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Background: German propaganda during World War II was total. This page includes ads from a special issue of a leading German weekly magazine. In each case, there is reference to Nazi war goals. For comparison, one might look at war-era issues of popular American magazines.

The source: Illustrirte Zeitung Leipzig: Sonderausgabe 1944: Der europäische Mensch.

Ads from the Illustrated Magazine of Leipzig

Focke-Wulf has been building airplanes for 20 years

We join in the vastly increased use of labor and technology in the German aircraft industry. We are thus helping to solve the great tasks of the day, the fulfillment of which will bring about a New Order in Europe.

After the victorious end to this war for European self-determination. we will return to peacetime production. Using the knowledge we have gained as well as our proven productivity, we will build better planes to meet the high expectations of coming European air traffic.


On the roads of Europe, German Ford trucks testify to the work of German industry. The agile, reliable, and easy to maintain Ford truck will be a welcome help in solving the major tasks that await our continent after the war.

Despite cowardly enemy terror bombing, life in the affected European cities goes on. Health care, too, vital both at the front and at home, is as firm as a rock.

German dentists work together untiringly with their European colleagues for the well-being of their fellow human beings. They will help you today and tomorrow just as they did yesterday, with their famous skill.


German children: Europe’s future inventors!

While courageous men are fighting on the battlefields for the victory that will crown a happy and united Europe, the German home front is already working today on plans to benefit the freed peoples. The German youth is preparing for the great tasks of reconstruction and peace. They tinker and build models, engaging in guided and creative learning. Whether it is in shop class at school, evenings at home, or while participating in the youth organizations, UHU is everywhere. A special glue developed by the German firm Kunststoff-Chemie, it is in demand as a dependable product.

Rolling wheels: vitally important elements of traffic in the war economy of today and for the peace time economy of tomorrow.

After we are victorious, the rich wartime experiences of the German auto industry will benefit all the nations in a free and happy Europe. The proven Borgward truck will once again be one of the most useful.

Borgward: Automobile and Motor Works

Since 1891 Hauff has been a leader in the chemistry of photography.

Hauff film and plates are preferred by professional and amateur photographers alike for their excellent technical qualities: a fine grain which allows for enlargements, and the ability to show contrast even under weak lighting conditions.

Hauff developers are the result of experience and a demanding tradition: Metol, one of the first and today still the most common developers in the world, was developed in the Hauff laboratories.

Evidence of peace.

Indeed, the photographs taken by creative Germans during their vacations on “Kraft durch Freude” [Strength through Joy] trips are convincing evidence of peace! They demonstrate our desire to peacefully enjoy all that life has to offer, to see the world’s marvels, and to meet the peoples of other nations not only through diplomatic notes, but through direct person- to-person contact.

After the weapons of Germany and its allies have built a true and lasting peace in Europe, creative Germany will once more explore the wide world, visiting the nations of our liberated continent, and we will be happy to welcome guests from other nations to our beautiful homeland.

Hauff film and Hauff plates, long-tested and improved during the war, will be ready to capture these coming happy memories of peace.

Viennese Fashion: the bridge of elegance from nation to nation.

Women throughout time have always loved things that are elegant, beautiful, and delight the eye. Viennese fashion has always fulfilled these womanly longings and has built a bridge of elegance and beauty for the women of all countries with its world famous creations.

Although the struggle for the future of Europe claims all our resources, Viennese fashion is still exported to friendly countries, and in Vienna we are already working toward peace.

It is a testament to Germany’s strength. A symbol of its willingness to serve beauty even when battles are raging. Proof that when victory has been achieved, an abundance of fashionable things will go from Vienna into the world.

During the war, the production of Efasit foot care products must be reserved primarily for German soldiers on all fronts. When peace comes, Efasit will again be freely available to friends of German products.

Everything should go well for all!

Yes, things should be even better! Everyone should be able to work without worrying. All should be able to afford to travel, to fill their homes with beautiful things, and to fulfill their heart’s desires, both large and small.

That is what Germany wants! For itself and for all the countries in Europe of good will. Together, we will work to secure and raise the standard of living!

That is what Germany is fighting for. And only a German victory will realize the goal of a European economic community.

Dujardin: For years Germany’s largest brandy distillery

Hartmann helps to heal!

As doctors and nurses at the war front and in areas attacked by terror bombings endeavor to heal wounds, Hartmann Bandages are there with them. Even during peace Hartmann Products had made a name for themselves far beyond the borders of Germany for complete reliability. Today the Hartmann factory is a part of the total war effort, making its contribution to the future of Europe and the health and happiness of the European nations.

A picture of peace.

With their peaceful work, each LANZ-tractor, LANZ-thresher, and LANZ-harvesting machine helps to guarantee the nutrition of Europe. Our agricultural technology is already showing the way to what will happen when peace comes.

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