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Background: Many of the branches of the Nazi Party had their own propaganda offices. This page includes nine weekly quotation posters issued by the Propaganda Office of the Hitler Youth headquarters in Berlin. According to the catalog of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, about 32 of these were issued in 1940, after which publication was suspended.

The images were provided to me by two collectors.

Hitler Youth Quotation Posters

Hitler Youth Quotation Poster

“German currency is today no longer the object of speculation by the Jews and financiers, but rather the reward of labor.

What our fathers achieved must also be valuable to us, to be treated with care and economy.

Every unnecessary purchase is a luxury.

All must save for the Führer’s work!”

#4/1940: 24 March - 1 April

Hitler Youth Quotation Poster

“Whether in school or the work place, or serving in the HJ or BDM, whether at home with your mothers: everywhere you have tasks that you must fulfill if you want to say that you are Adolf Hitler’s proper German boys and girls.”

#18/1940: 1- 6 July

Hitler Youth Quotation Poster

“In every healthy boy and every healthy girl, alongside the desire for adventure is respect for great achievements, for the heroic deed.

The harder it is for you not to be at the front of the great battle, the easier it must be for you to do everything you can today wherever you are, to do your duty!

Rudolf Heß”

#20/1940: 15 - 21 July

Hitler Youth Quotation Poster

“The dead of the great war of 1914-1918 have been avenged.

The burden that our fathers had to bear after giving up a war they had not lost has been taken from them.

The whole world looks at us with great respect!

We are armed for the final battle against England.

German youth, remain loyal, ready to sacrifice, obedient and alert!

Captain Ziersch/ Bearer of the Knight’s Cross”

#24/1940: 19-25 August

Hitler Youth Quotation Poster

“However the enemy may threaten or attack us, it is no worse than it once was. Our ancestors often had to endure the same. We must recall the statement of a great German: ‘Were the world full of devils, we must still succeed!’”

#27/1940: 9-15 September

“The current generation bears Germany’s fate — Germany’s future or Germany’s decline.

Today our opponents scream: Germany shall decline! —

We have but one answer: Germany will live, and therefore Germany will be victorious!

Adolf Hitler”

#28/1940: 16-22 September

“If you boys and girls who are aware that you are German want to do something now and after the war to contribute to the future of our people, I can think of no better task that this: to become pioneers in building the German East!

Gauleiter Greiser”

#30/1940: 30 September - 6 October

“To firmly establish us in the German East is the life work of the present generation, together with you, my boys and girls, you who must take from us the sharp sword of the best German soldiers and the plow of the best German farmers.

Gauleiter Greiser”

#31/1940: 7 - 13 October

“The essence of leadership is not in command, but in service.

The statement of a great German [Hitler] that ‘I am the first servant of my state’ is also a fundamental principle of National Socialism.

Baldur von Schirach”

#34/1940: 28 October - 3 November

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