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Background: Between 1937 and 1941, the Wochenspruch der NSDAP, a weekly poster with inspiring quotations, was issued both centrally by the Reichspropagandaleitung in Munich and by many of the various Gau propaganda offices. After that, all issues came from Munich. Most Gauleitungen ceased printing their own in 1939, but Niederdonau continued into 1940 and Sachsen into 1941. This page has scattered issues from a variety of the Gau editions. It is the most incomplete page I have, and I welcome scans of the many missing issues.

The source: I have copies of some, and have supplemented my collection by checking the holdings at the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig (which begin with June 1940 and runs into April 1944) and the Bundesarchiv holdings in Berlin. Others have been provided by friends of the site. Images of some of the posters are linked to the texts.

Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Page 5: Issued by the Gaupropagandaleitungen

Gau Essen

The key to the heart of a people is not asking, but rather strength. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (15 - 21 August 1937)

Labor is an honor. Accomplishment alone distinguishes one person from another. Dr. Robert Ley.” Gau Essen (22 - 28 August 1937)

Great men are the realization of the wishes of their people. Hans Schemm.” Gau Essen (5 - 11 September 1937)

He who is defenseless has no peace. Only when a strong sword protects peace can a people enjoy the fruits of its labor in peace. Hermann Göring.” Gau Essen (12 - 18 September 1937)

We have taught our youth the virtue of camaraderie, not through theories in textbooks, but rather in the thousand-fold experiences of every-day life. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Essen (19 - 25 September 1937)

What the German worker creates, the German soldier will protect. Werner V. Blomberg.” Gau Essen (26 September - 2 October 1937)

Only the nation that holds its honor high will exist over the long term. Germany will exist! Thanks to the Führer! Rudolf Hess.” Gau Essen (3 - 9 October 1937)

That which is moral promotes the preservation of the German people. That which is immoral does the opposite. Walter Darré.” Gau Essen (10 - 16 October 1937)

It is wonderful to live in an age that gives its people great tasks. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (17 - 23 October 1937)

One frees peoples not by inaction, but rather through sacrifice! Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.Gau Essen (24 - 30 October 1937)

Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if one wills it. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (31 October - 6 November 1937)

On 9 November. The comrade. If one of us grows weary, the other will stand watch for him. If one of us doubts, the other laughs with faith. If one should fall, the other stands for two. God gave each warrior a comrade. Herybert Menzel.” Gau Essen (7 - 13 November 1937)

We came from the people, we stand with the people, and we march with them. The people is the beginning and end of our battle and our work. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Essen (14 - 20 November 1937)

There are only two possibilities: Either the victory of the Aryan side or its destrution and the victory of the Jews. Adolf Hitler on 12.4.1922.” Gau Essen (21 - 27 November 1937)

Not everyone can be a field marshal, but each can be a soldier. Each man in our ranks is a general of action! Baldur von Schirach.” Gau Essen (28 November - 4 December 1937)

The fatherland is a religion. Ernst Juenger.” Gau Essen (5 - 11 December 1937)

“If no warriors are still living, they will be born! Rainer Schlosser.” Gau Essen (12 - 18 December 1937)

“Holy land is wherever it is defended by Germans. Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Essen (19 - 25 December 1937)

We do not believe in paradise in this world, but we do believe in a state and a Reich that can be a fatherland to industrious Germans. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (26 - 31 December 1937)

“Germany marches before us, Germany marches in us, and Germany comes behind us. Adolf Hitler.’ Gau Essen (1 - 6 January 1938)

“The battle for an ideal does not make one coarse, but rather good. Josef Goebbels.” Gau Essen (7 - 13 January 1938)

“The unity of our people is the highest good that there can be for us. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (16 - 22 January 1938)

We want to be prepared to sacrifice and to fight, ready to perish ourselves rather than allow the movement to perish that is Germany’s last strength, its last hope for the future. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (23 - 30 January 1938)

Before the earth takes you, have you made it fruitful? Friedrich Griese.” Gau Essen (31 January - 6 February 1938)

Our strength is in our discipline. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (7 - 13 February 1938)

