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Background: There are a number of illustrated books like this published during the Nazi era. They were large books in which one pasted photographs received as premiums. My copy of this one brought the number of copies in print to 2,450,000. This essay by Hitler’s architect Albert Speer discusses the Führer’s passion for buildings. These are the photographs that accompany the chapter.

The source: Albert Speer, “Die Bauten des Führers,” Adolf Hitler. Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers(Hamburg: Cigaretten/Bilderdienst Hamburg/Bahrenfeld, 1936, pp. 72-77

Reaching for Hitler The Führer leaves the building site for the House of German Art.
Empty street The Königsplatz in Munich after its transformation by Adolf Hitler.
Munich The pillared hall of the House of German Art.
Model of Hall The model for the Congress Hall at the Nuremberg Reich Party Rally grounds.
Hitler address arena The speaker platform at the Nuremberg Reich Party Rally grounds.
Hitler looks at model The Führer inspects models for new party buildings.
Stairs The “Eternal Watch” at the Königsplatz in Munich.
Foyer of a German opera house The foyer of the German Opera House in Charlottenberg [Berlin], whose remodelling was supported by the Führer.
Hitler, Gall, and Speer inspect building The Führer, Professor Gall and Architect Speer inspect the construction of the House of German Art in Munich.

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