemy once again. Side by side, they fought with national Spain. Here, too, Bolshevism demanded an insane bloody sacrifice from its ranks. 1200 Fascists have so far given their lives for Spain’s freedom, and therefore for Europe’s freedom, true to the words of their great leader:

“It is hardly surprising that we today raise the anti-Bolshevist banner! That is our old flag! We were born under this symbol! We have fought against this enemy, and we have defeated him with our sacrifice and with our blood.”

Symbols of Two Worlds

While in Olympia, the classic site of Greek culture, the holy torch was lit and carried to Germany over thousands of miles and through many lands and nations to serve as a symbol of friendly competition between the youth of the whole world, illuminating the great circle of the German Olympic stadium, Moscow carried its torch through peoples and lands to Spain. But its torch brings not peace, but fire and murder, inexpressible pain and bloody terror. While in Germany, the best of all nations strive in confident enthusiasm for the victor’s wreath, Jewish Bolshevism calls to subhumanity in Spain to take up the weapons of destruction against a peaceful people. Churches collapse in soot and ashes, people are murdered senselessly, women raped, children thrown into misery. All laws, all ties, ethnic unity, are thrown into the dirt. The brutality is a symbol of an insane world domination whose string-pullers sit in Moscow.

Two worlds meet. Germany is serving peace for all peoples and cultures, Moscow is lighting a torch to set the whole world afire, seeking to build its rule in chaos, a rule that aims to destroy all life through Jewry.

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