Loyalty of conviction means absolute obedience. Rudolf Hess.” Gau Essen (14 - 20 February 1938)

The greatest of all sacrifices is to give one’s life to preserve the existence of the community. Adolf Hitler on the anniversary of Horst Wessel’s death.” Gau Essen (21 - 27 February 1938)

Therefore be courageous and never flinch, for God is everywhere. The half-hearted never gain freedom and heaven. E. Moritz Arndt.” Gau Essen (28 February - 6 March 1938)

“Possessions die, tribes die, and you yourself will die as they do. One thing I know: the fame of the dead is eternal. From the Edda.” Gau Essen (7 - 13 March 1938)

“The nature of the German spirit is to build from within. Richard Wagner.” Gau Essen (14 - 20 March 1938)

People will perish and human works will fail, but the idea of the Reich will remain. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (21 - 27 March 1938)

“Bravery, steadfastness, and sacrifice are the pillars of a people’s independence. Scharnhorst.” Gau Essen (28 March - 3 April 1938)

Cannons are not decisive, but rather a unified national will. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (4 - 10 April 1938)

“Therefore be courageous and never flinch, for God is everywhere. The half-hearted never gain freedom and heaven. E. Moritz Arndt.” Gau Essen (11 - 17 April 1938) [Repeated from earlier in the year.]

Führer, we believe in you, for you are the nation. We believe in Germany because you are Germany’s son. Führer’s birthday. B. v. Schirach.” Gau Essen (18 - 24 April 1938)

“Work is not shameful, but rather the highest nobility for each person. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (25 April - 1 May 1938)

One can discuss all material questions, but not honor. On that we are inflexible. Joseph Goebbels.” Gau Essen (2 - 8 May 1938)

“There is no greater nobility for the woman than to be the mother of the sons and daughters of a people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (9 - 15 May 1938)

To sacrifice for the unity of our people is no sacrifice, but rather a sign of good sense. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (16 - 22 May 1938)

“Do not weary, keep going, say to all the comrades: Help Hitler gather German men! Schlageter a few days before his death.” Gau Essen (23 - 29 May 1938)

Never forget that the holiest right in this world is the right to the soil that one works onself, and the holiest sacrifice is the blood one sheds for this earth. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (30 May - 5 June 1938)

“The peasantry is the backbone of the nation. Bismarck.” Gau Essen (6 - 12 June 1938)

“Freedom cannot end as long as smiths hammer iron. Ernst Moritz Arndt.” Gau Essen (13 - 19 June 1938)

Honor is the foundation of the ethnic community. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Essen (20 - 26 June 1938)

“To grow tall and be struck by lightning is better than to remain a cripple protected from lightning and storn. Hermann Löns.” Gau Essen (27 June - 3 July 1938)

“Solstice: the old ends, the new day dawns. May old loyalty again guide our deeds. Walter Karka.” Gau Essen (4 - 10 July 1938)

“It is the sword that keeps swords in their sheaths. v. Moltke.” Gau Essen (11 - 17 July 1938)

Despite everything that has happened and may happen, we remain what we were and are: Germans!Konrad Henlein on 28.2.37 in Aussig.” Gau Essen (18 - 24 July 1938)

Word and phrases are not socialism, but rather deeds. Robert Ley.” Gau Essen (25 - 31 July 1938)

I hate the word ‘impossible’; it has always been the mark of cowardly people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (1 - 7 August 1938)

“One does not die for business, but rather only for ideals. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (28 August - 4 September 1938)

Something wonderful is in the power that called us and forged us together into a unity in the service of our people. Adolf Hitler at the Reichsparteitag 1936.” Gau Essen (5 - 11 September 1938)

We want to believe firmly in our mission that will bring peace and security for all of Europe. We will fight unceasingly for its fulfillment, come what may. Konrad Henlein.” Gau Essen (12 - 18 September 1938)

We want to conquer the nation with our spirit. However, with our fist we will stop anyone who dares combat spirit with terror. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen 19 - 25 September 1938)

We have fought, struggled, and worked for freedom and bread. That is why we celebrate our Thanksgiving.” Gau Essen (26 September - 2 October 1938)

