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Background: On 1 September 1941, all Jews remaining in Germany were forced to wear the Yellow Star when in public. In late September 1941, the Nazis released a remarkable mass pamphlet based on a book published in the United States titled Germany Must Perish! The book proposed the partitioning of Germany and the sterilization of its population. The author, Theodore N. Kaufman, was an American Jew of no influence. The pamphlet, titled The War Aim of World Plutocracy, included excerpts from Kaufman’s book. In early November 1941, this four-page flyer was released. It justified the Yellow Star by reminding Germans of Kaufman’s pamphlet, which supposedly was the common goal of “World Jewry.” Howard K. Smith’s 1942 book Last Train from Berlin (p. 197) states that every German got copies of the pamphlet along with the monthly ration card.

The source: The copy of the flyer I saw is in the holdings of the Deutsche Bücherei in Leipzig.

When you see this symbol...

Cover: “When you see this symbol...”

Page 2: “Remember what the Jews have done to our people.” The page reviews World War I, for which the Jews are held responsible, then states: “Now for the first time, World Jewry openly says what it wants: ‘Germany must die!’”

Page 3: “And you can read the Jew’s solution in the booklet The War Aim of World Plutocracy.” A review of Kaufman’s proposal follows. “The German Wehrmacht will ensure that World Jewry’s terrible plan, as proclaimed by the Jew Kaufman, will never become reality.

Page 4: “You must ensure through your behavior that Jewry never again has even the slightest influence on our people.”






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