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Background: This is a rare piece of ephemera: a Nazi propaganda flyer aimed at factory workers at an aniline factory in Ludwigshafen (later part of BASF). It promotes the Nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation (NSBO, National Socialist Factory Cell Organization), the Nazi attempt at a labor union. The NSBO was established in January 1931, and this leaflet is undated. Since it deals entirely with local issues, dating it precisely is impossible, but it is clearly from before the Nazi takeover.

Another interesting thing is the title: Der Nazi-Aniliner. The Nazis generally did not use the term “Nazi” to refer to refer to themselves, but every now and again it surfaces in their rhetoric. I have about another dozen instances in my files.

I have, by the way, another undated flyer from the same factory that I probably won’t get around to translating, but if you find this particularly interesting and need it for your research, I might be persuaded to provide a scan.

The source: Der Nazi-Aniliner, Nr. 1 [undated, 1931 or 1932]

The Nazi-Aniline Employee

Price: 1 Pfenning — Appears periodically — Nr. 1

What does he [Hitler] want? What is he fighting for?

He is fighting for right of the worker to be a human being.

Workers! Employees of the aniline factory! Are you a human being?

No! Those who once promised you human rights have allowed it to remain necessary, thirteen years after their “glorious revolution,” for you to stand before that wonderful instrument each day that one usually calls a

time clock,

in which you

must stamp your number every day.

If you are a second too late in the morning, you are penalized a half hour of pay, guaranteed, even though you do your work as well as any other day. And woe to you if don’t show up at the end of the day in the proper uniform and with the proper stamps. You’ll be caught — and then — well, you know well enough what will happen!

And your workers’ council? — It will give its blessing.

Workers at the aniline factory! Listen! —Does it have to be this way?

No! It does not have to be this way!

We workers don’t need a time clock. We want to work without time clocks, as free men. The time clock hurts our work because it makes us second class people.

Workers! The Nazi-Aniliner demands:

Either that the last time clock be hacked to bits, or else the general director joins with us and punches in just as we do! If it is good for us, it is good for him!

Workers at the aniline factory! Do you like to smoke?

During breaks, you have to stand outside to smoke your cigarette, showing to all the world the serf that you are, since only “gentlemen” can smoke inside the factory, along with your workers’ council —but not you! At most, you put on a silly expression and ask where is the fire danger in the factory canteen? Your miserable liverwurst, perhaps? But no, that is not the issue, but rather:

“There have to be distinctions.”

That's what your council of bigwigs wants. You have to know that you are merely a serf, and you therefore have to smoke outside, returning to your job unhappy and annoyed.

The Nazi-Aniliner demands:

Either smoking is permitted in the canteen, or everyone is forbidden to smoke!

Workers at the aniline factory! If you want to wash your hands after eating, you have to use your handkerchief or your sleeves, since there are no hand towels! Your workers’ council does not have to worry about that. It simply says: There aren’t any, and that’s that! — The council of bigwigs, of course, must have its hand towels! Their work, after all, is dirtier than yours!

The Nazi-Aniliner objects to the fact:

that you are pawed over and searched every day at the gate as you leave!

Workers! Workers at the aniline factory!

We do not steal factory property. Let us be proud. We do not want to injure our honor as workers.

Workers! Workers at the aniline factory!

The spying at the factory gate has to stop!

Help us get rid of this Negro status!

It is unworthy of an honorable German worker!

Don’t be taken for a ride by your council of bigwigs.

Spit on the phrases like “capitalist slaves” that they use to incite you against us.

A 15% pay cut! Who let that happen? Who are the slaves of capital?

Workers! Workers at the aniline factory! Free yourselves!

Join us in the National Socialist Factory Cell!

Workers! Workers at the aniline factory! Rumors are going around that the factory will be closed!


The Nazi-Aniliner guarantees this to you! If we are in control of the government, we will not be closed, but there will be more work, even if we have to nationalize the factory.

Workers! Workers at the aniline factory!

Join us. Workers and academics stand together in a single front. If you want to have a future, you have to join us. Fight for your honor as a worker and your dignity as a human being.

Join the National Socialist Factory Cell!

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