As the man is, so is his god. Joh. Wolfgang von Goethe.” Gau Essen (3 - 9 October 1938)

“Great thoughts are never born of plenty. Hermann Göring.” Gau Essen (10 - 16 October 1938)

“As long as an enemy still opposes Germany, hate is my duty and revenge my virtue. Heinrich von Kleist.” Gau Essen (17 - 23 October 1938)

“Labor provides the right beginning, genius the right conclusion. Emanuel Geibel.” Gau Essen (24 - 30 October 1938)

“The salvation of the peasantry means the salvation of the German nation. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (31 October - 6 November 1938)

“Victory or defeat, one must always dare anew! Richard Dehmel.” Gau Essen (14 - 20 November 1938)

Nothing great in this world was given to humanity. Everything must be gained through bitter struggle. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (21 - 27 November 1938)

“The German people must once again become a people of aviators. Hermann Göring.” Gau Essen (28 November - 4 December 1938)

“Final success always goes to him who remains firm and never loses his nerve. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Essen (5 - 11 December 1938)

Gau Halle-Merseberg

“Politics is nothing other than the attempt to turn the fate of a people to the good. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Halle-Merseburg (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Hamburg

“The German nation must be preserved! To preserve it, no sacrifice is too great. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Hamburg (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Hessen-Nassau

“Adolf Hitler is Germany, Germany is Adolf Hitler!” Gau Hessen-Nassau (26 - 31 December 1938)

“The slogan for 1939: The battle continues! Sprenger [the Gauleiter].” Gau Hessen-Nassau (1 - 8 January 1939)

Gau Koblenz-Trier

“He who believes in the Führer believes in his people. Hans Friedr. Blunck.” Gau Koblenz-Trier (21 - 27 November 1938)

“Shine, golden sun, over this liberated land! Heinrich Lersch.” Gau Koblenz-Trier (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Kurhessen

“It is not important that I live, but it is important that I do my duty. ” The poster has a picture of Friedrich the Great. Gau Kurhessen (24 - 30 October 1938)

“Germany is where the strong hearts are.” Gau Kurhessen (31 October - 6 November 1938)

“Nothing can rob us of our lover and faith in our land. We are sent to preserve and build it. We may die! Our descendents will then have the duty to preserve and build. Germany will not die! Karl Bröger.” Gau Kurhessen (21 - 27 November 1938)

“He who loves his people proves it by the sacrifices he is willing to make for it. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Kurhessen (19 - 25 December 1938)

“The new year should find us filled with a new, passionate desire to work and labor for our people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Kurhessen (1 - 8 January 1939)

“Nothing is impossible, it all depends on whether one wants it. Adolf Hitler” Gau Kurhessen (9 - 15 January 1939)

Gau Mainfranken

There are no rewards for the lazy. Frederick the Great.” Gau Mainfranken (23 - 29 May 1938)

“One does not beg for a right! A person fights for a right. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Mainfranken (20 - 26 June 1938)

It depends not on the best, but rather on your best. E. M. Arndt.” Gau Mainfranken (22 - 28 August 1938)

There is no dealing with the Jews, only the hard either/or. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 225.Gau Mainfranken (9 - 15 January 1939)

Gau Mecklenberg

“Nothing is impossible. It all depends on what one wants. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Mecklenburg (12 - 18 September 1938)

Gau Niederdonau

“Be more than you seem to be, do much, and do not put yourself forward. Moltke.” Gau Niederdonau (31 October - 6 November 1938)

“To answer falsely or to refuse to answer from fear must be more humiliating than to give an answer that is incorrect. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Niederdonau (6 - 13 February 1939)

“We all affirm our old principle: It is entirely unimportant that we live, but it is necesary that our people, that Germany, lives. Adolf Hitler to the Reichstag on 1 September 1919.” Gau Niederdonau (22 - 28 October 1939)

“Dogmatism is a miserable business. See to it that justice happens, that is what is important.” Gau Niederdonau (27 May - 2 June 1940)

“Nothing that is great in this world has ever been given to people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Niederdonau (3 - 9 June 1940)

[These were issued by the Landeshauptmann/Landesschulrat Niederdonau, and are not quite equivalent to normal Wochensprüche.]

Gau Oberdonau

Holy ground is everywhere that is defended by Germans. Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Oberdonau (31 October - 6 November 1938)

Never forget that the holiest right in this world is the right to the soil that one wants to till oneself, and the holiest blood is that which one sheds for this soil. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Oberdonau (7 - 13 November 1938)

“Great men are the realization of the wishes of their people. Hans Schemm.” Gau Oberdonau (14 - 20 November 1938)

We have taught our youth the virtue of camaraderie, not through theories taught in textbooks, but rather in the thousand-fold experience of everyday life. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Oberdonau (21 - 27 November 1938)

The unity of our people is the our most valuable possession. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Oberdonau (28 November - 4 December 1938)

Labor is an honor. Achievement alone distinguishes one from another. Dr. Robert Ley.” Gau Oberdonau ( 5 - 11 December 1938)

Nothing is too valuable [to give up] for the fatherland. Theodor Körner.” Gau Oberdonau (12 - 18 December 1938)

Power is justified only in so far as it serves. Walter Darrée (sic)” Gau Oberdonau (19 - 25 December 1938)

Gau Ost-Hannover

“It is once more wonderful to be a German, a pleasure to live in Germany! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Ost-Hannover (15 - 21 November 1937)

“To be a National Socialist means to be a man, it means to be a fighter, it means to be brave and courageous. That we are, and will remain in the future! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Ost-Hannover (22 - 28 November 1937)

“The Day of National Solidarity: 4 December 1937. We want to show the whole world and our own people that the word ‘solidarity’ is no empty phrase to ue Germans, but rather that it contains for us an internal sense of obligation. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Ost-Hannover 6 - 12 December 1937)

“We want always to be determined to act, ready at any time if necessary to die, but never to be willing to capitulate. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Ost-Hannover (21 - 27 January 1938)

“A people can act decisively only when it is filled with an inner faith. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Ost-Hannover (9 - 15 May 1938)

“Loyalty, sacrifice, and discretion are virtues that a great people needs.” (21 - 27 November 1938)

“Judah's seed blossoms when a people has fallen into misery and hopelessness!” Gau Ost-Hannover (25 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Saarpfalz

“Any worldview is only as strong as the will of its bearers who defend it. That is the only measure for judging battles about worldviews. Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Saarpfalz (18 - 24 July 1938)

“We may never lose our nerve; sobriety, clarity, determination and steadfastness are virtues that will advance our kind of German thinking in the world. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Saarpfalz (1 - 7 August 1938)

“Germany. We all stand under the great command: Do your duty to serve your people! Adolf Hitler.Gau Saarpfalz (8 - 14 August 1938)

“Only a strong government can guarantee peace. Peaceful assurances by our neighbors are surely valuable, but only we can assure our security. Moltke.” Gau Saarpfalz (15 - 21 August 1938)

“He who is not willing to share poverty and death with his people is not worthy to live within it. Jean Paul.” Gau Saarpfalz (22 - 28 August 1938)

“We have the courage to tell the people the truth, even if it is difficult, and have the good fortune that the people therefore understands us. Dr. Goebbels, Geneva, 28 September 1933, speaking to the representatives of the international press.” Gau Saarpfalz (19 - 25 September 1938)

“Saarbrücken, 9 October 1938. The dedication of the Westmark Theater during the Gau Saarpfalz Cultural Week. The individual serves the tribe, the tribe the people, the people the world and the good of the world. However, the individual cannot accomplish something independent of his people. He is only a rung of the ladder. Gorch Fock.” Gau Saarpfalz, 3 - 9 October 1938)

“He who wants to fight the Devil should stand on his own feet and grit his teeth, not hide under the robe of the holiest angel! Wilhelm Raabe.” Gau Saarpfalz (10 - 16 October 1938)

“That, too, is an affirmation of the Führer: that one becomes a radio listener and can thereby always be connected to the Führer, and to the life of his people. Hans Kriegler.” Gau Saarpfalz (24 - 30 October 1938

“The three fundamental requirements for the existence of a people are: life strength, justice, and joy in life. Gauleiter Bürckel on 7 March 1938.” Gau Saarpfalz (31 October - 6 November 1938)

R. Walther Darré, Reich Farmer’s Leader. “As a German, always act so that your racial comrades could see you as a model.Gau Saarpfalz (14 - 20 November 1938)

“Work that does not benefit oneself deserves special honor.” Gau Saarpfalz (21 - 27 November 1938)

“One asks: ‘What will be the result?’ The other asks: ‘Is it just?’ That distinguishes the free man from the slave.” Gau Saarpfalz (28 November - 4 December 1938)

“...his breath is pregnant with poison. The pure die from his kiss. A good death is one that prolongs his life. Murder, arson, and falsehood are his pleasures. No people loves him! His devilish face makes one want to vomit. He is not a human being, not a spirit, but rather a hellish animal always ready to rip its prey with its claws. Willi Kleine.” Gau Saarpfalz (12 - 19 December 1938)

“...the holiday, the winter outside, all that is German. Our love is German, we must be bound one to another! Queen Luise.” Gau Saarpfalz (19-25 December 1938)

“The future of Germany stands in our camp. Make way, you from the past, for the forces of new birth. Your day is past! Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Saarpfalz (26 - 31 December 1938)

“Peace is the result of mutual respect. This respect now exists because of the fortifications between France and Germany. Alongside a strong a strong army, however, the best defense is satisfied workers who are lead in the spirit of social justice. Gauleiter Bürckel.” Gau Saarpfalz (2 - 8 January 1939)

Gau Sachsen

“On 26 May 1923 Leo Schlageter was shot. Remember!” Gau Sachsen (22 - 28 May 1938)

“Gneisenau. A person must be inspired by an idea if he is to accomplish something great.” Gau Sachsen (16 - 22 October 1938)

“One does not beg for a right, one fights for it! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (23 - 29 October 1938)

“The fame of the dead is eternal.” Gau Sachsen (6 - 12 November 1938)

“Ernst Jünger. Faith works miracles. On the anniversary of the death of Host Wessel, 23 February 1930.” Gau Sachsen (19 - 26 January 1939)

“Be with all of your heart! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (2 - 8 February 1939)

“Ernst Jünger. Only faith works miracles. On the anniversary of the death of Horst Wessel, 23 February 1930. ” Gau Sachsen 19 - 25 February 1939)

“Do what you do with all your heart! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (2 - 8 April 1939)

“Deeds make men. Leibniz.” Gau Sachsen (28 May - 4 June 1939)

“An idea is an unending task.” Gau Sachsen (9 -15 July 1939)

“If you do not risk your life, life will be taken from you.” Gau Sachsen (20 -26 August 1939)

“The strength of the state depends on the great men who are born to it at the right hour.” Gau Sachsen (27 August - 4 September 1939)

“Greatness in the world comes from sacrifice and privation.” Gau Sachsen (28 January - 3 February 1940)

“The idea that obeys necessity cannot be overcome. Nietzsche.” Gau Sachsen (31 March - 6 April 1940)

“Our goal is victory, victory, victory! Dr. Robert Ley.” Gau Sachsen (7 -13 April 1940)

“The nature of a man is to be as immovable as stone, his loyalty should be as straight and direct as an arrow.” Gau Sachsen (29 April - 4 May 1940)

“The faith that guides the weapons and makes them invincible is found today only in Germany, and this faith will win victory.” Gau Sachsen (5 - 11 May 1940)

“If iron does not break necessity, necessity breaks iron. Yorck.” Gau Sachsen (12 - 18 May 1940)

“What we can ourselves do may not be left for God to do. Gorch Fock 31.5.16.” Gau Sachsen (26 May - 1 June 1940)

“Even if you bring the forces of Hell against us, we will still win the victory! The Deputy Führer.” Gau Sachsen (2 - 8 June 1940)

“The strong and brave master all.” Gau Sachsen (9 - 15 June 1940)

“Boldness is the noblest virtue, from the lowliest soldier to the general!” Gau Sachsen (23 - 29 June 1940)

“We are a people that bears the fate of the world on our shoulders. Hans Schemm.” Gau Sachsen (14 - 20 July 1940)

“Put your people above all else. Rudolf Hess to the youth.” Gau Sachsen (28 July - 3 August 1940)

“He who wants freedom may not question the path.” Gau Sachsen (4 - 10 August 1940)

“It cannot be that my people is destined by fate to be slaves of these Englishmen. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (1 - 7 September 1940)

“The Füher has given us but one command, there is but one command we follow unto death: obedience and loyalty.” Gau Sachsen (8 - 14 September 1940)

“From the second War Winter Relief speech by the Führer: Whatever happens, England will fall.” Gau Sachsen (22 - 28 September 1940)

“The more the steel is heated, the better the sword. The more a heart bleeds, the greater the achievement.” Gau Sachsen (6 - 12 October 1940)

“An appeal to fear never finds an echo in the German heart. Bismarck.” Gau Sachsen (20 - 26 October 1940)

“Fighting about dogma is over with us, but the great battle of work has begun!” Gau Sachsen (27 October - 2 November 1940)

“There are times when it is the greatest wisdom to take the greatest risks. Clausewitz.” Gau Sachsen (#2, 5 - 11 January 1941)

“National Socialism is the guarantee of victory.” (#3, 12 - 18 January 1941)

“However desirable a quick determination of the war may be, we must not sacrifice the fate of the war to this purpose nor even endanger it. Gneisenau.” (#7, 9 - 15 February 1941)

Germany is where the brave hearts are. Ulrich von Hutten.” Gau Sachsen (6 - 12 April 1941)

Gau Salzburg

“The season changes, the old passes away, a new day dawns. May old loyalty guide our deeds today. Walter Karka.” Gau Salzburg (19 - 25 December 1938)

Gau Schlesien

“One must go ahead in times of need, when the question comes: Where is a man who has the heart to step forward? Be that man! Go forward! Johannes Trojan.” Gau Schlesien (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Schleswig-Holstein

“We have come from the people, we stand and march with the people, the people is at the beginning and the end of our battle and our work. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (18 - 24 July 1938)

“From this sacrifice came Germany’s great unity, this victory of a movement, of an idea, and the duty of the entire people. Adolf Hitler on 9.11.36.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (7 - 13 November 1938)

“True socialism is the doctrine of the greatest fulfillment of duty. Hitler, Mein Kampf.Gau Schleswig-Holstein (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Steiermark

“Labor is an honor. Achievement alone distinguishes one from another. Robert Ley.” Gau Steiermark (17 - 23 October 1938)

To be German is to be clear. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Steiermark (31 October - 6 November 1938)

The Comrade. When one of us grows weary, the other stands watch for him. When one of us wants to doubt, the other laughs with faith. If one of us should fall, the other stands for both. A god gave each fighter a comrade. Herybert Menzel.” Gau Steiermark (7 - 13 November 1938)

Honor is the foundationof the ethnic community. Joseph Goebbels.” Gau Steiermark (14 - 20 November 1938)

“What is moral aids the preservation of the German people, and what is immoral stands against it. Walter Darré.” Gau Steiermark (28 November - 4 December 1938)

“We have taught our youth the virtue of camaraderie, not through theories taught in textbooks, but in the thousand-fold experience of everyday life. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Steiermark (5 - 11 December 1938)

Nothing is impossible. It all depends on what one wants! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Steiermark (12 - 18 December 1938)

“Holy ground is everywhere that is defended by Germans. Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Steiermark (19 - 25 December 1938)

“In front of us marches Germany, in us marches Germany, and behind us marches Germany. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Steiermark (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Tirol

The Comrade. When one of us grows weary, the other stands watch for him. When one of us wants to doubt, the other laughs with faith. If one of us should fall, the other stands for both. A god gave each fighter a comrade. Herybert Menzel..” Gau Tirol (7 - 13 November 1938)

One is not born a socialist. One must be educated as one. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Tirol (14 - 20 November 1938)

Labor is an honor. Achievement along distinguishes one person from another.” Gau Tirol (21 - 27 November 1938)

Our strength is in our discipline. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Tirol (28 November - 4 December 1938)

The unity of our people is the most valuable thing that we can possess. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Tirol (5 - 11 December 1938)

There is no greater nobility for a woman than to be the mother of the sons and daughters of a people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Tirol (12 - 18 December 1938)

He who loves his people proves it only through the sacrifice that is he ready to make for it. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Tirol (19 - 25 December 1938)

Great men are the realization of the wishes of their people. Hans Schemm..” Gau Tirol (26 - 31 December 1938)

Gau Weser-Ems

It it fine and good to know that one has sole power in one’s own hands. It is better and happier to be able to claim the love and affection of a people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems (20 - 26 September 1937)

“He who loves his people proves it by the sacrifices he is willing to make for it. Adolf Hitler” Gau Weser-Ems (29 November - 6 December 1937)

“Not what it creates, but rather how it creates, that alone is decisive for the German. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems (13 - 19 December 1937)

Warmongers! A rootless international clique sets the peoples against each other. They are the people who are at home everywhere and nowhere. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems 17 - 23 January 1938)

“Because we are united we are strong. because we are strong we are free! Hermann Goring.” Gau Weser - Ems (28 February - 6 March 1938)

We are fighting on German soil for the whole world. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser - Ems (7 - 13 March 1938)

There is no death! God created only life! Walter Flex.” Gau Weser - Ems (14 - 20 March 1938)

“It is not necessary that I live, only that I do my duty. Frederick the Great.” Gau Weser-Ems (21 - 27 March 1938)

It is once again beautiful to be a German, and a joy to live in Germany. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser -Ems (25 April - 1 May 1938)

In our Germany there is but one form of nobility: the nobility of labor. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems (2 - 8 May 1938)

Nothing can poison your future. Pure and calm, tomorrow stands before you and speaks: ‘I will be yours if you want me to be.’ Gorch Fock.” Gau Weser-Ems (23 - 29 May 1938)

“Only he is a man who defends himself as a man, and a people is a people only if it is ready — if necessary — to take to the battlefield. Adolf Hitler.” (Gau Weser-Ems, 22 - 28 August 1938)

The fate of those Germans living outside of the Reich, who are bound to us through language, culture, and customs, and who fight hard for them, is particularly close to our heart. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems (29 August - 4 September 1938)

“God has bound our blood to the soil that nourishes us. He who had found god in his work has earned his bread’s blessing. Heinz Stegenwelt.” Gau Weser-Ems (3 - 9 October 1938)

“A man’s most precious possession is his people, and the most valuable possession of a people is justice. Inscription on the Eger city hall.” Gau Weser-Ems (10 - 16 October 1938)

“We have had so much joy this year that we all have the obligation to bring this joy as our voluntary sacrifice. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems (17 - 23 October 1938)

“We will die! Our descendents will have the duty to preserve and build: Germany will not die!” Gau Weser-Ems (7 - 13 November 1938)

Art is the highest expression of the creative strength of a people. The artist is its most blessed advocate. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Weser-Ems, #49/1938 (28 November - 4 December)

A racially pure people, conscious of its blood, can never be enslaved by the Jews. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Weser-Ems (5 - 11 December 1938)

“He who gave us the courage to stride through the night should lead us. Nordic saying.” Gau Weser-Ems (12 - 18 December 1938)

“May Greater Germany’s first Christmas be for us a moment of strong affirmation: We want to help the Führer so that our people will never again fall into darkness and misery! We want to stay awake, always serving the light!” Gau Weser-Ems (26 December - 1 January 1939)

“Destroy the weak within you and then say to people and fatherland: I am ready! Baldur von Schirach.” Gau Weser-Ems (9 - 15 January 1939)

Gau Württemberg-Hohenzollern

“You have won after all. Adolf Hitler.” [This was Hitler’s tribute to those who died in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.] Gau Württemberg-Hohenzollern (7 - 13 November 1938)

“Stronger than fate is the will to master fate. Wilhelm Murr. Gauleiter, Reichsstatthalter.Gau Württemberg-Hohenzollern (12 - 18 December 1938)

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